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3 secrets to creating packages that people will buy

If you’re selling services as a life coach, health coach, healer, or other type of consultant, you should absolutely be creating packages for your services! Creating packages is one of the best ways to earn more money in your business and get more consistent clients. What is a package? For our purposes, a package is…

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3 things you need to get clients when you’re a new business owner

Every time I run Uncage Your Business, I have folks who come to me feeling frustrated that they have put so much time and effort into their business, but nothing is paying off. And when I look at what they have been doing, I can see almost immediately where they were going wrong (well not exactly…

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How to create the perfect opt-in/freebie

Opt-in, freebie, lead magnet – whatever you wanna call it, you need one! You need to be building your email list, and giving away something for free is the best way to do it! But what?? Welllll… if you’ve done a few things right, thinking of ideas for opt-ins shouldn’t be hard! In this video…

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3 major differences between group and one-on-one coaching

We all created our businesses to have more time and freedom to actually LIVE our uncaged lives, right? Oh and of course to help lots of people and do work we love and yadda yadda… But, in case you haven’t noticed, working away trying to hustle for one on one clients and trading your time…

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The truth behind a 100k program launch

Hey so let’s get right to this – there is a lot of bullshit out there about creating courses and launching programs and how it works and what it really takes, and they seem to make it look a lot easier than it is! A lot of people are selling you formulas for course creation…

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Solopreneur Tips: The Best Way To Get More Clients Quickly

One of the biggest struggles of many of my clients who come to Uncage Your Business is that they feel ready and raring to go – but they have no clients. Womp womp. And it feels like a game of chicken and egg- you kinda need clients in order to get referrals, but you need…

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How to instantly make more money in your business

Ok, I know, the title is a bit click bait-y. Forgive me. But for real, there is one pretty significant thing you can do that will help you make more dough right now in your business. That, my uncaged friends, is creating packages for your services. I’m not talking about fancy online courses (though they certainly can…

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How I beta test my online courses

If you’re working on creating any kind of new course that people will do online (whether it’s a freebie pdf or a paid online course), one of the biggest questions that might be coming up for you is “How do I know if this is any good?” The answer is simple – test it with…

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Beta testing – Why And How You Need To Do It

I get questions all the time about how to feel more confident in your business, and how to actually make yourself believe that your services are worth it (because right now the thought of someone paying actually kind of scares you!) If this is you, or if you’re new to business and have no idea…

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