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Because Client Results Are What Matter Most

I got my first 3 clients for my new programs during the course and I got the full investment back! Plus, I got about 100 subscribers to my new newsletter and my $650 signature Coaching Program sold without having to sell it.

Diana Malerba, Life Coach at

Before choosing Uncage Your Business - that is, when I didn't have a business yet - I was unsure if this was the right program for me. I wasn’t sure if it was worth the money, if being coached in a group setting would have been enough in terms of one-to-one attention. I had doubts.

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Today, not only do I have a business that is growing fast, but I am also in love with it. I talk about it with confidence and joy and clients come to me just because they find cool what I do. This is the difference that UYB did for me.

Let’s be serious here: without you Rebecca, I wouldn’t have a business. After the first time going through the course material I was like: OMG, that’s the shit! I started seeing things happening in my business at such a speed that I would never have thought possible.

In just this month alone, I created a completely new website, my message became crystal clear, I outlined all my programs, blog posts, and opt-ins, and I got my first 3 clients for my new programs during the course and I got the full investment back! Plus, I got about 100 subscribers to my new newsletter, my $650 signature Coaching Program sold without having to sell it, and people started writing me to tell me that they love my website. And this is all because of Uncage Your Business.

Working with you gave me the incredible opportunity of making it all happen. Of creating something beautiful that didn’t exist before, of putting myself out there – I even started recording videos – of talking about what matters to me, making me able to be found and help people. You gave me all the cards I needed to make it, plus you helped me to take the step that changes fear in courage. I’ll always be grateful for everything you made possible in my life.

After working with you in UYB I got my first paying clients, created my signature packages (which are still crazy popular a year later!), and went full time with my business.

Jamie Jensen, Copywriter at

Before working with you I was feeling like a confused loser... No, not really, but I had NO idea how I was going to build a business from my many (exciting and cool) ideas. I wasn't super focused and I wanted it all too quickly, but I didn't really know where to begin.

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After working with you in UYB I got my first paying clients, created my signature packages (which are still crazy popular a year later!), and went full time with my business. Bye bye side hustle! A year later, and I have now had my first five figure month, am pulling in six figures a year, have hired a team, and have created new services, workshops and courses that I wouldn’t have the #ballz to create if I wasn’t SO clear on my message.

You are like an espresso shot to your business success. You have this talent for laser focusing in on what the problem is/what’s getting in your way and rapid fire ninja chopping it! I think what you offer is exceptional because – both with your courses AND your coaching – you really do deliver the most value in the shortest amount of time.

You continue to inspire me as a strong leader, incredible coach, and one of the smartest business brains out there. You teach not only by helping you with your individual problems, but by example. The most I can say is that I feel the value of doing UYB and having you as a coach is one that continues to grow over time. I had NO idea that the work we did in over a year and a half ago would continue to benefit my business FOREVER – but it absolutely does. Also, having a solid handle on your business message is so much more key – not just for your marketing, but for your sanity – than you realize. It’s truly a compass to come back to whenever you have to make big business decisions. You can’t even put a monetary value on that, it’s that invaluable. THANK YOU BECCA!

I have sold out all of my programs since launching, I left my joe-job AND I am making more money than I did at my job but am finally doing what I love!

Jenn Green, Personal Trainer, Baby Mama, Pre and Post Natal Fitness Expert, and Creator of

I had signed up for B-School a year before Uncage your Business and I was totally overwhelmed and directionless so none of it really made sense. I never actually completed the program, and I wish I had met you before I spent the $2k on it! Because of this, I was really gun shy to do yet another program promising I could move forward in my business. I had also never been "coached" before so I had no idea what that would look like, especially in a group setting.

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I loved the pace of Uncage Your Business. It didn’t feel too quick or too slow. I loved that I could go back into the content again and again. My one regret is that I didn’t utilize the coaching calls as much as I should have or emailed you with more questions. If I could give advice to someone who was just joining the program, I would say PARTICIPATE PARTICIPATE PARTICIPATE. It is scary as hell to be like “Here is where I am. I am hot mess. I need help.” But get your money’s worth. And it is 100% worth it to get access to your brain for a month.

