Want To Create Memorable Packages? 7 Interviews With Women Who Will Show You How

Last year around this time, I was busy busting my ass creating a course to help you build a better business by creating package and services that people actually want to buy, because I kept seeing some common mistakes and I vowed to make it my mission to out an end to it!

I was (and still am) on a mission to teach online service entrepreneurs (hello life coaches, health coaches, and any other kind of coach or consultant that feels lost in a sea of BLAH in their industry) how to niche in and make stuff that people actually want to buy, and to stop selling open-ended, long-term coaching packages, because:

1. It’s a constant hustle for clients and you’ll live with insecure income if you stay that route and

2. You can do better than that and I KNOW there are ways you’d rather be working if you could just figure out what they are and how to package them up.
So last year, in preparation for the Hey, Nice Package launch, I interviewed 7 business owners who have really GREAT packages, and picked their brains about THEIR thought process in creating packages. How’d they come up with such great stuff? How did they know people would buy? What mistakes did they make and what would they do differently if they were starting all over again?






If you’re struggling with putting together packages and you want to be one of those business owners who constantly creates memorable programs that the internet buzzes about, watch every single one of these interviews, and take notes! These women are killing it online and their advice will save you months (years?) of work in your business.


Check out the interviews here:

Kendrick Shope – Kendrick dives into how she managed to build her business in a short amount of time by giving away services for FREE.

Lis Dingjan – Even tangible services like web design need packages, and Lis talks about why it’s not always as straightforward as it seems.

Sally Hope – Sally spills all about creating her membership site Wildheart Revolution.

Victoria Prozan – Learn how Victoria managed to build a wildly successful business by offering just ONE super specific package as her ONLY service.

Amber McCue – Amber talks about how she had success by starting with group programs.

Denise Duffield-Thomas – DDT walks us through how she developed her signature system.

Illana Burk – Repeat business from clients is NOT always the goal. Huh? Illana tells us why.

I think what is so cool is that these women have all created something that WORKS, and they have all done it in different ways. Just goes to show that there is no ONE way to run your business. There are definitely themes throughout all of their success though – getting super clear on your niche, LISTENING like a hawk to your clients, and not being afraid to experiment. Hopefully you’re buzzing with excitement and ideas for new packages and programs! Now get off my site and start creating!!

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PS. If you’re struggling with creating your packages and services in your online business, I created a free resource just for you that will tell you the 4 biggest mistakes business owners make when creating packages, and teach you how to come up with endless amazing package ideas. Enter your email here to get it free.


  1. Kristal on February 25, 2015 at 2:02 pm

    Awesome series, thank you!! I have two big questions which may or may not be answerable here…

    First, I can totally see how a business coach would build a series of packages/programs – because each “step” is something they can work on individually and still move forward. But, being a creativity guide and the goal being to help women embrace their creative side, it’s a different dynamic which leads me puzzled as to how to create multiple programs vs one HUGE program covering everything. Embracing your creative self is really all about working through a number of blocks such as finding time, recovering the inner child, working with the inner critic, etc. But I can’t really teach how to overcome one of these elements without talking about the others, as they intertwine so much. And you can’t just work through one of these blocks and be able to get to the ultimate goal. So, is it better to just have a number of smaller programs that overlap a lot, or do a huge comprehensive program?

    My other question, is how do you decide which ideas are better off as a guided group course or a self-paced course? I would like to create a number of items that are self-paced so I can have something to offer without being in constant launch mode. But I find that self-help work always works best in a group and/or with a coach.

    • Rebecca Tracey on February 25, 2015 at 6:07 pm

      Hey Kristal!

      With regards to your first question – this is a longer answer than I can give here, but YES it is possible and learning exactly how to do it is what I teach in Hey Nice Package. There aren’t many people going around saying “I need to be more creative” and seeking out coaching for it, so you need to really focus on the symptoms of lack of creativity – how is this showing up in their lives? Then use that information to help inform your packages.

      And you can absolutely still take pieces of your work with clients and work on them individually – your work around inner critic could be it’s own package or coaching session, and you could easily use the “how to create time” problem to create a group course where you intentionally carve out the time each week.

      Not everyone needs every single step of your system 🙂

      As for Q#2 –You will need to test out your ideas and you will quickly start to learn what works best live and what can be taught online. I know that my Messaging work is BEST taught with one on one help.. audios and worksheets can only go so far. My packaging work in Hey Nice Package lends it self well to online format because it is a step by step system – however, I still tested it with a LOT of people in different ways before moving it online. I did it with hundreds of people in Uncage Your Business though audios, and I taught it in a 2 day workshop with over 20 people, and then I created it online and tested it out with 12 people before I decided that the material was solid enough to be able to teach online.

      You really need to know your material well enough to KNOW what format it works best in and to know whether it would translate well to online learning… and this is why having a system or a process makes things easier to break apart, so you can teach parts of it online and other parts might need to bed one in person. You will always have options when you learn to look at your system this way!

      Hope that helps!

      xx becca

      • Kristal on February 25, 2015 at 8:47 pm

        This was very helpful, thank you so much Becca!! 🙂

  2. Udoka -- girlaftercollege.net on February 28, 2015 at 7:49 pm

    Can’t wait to watch these. I’m creating my very first package. I realized pretty quickly that simple one on ones is not going to work. I want to hustle smart, not harder. As a beginner, I want to document my journey so i can provide insight like this, too! One day.