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I’m Becca Tracey. And there are some things I know for sure:

Running your own online business is absolutely the best way to live a life of freedom and adventure. Hands down, no question, it’s amazing. And the good news is that with online business and the beauty of the internet, ANYONE can do it.

But – it’s not all just hammocks on the beach and laptops on airplanes. In order to run a successful business, there’s a hell of a lot of hustle and heart required.

Too often, new business owners waste time and energy trying to figure it all out when they are first getting started. There’s a rhyme and a reason and an ORDER to what to do, and it’s this exact thing that keeps people from wasting time and cash on the wrong things for their business.

So what you end up with is way too many new new businesses owners who are overwhelmed and confused about marketing, and who end up giving up spending their money in all the wrong places, but not getting anywhere with their new business.

Here’s a plot twist: when you focus on the RIGHT things, business doesn’t have to feel so damn hard. It can actually be easy, and it can happen sooner than you think (and you can save all that  hard earned cash for plane tickets and new business suits (aka yoga pants) because you will finally be able to STOP investing in all the wrong places.


So, and I’m opening my doors to all those who…


  • Want to be able to run your service-based business from anywhere, with your laptop.
  • Need to clear away the fog about your target market and finally get a grip on the whole niche thing in a fresh, new way (no more tearing your hair out trying to choose a niche or doing avatar exercises that just leave you more confused).
  • Feel ready to finally create a brand message that stands out in their crowded market.
  • Are dying to quit the endless cycle of thinking about it but not going it, and instead just fucking START.
  • Are prepared to work (hard) and start (right) now.
  • Need someone to give them that PUSH to go bigger and sooner and free-er (and other ‘er’s) with their dreams and plans.


That’s my cue.
I’m Becca Tracey. This is the Uncaged Life.

The place where coaches, consultants, and anyone who wants to be able to offer their services right from their laptop, come to learn what it takes to actually get clients online. I’d love for you to join us.

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So what’s my story, you ask? Why do I care so much?

I live an uncaged life and I have an uncaged business (hint: this is that business) and I know just how amazing it is. And I am hell-bent on helping you experience it for yourself.

I believe life was meant to be LIVED, with the freedom and flexibility (and boldness) to drop everything and travel across the world and work from a tiki hut, or an igloo, or the middle of the ocean or just at home with no pants on (because I am the queen of the #nopantsparty).

And I know how damn hard it can be to get started in business. There is so much to do, so many different opinions about what the “best” way is (and yup – I’ve got my own opinions on the matter too). I’m here to show you how EASY it can be when you stop wasting time on the wrong shit and start spending time on the right shit.

But don’t get me wrong… I don’t plan on blowing a bunch of smoke up your ass about online businesses being easy, breezy, beach parties 24/7. Instead I’ve made it my mission to bring a healthy dose of truth to the table—because anyone selling you a luxurious 6 figure lifestyle in just 3 easy months is full of a whole load of shit.

This business and this life IS possible, you just have to work for it. And I want to help you cut through the fog that is out there and get you focused on what will actually help you get there; no woo woo promises involved. Just simplified strategy, serious action taking, and a no fluff approach to making your business WORK.

As for my personal and professional history…

My life has been the definition of ‘uncaged.’ I’ve lived in a van for a year rock climbing my way around the U.S. of A, I’ve slept in hammocks, sledded down volcanoes, sailed with Swiss polygamists, worked on banana farms, wrangled unassuming school children in South Korea, counselled on the 1-800-SUICIDE lines, coached people about the benefits of kale and quinoa in my past life as a health coach, ran social media campaigns and managed the blog of a massive online health community… and a romp of other rowdy adventures in life and business.

I eventually found my way to online business and found it to be the perfect intersection of all my skills – a love for helping people build their passions, my knack for teaching complex topics and making them feel easy, creative brainstorming to help you break out of the cage, and being able to cut through  to the core of your ideas and help you (and others) see them in all their glory… combined with a healthy dose of ass-kicking and cheerleading because I believe in you and your business and our uncaged life and I will do my damndest to help you make it a reality.

Since Uncaged opened its doors back in 2011, I’ve worked with hundreds of coaches, consultants, and freelancers to help them Uncage their businesses and their lives. I’ve learned what it takes to start from nothing  but an idea and build it into something amazing – a business that makes you (great) money, gives you the freedom and lifestyle you crave, and lets you do work you LOVE… all without TOO much hair pulling and ugly crying (but be prepared for at least a little of it – it’s all part of the game, baby).

So whether you have no fucking clue how you can stand out in your market, or you need some help harnessing all your ideas into services that sell, OR if you just need a serious kick in the panties and a LOT of hard-won advice from someone who has been where you are, I’m here to help you avoid the two ugliest words in the world: what if.

If you’re ready to reject someday, and hit the fast forward button on your Uncaged business, here’s what to do next:

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I’m Rebecca Tracey and I work with online businesses who are sick of going in circles flailing in business, and are ready to actually make this whole business thing work.

We work together to:

*Get a grip on your message and discover what makes you stand out in your market (hint: the whole “you need to be different” advice is a real killjoy isn’t it? How about we find way to make you more YOU rather than worrying about making you different?),

*Take your big ideas and turn them into services and packages that people actually want to buy (read: signature one-on-one services, online courses, group programs and VIP days—it’s all possible),

*Make friends with marketing (because it doesn’t have to be as complicated as it’s made out to be).



Creating an Uncaged business for yourself IS possible, you just have to work for it. I want to help you cut through the bullshit in business and get you focused on what will actually help you get there—no woo woo, no mindless marketing exercises, and no ‘what if.’
Ready to (finally) make strides in your business?

21 countries

I’ve visited

8 months

lived in a van while starting my business

4 times

I’ve sold everything and moved across the world

0 cups

of coffee I’ve had in my life

I’ve slept in hammocks, sledded down volcanoes, sailed with Swiss polygamists, worked on banana farms, wrangled unassuming school children in South Korea, counselled on the 1-800-SUICIDE lines, coached people about the benefits of kale and quinoa in my past life as a health coach

I believe that business doesn't have to be so hard... or so full of BS. My clients tell me I make it feel EASY. Because you left your "real" job for a reason, and it wasn't to make life harder on yourself! It was to be a BOSS and work with no pants on... right?

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