After our work together I felt crystal clear on the direction I was heading. Everything moved so much faster after UYB because I knew exactly what I did, who I did it for, and how I wanted to deliver all the content that was swimming around in my head (and heart).

After UYB, I have a website with crystal clear copy and packages, I have sold out all of my programs since launching, and I have a line-up of programs that I am growing so that I can slowly build a life where I work less, reach more people, and make more money, I left my joe-job AND I am making more money than I did at my job but am finally doing what I love!

The unique thing you did was get the messaging of my business as solid as possible. It was the piece of the puzzle that was always missing. When my messaging was specific everything else became uber specific. I think other programs assume that you already know what your business is. Most start with an ideal customer but it is more than that. So much more. And you really take time delving into this aspect. Once that piece of the business is revealed, everything falls into place so quickly. It was definitely what was missing for me.

I never thought I would be able to sustain my basic needs with my business. I always thought it would be a side hustle that I really loved to do. I never believed that I could run my business full-time and make enough money to support myself and my family.I now feel like I can not only achieve my goals and dreams but that by achieving those goals, I can afford to let my husband pursue his dreams. And that we will have the time to live our lives.

I’ve already picked up five new clients, both online and in person. That one day gave me an outline to go by that will last the rest of the year.

Amanda Hayes Morgan,

I'm not someone who usually has things mapped out, both in my business and my personal life. I fly by the seat of my pants and it's worked out well for the most part, but I was lacking direction and a sense of how I wanted to move forward with my business. But once I had our work together down on paper, I knew I was headed in the right direction. It was exactly what I needed. The flexibility of the material was amazing - were no dates assigned to tasks, no one way I HAD to do it, but it gave me material and ideas to move forward with.

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Since our session I have rebranded website based on the market research you taught me to do, and because of this, I started to get (a lot) of press! I was also able to finally finalizing four services based on our work together that are all very different and will touch on every aspect and desire of my target market (at-home DIY program, short 90 minute service, group program, 1:1 coaching). On top of that, I’ve already picked up five new clients, both online and in person.

I love how you are to the point and know how to get things done in a short amount of time. That one day gave me an outline to go by that will last the rest of the year (and we did our session in February!). You’re also a blast to work with and I love that you don’t disappear once our work together is done. I’ve had several follow-up questions come up and you’ve always got my back. Long story short? Meet Marketing rocks.

I got 3 new clients within two weeks of working with you without even trying. The week after that I got 2 more referrals.

Chris Baird, Life + Carer Coach

I was nervous signing up for Meet Marketing. I was like a shy, nervous little girl who was scared to put herself out there because I just wasn't confident in myself or what I was doing. I questioned myself constantly and second guessed everything. I cannot tell you how many times I changed my website, domain names, brand boards... it's kind of sad thinking of all the time and money I spent. So my biggest hesitation for signing up for Meet Marketing was the money.

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What if I spend all this money on yet another business “investment” and nothing comes of it? What if it’s just another excuse for learning that doesn’t render results?

Now, I feel like I have gone from amateur to pro. It’s like you took years of stress, self doubt, depression, being broke, and wondering why I couldn’t get any clients after all the courses I had taken and the certification program I had completed… and in ONE DAY you fast forwarded past all of that and put me on the other side of it with a bright, shiny plan to get myself out into the world with confidence because I could see the path ahead of me. I knew what I was working towards and I had my next steps that were tailored to my unique business, personality and clients.

I got 3 new clients within two weeks of working with you without even trying, not because I had learned some fancy new sales technique, but because I was so clear about what the fuck I was doing, exactly who I was working with, what their specific problems were and how I could help them with my work. The week after that I got 2 more referrals.

I sent your marketing plan to the copy writer I had hired who told me that you were a genius and that Meet Marketing should be a pre-requisite for working with her because it made her job so much easier since my message, packages, and overall business marketing plan was outlined right there for her to work from.

