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Get In Touch With Me

You can find me mostly hanging out
(I mean, “working”) in my Facebook group - come join me there!

Want to just email us? Ok! But first… please read this!

  • If you’re writing to ask me what you should do with your life, here’s your answer (and you’re welcome!).
  • If you want to work with me, check out my packages and programs.
  • If you’re writing to ask me if you can interview me or have me as part of your program, I’d be honored! You can check out my interview policies, and get in touch if all looks good.
  • Please note that I don’t answer individual business questions by email. The best place to get to me is to pop into my Facebook group and ask your question there – make sure to tag me!

Anything else? You can reach my assistant by carrier pigeon. Just kidding! Fill out this form to get in touch or email my team at hello {at} theuncagedlife {dot} com.