Sometimes, you just want someone to tell you what to do.

And sometimes (if you're anything like me) you want the instant gratification of getting help NOW. Not when the next launch happens, or not when your favorite coach has an opening. You want help and you want it like, yesterday.

I've created these Uncaged courses so that you can get just that - the business help you need, from the comfort of your own pantlessness. Deep Dive courses are longer and more robust programs (who said size doesn't matter!), and the mini-courses are wham-bam quickies that will give you what you need, when you need it, and leave you with a silly shit-eating grin that will make your competition jealous.

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Deep Dives

Hey, Nice Package! (ONLINE COURSE)

Hey, Nice Package! (ONLINE COURSE)

You want your people to know exactly what your services are going to do for them, and precisely how your packages are tailored to cure their woes/solve their problems/make their dreams come true. And once you whip your services and packages into selling shape, your clients won’t just fork over the cash, they’ll fork lift over referrals, repeat business, and oodles of praise.

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The Uncaged Life Rebecca Tracey Entrepreneur Business Coach Hey Nice Package

Your First Retreat (ONLINE COURSE)

Your First Retreat (ONLINE COURSE)

Learn everything you need to know to nail your first retreat - from how to plan your theme, where to go, what to charge and how to make sure you profit, how to launch, and the legal stuff you need to know before you dive in - and a crap ton more! It's ALL here so you can start planning your first retreat today!

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Uncage Your Business (LIVE CLASS)

Uncage Your Business (LIVE CLASS)

A 5-week group program for new-ish business owners (especially life coaches, health coaches, healers, and other solopreneurs), focused on helping you create a clear compelling message, find your perfect niche, create amazing services, nail down a killer content plan for blogging and media opportunities, and create a plan for getting actual paying clients (yes!) - in a simple step-by-step fashion that focuses on taking small action for big gain.

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Ultimate Checklist for getting clients (FREE)


So you started a business.

With ‘started’ in slightly-sarcastic quotes because frankly you’re drowning in opt-ins, and lists, and social media, and website building, and blogging. You're doing a little of everything, but not sure you're doing anything well. And certainly none of it is bringing in the bacon. That's about to change. This guide will show you the fastest way to make sure your business is ready to start getting clients now. Go get 'em. You're welcome.

How to get started and build the right foundations
Creating stuff to sell
How to tell the world about yourself
Learn what to prioritize and focus on

Finally REAL paying clients!

don't get lost in the vortex of overwhelm, confusion, and lack of focus (and wine and Netflix)


Go get it!
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Say What? (How to create your elevator pitch)

Say What? (How to create your 'elevator pitch')

How to talk about what you do... so that people actually get it

Do the words ‘elevator pitch’ leave you running in the other direction, scared for your life? It’s okay, even our forefathers had a hard time summing up what they did in a catchy, memorable, meaningful way (at least, I bet).

You find yourself panicking and talking in circles every time someone asks what you do.
a fill in the blank template that you can tweak to make your own
the lowdown on why you don’t actually need a job title
How not to sound like a bad actress/robot

This is so, so helpful. I finally make sense!

Your fun, fancy little title might actually be harming you. (I’m looking at you, Authenticity Alchemist.)


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Sell it! (How to write your sales page)

The Uncaged Life Rebecca Tracey Business Coach Expert Strategist Consult

Sell it!

How to write a sales page to sell your services and courses

If you have an incredible offering but can’t find a way to communicate it to your people, then you might as well sell steak knives out of a trenchcoat. What I’m saying is you better get your sales page right.

easy-to-follow template for cranking out a sales page that SELLS
examples so you can see exactly where you should be putting what
Fill your courses faster and charge more with a legit sales page
a strategy to placement of things like pricing and testimonials

My new course sold out because of my new sales page!

You’re not ready to hire a copywriter, but you need to know the method to sales page madness.


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Line 'em up! (How to create a client intake process)

The Uncaged Life Rebecca Tracey Business Coach Expert Strategist Consult

Line 'em up

Create a process so you like like a pro

Fact: Sending a thousand emails back and forth with clients to get them all sorted out to work with you SUCKS. It also makes you look like a chump who will work with just about anyone and everyone with no boundaries and all the time in the world to accommodate all your clients annoying schedule changes and last minute requests.

Automate the entire process from the time a client lands on your sales page to the time you start working with them
pros and cons of doing consults with potential clients
the best tools for automation, scheduling, and sending any pre-work or homework
Stand out and look like a pro

Boom: clients in, stress out.

You ain’t no chump. You’re a professional.


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Your First Time (How to get more clients quickly)

The Uncaged Life Rebecca Tracey Business Coach Expert Strategist Consult

Your First Time

How To Find Your Next Clients

Your heart is racing, your hands clammy; you’ve dreamed of this moment for a long time. It’s your first time….getting paid clients. Welcome to this big moment in anyone’s business life. You look different already. But starting a business is a classic chicken and egg situation—you need to find clients to get experience, but where the hell are you supposed to find clients? This guide will tell you and give you the exact scripts I send my one on one clients and that I used to land new clients as a brand new coach!

Simple ways to get new clients THIS WEEK
Sneaky places your clients are hiding
How you can convert friends & family into clients sans any awkwardness
Exact templates you can copy and paste

I got my first few paying clients within days!

When 'the secret' isn't working, you need strategy.


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Get Paid (How to price your services and programs)

The Uncaged Life Rebecca Tracey Business Coach Expert Strategist Consult

Get Paid

How to price your packages and services

The mother of all how-tos for determining your prices whether you’re just getting started or have been in biz for a while. Navigate the ins and outs of what to charge and why, how to make sure your packages get you the income you need, and all the nitty gritty on guarantees and payment plans and filling your pockets with Benjamins.

How to set prices that feel good for you and your clients
income planning to meet your money goals
Ins and Outs of guarantees and payment plans
How to position yourself to be able to charge more

I actually got paid well by real-live paying clients! And increased my rates!

Moolah, pesa, money - whatever you want to call it, let's get it


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Get ALL the Uncaged mini-courses

That's $175 worth of courses for $99

Because bundles are fun! And as a thank you for buying them all, I want to give your bank account a bit of a break. This bundle includes the following mini-courses:
- Get Paid
- Say What
- Sell It
- Line Em Up
- Your First Time

Avoid FOMO buy buying all the things at once
Save money and time and dive in right away
Be able to say you got wham-bammed by Becca 5 times!
Feel like a winner and leave your competition in the dust

It's like Christmas came early!

YOLO, might as well, right?


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