I created two opt-ins that you came up with (I never would have considered on my own) and I’m confident and they have already helped the people who have used them. I was able to finally hire a web designer because I had copy and content to put on it thanks to my Meet Marketing session with you.

Finally, I was able to resign from my day job because I know what I’m doing now – but there’s no way I would have done this without our session. I have content, materials, and a marketing strategy that I’m proud of which gives me the confidence I was lacking to finally put myself out in the world in a way I never could have without your Meet Marketing program. I mean that sincerely. I would not be where I am today (getting incoming referrals on a weekly basis) and moving into career coaching full time without this. I am the Meet Marketing poster girl.

You’re a class act. From start to finish you are professional and you get shit done. The results speak for themselves every time, and you are an absolute pleasure to work with.

There are a lot of people out there who over charge and under deliver. I’ve paid for their coaching or courses and wasted my time and money. I have worked with you for a number of your offerings and I can confidently say I would not have a business today without you and your work. I am so grateful to have found you when I was surfing the web one day many years ago searching “how to quit my desk job”.

With my message 100% clear I was also able to create my first opt-in that was downloaded over 400 times in 2 weeks without any paid ads!

Crystal DiDomizio, Birth Healing coach at

I knew I was going to get an insane amount of value out of my Message Therapy session because of how much value I received from Becca on a 5 minute coaching call. It was a no brainer for me to sign up.

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Immediate after our session I was easily able to tell my copywriter exactly who I serve and how I work with them and a beautiful new website was born that speaks so clearly to my niche of pregnant women and postpartum moms. This would not have been possible without the clarity I got from this session.

I came out of it with a sweet tag line for my business because it ended up being my exact message “Because your birth experience matters”. This is something you said to me on the call and its now the foundation of my business.

With my message 100% clear I was also able to create my first opt-in (an e-book on healing after a disappointing birth experience) that was downloaded over 400 times in 2 weeks without any paid ads! Because my message and niche was so clear it spoke directly to the people that need it.

What’s unique about a Message Therapy session is that it’s an essential foundational element of a business. If your message isn’t clear you’ll have a hard time doing anything else (from building a website to creating packages or opt-ins.)

What is unique about Becca (and I’ve worked with *many* coaches) is how quickly and easily she is able to zoom in to your challenge and find a solution. I tend to over complicate things and Becca is brilliant at simplifying things in a very powerful and strategic way. I honestly thought that my messaging WAS pretty damn clear before working with Becca but she has a brilliant way of simplifying things even more and really helping to pull it all together in a way that changed everything in my business!

As a result of this clarity, in a very short period of time I DIY'ed my first website, created an email list and a FB group & secured some major promotional partnerships.

Erika Lafrennie, Artist Photographer, Travel Writer

Before I found you, I was suffering from major bright shiny, squirrel syndrome! In an effort to learn everything I can in my journey as a solopreneur, I have joined so many webinars, clicked hundreds of links, opted in a thousand times, accepted free beta sessions, and paid for a fair numbers of resources and services, too. After a while, I just felt completely burned out, cynical, and angry every time I saw YET. ANOTHER. HEADLINE. promising me the world. Like, it made me want to punch things.

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Becca, you are no joke!! You can walk the walk, and I was so incredibly appreciative. You did exactly what your copy said you would do, and for the first time in 6 months of fumbling, I felt crystal clear.

Since our session, as a business woman I have blossomed exponentially. I had a lot going on, with a photography biz and a separate art biz, and a whole other set of different desires that I wanted to create a third biz around. The clarity I achieved through working with you allowed me to put everything in its proper place. I began valuing my art and charging what I was worth.

As a result of that clarity, in a very short period of time I DIY’ed my first website, created an email list and a FB group, secured some major promotional partnerships, and I am getting ready to launch imminently. It’s not perfect, but I am no longer paralyzed by fear or indecision, and my valuable product is out in the world where it belongs!

