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Hey friend!

Welcome to The Uncaged Life! I’m Becca and I help solopreneur-types like you learn how to grow your business and get clients (so you can FINALLY live your dream life of working with no pants on - duh) -- without having to use every shiny online marketing gimmick under the sun.

I know you’re dying to grow a business that lets you live an uncaged life full of freedom and adventure  and also lets you do work you love (no crappy cubicles for you please!).

And lucky for you, this is a prime time to build such a business…...buuuuuuuut like always, it’s not as cut and dry as we’d like…


The bad news?

There’s SO much info out there that it’s confusing, overwhelming, and frustrating just trying to figure out where to start. So all this glorious info is actually keeping you from making any progress toward living life by your own rules, because you can’t figure what the hell you’re supposed to be doing.

I mean, if you’re really being honest -- you barely even know what your business is other than the general theme of “life coach!” (or nutritionist, designer, or fill-in-the-blank-industry here) and you only kinda-sorta know how you help people (niche? what niche?)... which means you’re  probably avoiding really even talking about what you do, because it either makes people’s eyes glaze over in confusion, or it feels like it takes you half an hour to explain it.

Not to mention that you are totally overwhelmed with a never-ending list of should do’s.

Now for the good news!

Well two pieces of good news actually:

  1. You are not alone.
  2. You’re in the right place, because I’m gonna help you clear that fuzzy mess in your head...uncaged style.


For it to work, you need to get super friendly with my new favorite F-word:


For real, it’s time to stop trying to do all the things and it’s time to cut through the noise.

What you need is someone who will teach you how to work on the right things, at the right time. You need the whole damn, step-by-step plan (because confusion and overwhelm do NOT look good on you).




If you're a new life coach/health coach, VA, healer, or other consultant who dreams of working totally online (no pants required!), this is the absolute BEST place for you to start in your new biz.

I created this program to take you from confused and overwhelmed, to clear and confident about how to market yourself in a way that will have clients coming to you in no time!


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Ahhh….isn’t nice knowing someone is going to tell you exactly what to do!?


Becca really gives her clients everything!

- Jamie Jensen, Copywriter and Screenwriter


Uncage Your Business is the holy grail of courses! I made my money back within days of starting!

- Kimber Lee, Systems Strategist


Best investment I've ever made - Becca helped me quit my full time job and do my business full-time

- Sara Best, Health Coach