I think I have a very unique perspective that, in my opinion, tested your skills. I am a creative selling physical products in a world where there are few applicable resources for creatives in my niche. You are a business coach specializing in helping those with service-based businesses. But when you’re good, you’re good! Everything else aside, you still cut through the bunk, got me laser-focused in my biz, and enabled me to move forward in a whole new way.

I just want to THANK YOU for being a consummate professional. You really deliver. I look forward to purchasing future services from you, and I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone and everyone who needs help in their biz.

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Thanks, @rebecca_tracey for reminding me that the difference b/t the ppl who get things done are the dreamers is the work you do. Inspired!

Amber Monaco

@rebecca_tracey loved your free chapter download, you've got a great writing style and make it all so straight forward .

Janice Anita C

@rebecca_tracey I love you like Extreme.....more than words. :)

Kira Sabin


I've sold out both my programs since this session!

This one session completely turned my business around! When I came to you for my Foundations session I had a pretty strong sense in my heart about what I was good at, who my ideal client was, and what I could do for them. But the words to pull it all together and describe all of it in a way that would resonate with potential clients just totally alluded me (and I pride myself on being a pretty good writer). I have to admit that I was a little skeptical about how much we could accomplish in only one session, but I was truly amazed by how much clarity I got out of that short time with you. I left that session with the clarity and the words I needed to finally explain exactly what I'd been feeling about my work in a way that really landed with people. It really did result in huge shifts for me and it's led to more clients and sold out group programs!

Sara Best, Nutritionist and Emotional Eating Coach

She’s a great idea generator with even better on follow-through.

Becca is the first person I think of when it’s time to push myself out of fear and into bigger life and biz moves! She’s a great idea generator with even better on follow-through

Anna Long of

This session was GOLD!

Before my session, I was STUCK. I had so much going on in my head that I literally could not see or feel what the essence of my business was - and that was in the way of all of my communication to the world. I was properly blocked and losing motivation fast.

After our session, I'm clearer about who I'm speaking to and what I'm saying. I'm clearer about what the heck I'm trying to do. I'm clearer on my offerings. I feel ready to confidently outline who I can help and how. This is BIG, Becca. It's been so vague and broad for me until now.

What amazes me is that it was *fast*. You were able to strip away everything that didn't need to be there and give me back the most important bits.

Becca, this session was GOLD and was worth its weight in gold! The level of clarity and the ensuing flow and motivation I've felt since have been incredible. I can finally articulate my big why and more importantly, my HOW. Thank you

Elloa Atkinson,

This session = LIFE-CHANGING

GET READY. It's going to be such a mind-clearing and mind-BLOWING hour of your life. Getting inside my own head and untangling all of my thoughts never felt so... easy. If you want someone who's going to hold your hand and agree with every little thing you say, don't work with Becca. But if you want someone who's going to tease your brain like a bad-ass 80's hairstyle while miraculously turning the pile of word vomit that comes out of your mouth into a clean, polished foundation that represents your true self & business then Becca's your gal

Lisa Fiorvante at

I had high hopes, and you blew me away!

Before my session I was struggling with creating a unified message for the three main areas I teach and coach on, and with having the confidence to fully own and share it. Now I feel like I can finally put myself out there with a cohesive and appealing business and message that feels true to me and perfect for my ideal audience. I can now finish filling out the copy on my website and publish it, and design packages and offers around this cohesive, coherent message. I feared it would be a nebulous wander through an hour of time with some random feedback, but you were organized and on target and that made ALL the difference not only in enjoying the session, but clarifying my thoughts, beliefs and message! Thank you!

Jackie Dixon

all the things I projected to be possible 6 months, 1 year, 2 years from now, are actually already happening NOW!

Since working with Becca, I’ve hit a ‘no turning back’ point- I’m too excited and on fire with everything that is starting to unfold, and for all that is still to come! By pushing me to take action and make decisions, all the things I projected to be possible 6 months, 1 year, 2 years from now, are actually already happening NOW!

Kate Marolt of

So much more clarity - simply amazing!

I needed clarity. I had too many ideas and needed someone to get down to the nitty gritty and help me focus on my core message. I can finally see my point of difference - anything and everything feels possible now in my business! You were able to take everything in and provide a fresh perspective that really cut to the core of what I was trying to do. This session was simply amazing and is no brainer for anyone swamped in everything but not clear on anything

Ben Potter at

I'll use our work together as a guide forever.

Being a multi-passionate person, I had an excruciating time trying to figure out how I'm going to run my business in a way that can make a big difference, make a ton of money, and still have that freedom to experiment with new things. Becca helped me get so clear on my business, I'll use our work together as a guide forever, I'm not kidding! I've never been so excited about my business and getting offers out there -- now that I see how it all fits, nothing can stop me!!! EVERYTHING MAKES SENSE (finally!).

Marinda Jansen Van Rensberg of

I got two new leads and am starting to beta test! I'd never have made this progress without our session!

Before our session, I had no freaking idea what the hell I was doing, what I wanted to do, and I felt so disconnected from what I was doing and what I wanted to do. You helped me see that there is a pattern that runs through what I've been doing, what I want to transition to, and what I ultimately want to "be when I grow up". You gave me such clarity, made me realize that I'm more on-track than I allowed myself to see, and helped me see how I can make an impact NOW with my current skill-set. I didn't quite realize after we spoke how much was accomplished and how much we worked through. You make it seem simple. The day following our session, I got an old lead contacting me for the exact services I now want to offer, and today I got another one. I'm now beta testing, by request!, a service that I haven't even fully been able to create a first draft for. I KNOW, for fucking sure, I'd never have made this progress without our session!

Laura Courrau at

Best investment I've made so far!

After signing up for my session, I was slightly apprehensive. I've invested a lot of money in various business programs and coaching sessions and not felt I got what I specifically needed. As soon as I got my "presession worksheet" though, I knew that wouldn't be the case this time. Rebecca knows how to get to the heart of your business, what you and ultimately your business stand for - and having a clear focus on this allows other aspects of your business to more easily fall into place. Best investment I've made so far!

Brianne Grebil, Holistic Esthetician at

I feel so much more confident about how to communicate with people who need me.

I'm buzzing with excitement. I already have tons of awesome ideas around my business and now I actually know what to DO with them! I feel so much more confident about how to communicate with people who need me and how to build a business around that (rather than just "coaching"). Amazing what an hour can do. Thanks for helping me get clear on all of this. I feel so much more targeted and on purpose. You rock lady.

Christa Baird

I feel like you give me the questions and a new perspective so I can see the situation more clearly and I can set my own

Before our work together I knew that I wanted to get my website and biz underway. In order to do that I had to get clear about WHAT I was putting out there to the world. I feel like you give me the questions and a new perspective so I can see the situation more clearly and I can set my own goals. You’re totally intuitive, and you often seems to know just what I needed at just the right time. You’re really good at holding me accountable, and knowing just how far to push. I wouldn’t be where I am now without your help!

Ashley Overholt

Best thing I've ever done for my business.

I made $2000 in just 9 days over CHRISTMAS with my beta offer that we put together in this session. This was gold! And I haven't even launched the group program we created yet! The importance of the email sequence you gave is KEY - it's so hard to create that without help, even for professional writers like me. This is the best investment I have ever made in my business and I'm just getting started implementing the content.

Ramona Russell, PR Expert

You blow me out of the water with your ability to come up with a message in just one hour.

I had spent years feeling stuck about my niche – I just couldn’t pick one. Then I picked 3, but I wasn’t feeling satisfied with that either. Finding clarity around my message breathed new life into my business – I have felt more confidence around marketing and better yet, have felt more purposeful in doing this work. I was able to take a class about doing a signature talk and feel so prepared about what I wanted to impart upon my audience – it made writing it that much easier. I am now considering doing public speaking because I have this vision of what I truly want to do for people. You blow me out of the water with your ability to come up with a message in just one hour – you’ve figured out how to get just what you need upfront and craft the perfect message during the session.

Paula Winchel

I feel relieved, confident, clear, and excited!

After ending our call I felt relieved, confident, clear, and excited. You didn't tell me what I wanted to hear or make decisions for me. You asked the right questions and guide me in a direction that allowed me to dig deep, be honest with myself, and get to the point of why, what, and how. I'm confident in writing my copy now because I'm not afraid to be ME. I now feel like I can stand apart from the crowd. I have confidence in what I do!

Siedah Mitchum at

I feel more clear and a whole lot stronger!

Before our session I was clear on my gifts, but they seemed scattered and difficult to pull together into a viable business message. But after our work together, I feel more clear and a whole lot stronger - My message is like a sharp spear now, instead of that flappy, undefined thing it used to be. I am more confident now in the thought of re-branding my business, and changing what I do from designing to coaching and selling info products. I found the Pre-Session Freedom Plan to be extremely clarifying in itself, and then we pulled it all together in the coaching session. Powerful! I also felt as if you were a more mature, wiser version of me - and that you believed in me an my abilities!

Hilde Kloppbakken at

you gave me the tools to be able to FINALLY get moving in my biz.

Your approach is so real, so refreshing, and you gave me the tools to be able to FINALLY get moving in my biz. No more hiding, stalling, or procrastinating!

Rebecca Santilli

I feel more confident putting myself out there.

Before the call, I had a vague idea of what my purpose was, but felt like I was endlessly searching for some Holy Grail much bigger than what I already knew. My session left me feeling really optimistic and ready to take on the world. The biggest impact was getting a better handle on what sets me apart from other people. I immediately started thinking of how to shift my blogging, products, About page, and more to really be in alignment with my purpose. I feel more confident about putting myself out there because I understand why my work matters and how my message is unique and significant.

Amy Scott of

I feel so much clearer - it's amazing!

Before my session, I felt like I had more to offer people besides tech help you know? Especially since my background includes skills in marketing, technology and business. So I was wondering how all that fit together and what was I really doing on earth. I feel so much CLEARER! It’s amazing, I feel like I have a great foundation to run decisions, jobs, services, and everything through as I go through the day to day. I think knowing my larger purpose will start driving everything I do. It’s not the typical, “what would you do if money was not an object” questions which are so hard to answer. And your energy is so awesome. Felt like I was hanging with a friend for that time. Becca rocks. DO IT!! You’ll walk away feeling so clear

Jessica Williams of

I feel 100% clearer, and finally know what angle to work with in my business.

I knew I had a purpose in my business, but I felt stuck, like I couldn’t unearth it. Fear was rearing its ugly head again. I felt paralyzed, had many doubts about my decisions so far in my business. I just really couldn’t move forward even though I wanted to. I know that without our session yesterday, this breakthrough would've not come through as quick as it did. I feel 100% clearer, and I NOW KNOW, FINALLY, what angle to work with re: my biz. I am SUPER excited. I feel much more confident and I know what to offer my clients. This session is totally worth the investment, but just be ready to face your awesomeness!

Frances O'Brien

One of the best investments I've made in my business to date.

I absolutely loved my time/work with Rebecca! First and foremost, it was fun... and super productive in a really concentrated amount of time. I've worked with a number of people trying to clarify my message and Rebecca had a really unique way of helping me get out of my own way to see what was right there all the time. I loved the exercises that we did to get me thinking and feeling about my message in a way that I never had before. Rebecca has an amazing ability to be super present with you and get you to relax and let all that is in there flow out. Not only did she help me clarify my message, but we worked on clarifying who my ideal client is as well. I've gone back and reviewed our session notes several times now to help keep me on track as I work on my copy and creating the programs that I will offer. My time with Rebecca was one of the best investments that I've made in my business to date and I look forward to working with her again. She is truly an opportunity you do not want to miss.

Lynayn Mielke

Everything makes sense!

Before working with Becca I was frustrated with still being somewhat confused, because I’ve done a lot of “self work” and different types of activities to help with career direction and in my quest to find meaningful work. I felt like I was always chasing something, but not sure what. What am I trying to get to with all the things I’m attracted to? 
 Rebecca is very intuitive and committed to real, authentic results. After my session, I feel a sense of ease, like everything makes sense. I understand now - where I’m coming from. it grounded me with a commonality that will give me direction in all my work/life activities and pursuits

Peggy Kelley

Working with you on the marketing plan gave me a road map that I can follow!

Before working with you, I felt confused, overwhelmed and paralyzed trying to move my business forward. I had a good sense of my big WHY, but didn’t know how to translate that into a specific WHAT and HOW that my clients can understand as well. Because of that, I felt my blog posts, social media presence and everything about my business was all over the place.

Working with you on the marketing plan gave me a road map that I can follow! I was surprised how well you zoomed in on areas where I was feeling iffy. The content you created fit perfectly and encouraged me to explore new possibilities for my business that I wouldn’t have considered on my own.

And you absolutely went above and beyond with your feedback – you were so generous with your comments, took the time to explore and understand my specific message and approach, and offered some laser coaching during the call!

Seeing the content all laid out made it so easy to see the big picture and how my message is re-purposed into all aspects of my marketing plan. It would have taken me so much more time and energy to create this type of content on my own. But it was really the opportunity to talk it through with you that was priceless. It’s really a no brainer! Everyone should do it!

Cici Dimitrov

I'm feeling unstoppable right now!

This package is worth every penny. I'm just still so amazed at everything you came up with and how quickly you did it. You obviously know what you're doing, have a ton of experience, and have a great mind for this kind of work. You are creative, a quick thinker, and have the brilliant mind of a marketer.
It feels inspiring, exciting, relieving, and grounding to have a plan that I can stick to. I feel like I can get some blog posts going, pitch for some guest posts, get a better opt-in and build a bigger list. I also feel that these packages will bring me in some more money fairly quickly. I wish I would have done it sooner!

Jen Anderson

This program literally shaved years off my business-building process.

If you're on the fence about this program, get off. Becca's insight, intuition and expertise will take the blinders we all have about our businesses right off and allow you to see all the paths available to you. When I first got the google doc, her ideas were SO far out of the box from what I'd been doodling around with, and yet SO on the nose for my audience, it totally blew me away. You'll have it all in a clear, actionable document, which she prepares while you're at the gym. I mean, what's better than that? This program literally shaved years off my business-building process. I've been ramming my head against the same wall for years, and in a few hours, Becca tore it down.

Kate Anthony

This was absolutely more than I could have dreamed of!

Before working with Rebecca I had some ideas, but no idea on how to make them happen - and no idea if they were right for me. Then I decided to try the Meet Market(ing) package and suddenly a ton of brilliant, new creative ideas got quickly released into my inbox! She is impressively creative and I was amazed by the amount of solid action points created especially for me. I was immediately able to see my business in a different light and this brought me that fresh and cool flavour that I was looking for.

I was simply amazed by the huge value Rebecca gave me with this package. She clearly outlined for me the business opportunities I hadn’t seen yet. This was absolutely more than I could even dream of!

You know all the things I was struggling with? Solved! Getting my plan laid out made me do another BIG step in my business. I got clarity, confidence and action and a ton of energy and excitement!

Now that I have these amazing ideas for my business I will be able to properly launch my business and spread it all over the web! I love it!

Diana Malerba

I feel like I can see how my business can go from good to amazing this year.

This has been an amazing experience! I loved that it was like you read my mind and understood what my strengths were and what my clients needs were and able to put it together with me into ACTIONABLE steps and marketing to not only engage my readers, but help me build my business! YAY! I knew you were going to provide a marketing plan and ideas, but I guess I didn't really understand just how much you were going to be giving. I feel like I have enough to keep my entire year busy and moving forward. I was also really surprised how quickly you understood my style, what I do, and who my clients are. It was so much fun opening up the content and reading through what you came up with. I immediately pictured writing it and so excited about the response from my readers!

I feel like I can see how my business can go from good to amazing this year. I now feel confident that I not only have the tools, but a clear plan to make my business what I've always known it can be. And that is seriously the best gift of all. Thank you, you're the shit!!

Cristina Hoyt

You helped me see the blind spots in my business!

Becca thought of resources and angles that I would have never thought of but will definitely be valuable to gain more exposure and business! It amazed me how she could understand the needs of my business in such a short time. I loved not only the content ideas but the various formats that she suggested. I feel relieved! It was amazing to have so much content delivered in such a short period of time!

Becca ALWAYS under promises and over delivers. The Uncaged programs and services have been the best investment for my business. She is an amazing gift to the entrepreneur community! If you’re debating on getting this or any other of her services, and need advice, my advice is a hell yes, go for it!

Alene Brennan

These ideas have spurred my creativity and opened up the flow of possibilities of what I can create in my business.

Having the combined insights about the needs of my ideal clients along with your customized ideas for solution-based content is invaluable! There were several ideas that seemed like such a natural fit for my expertise and audience that I couldn't believe I hadn't thought of them before! On the flip side, there were some ideas that I needed to think about and explore in my mind-those pushed me a little outside of my typical comfort zone. I love that both of these angles were present!

Seeing all the ideas laid out, I can see how these will help me build credibility as an expert in my field, how the content will provide valuable solutions to my ideal clients and how I will be able to capture more attention and build the ever-important list. These ideas have spurred my creativity and opened up the flow of possibilities of what I can create in my business. And last, but not least, this plan has given me a vote of confidence that I can create valuable content and that my comfort zone doesn't have to contain me-the possibilities really are endless. You really do have that effect on people!

Hillary Libby

I feel relieved and inspired!

Before MEET MARKET(ing) I was feeling totally overwhelmed! I felt scattered and unfocused because I had all these ideas in my head, but I couldn't figure out how to make an actual plan out of them. I was surprised at how specific you got with what I could offer, and even how to word things- you definitely did your research. The package ideas blew me away! (I actually came up with the plan for my main 1:1 package the same day we talked!). I feel relieved and inspired! Like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. You gave me ideas on how to serve clients that I didn't think of on my own.

This service was amazing! Not only did you do all the dirty work for me (saving me a shit-load of time), you also came up with a ton of ways I can get out there and get known! You made it so freakin' easy!

Kelly Dawn

I am set up for success for the next several months now!

This session was AWESOME. The length of the content that I got back was definitely more than I expected! The number of awesome blog post titles, resources for guest posts, etc. I feel EXCITED. Clear. Ready. Armed with a central mission and message that I finally know how to channel in different ways.

I feel like I'm already set up for success for the next several months. It's kind of like studying for a test and knowing you're going to ace it :)

If you are looking to dig deep into your business - perhaps deeper than you have before - and want to truly understand your clients needs and desires and base your business on THAT - this is for you!!

Amanda Hayes Morgan, Health Coach

I sold out my first course and made $6k!

UYB helped me launch my beta version of Guidance Counselling for Adults - my first course! - right before Christmas! It sold out and I made just under $6k.

I was so new to everything in my business and was trying to do everything at once. UYB gave me a clear path forward with what to do in which order, how to find and talk to my clients AND UYB forced me to follow through (thanks Becca!) on my ambitious plans. I'm still selling out all my classes and have created new offers based on the suggestions Becca gave me in UYB. I would seriously not be where I am today without UYB

Kathryn Meisner, Career Coach

I got two clients during UYB!

UYB gave me the confidence to know that I DO have good ideas and that I CAN implement them. It really helped me nail down who I want to work with. I went from wanting to "work with people on their confidence" to wanting to "work with online business owners whose doubt gets in the way of them taking action." I scheduled two practice clients during my last week of UYB and finally got my website started! UYB is amazing for anyone with a business idea. I have absolutely no experience in business, I work a full time 9-5 on a budget, and still kicked ass in this course!

Kate St. Hilaire, Business Coach

I went full time with my business after UYB!

I came into UYB with one business idea that was vague and kind of like what everyone else was doing that never felt like "YES!" and left with a different business that I am super charged about. I am so crazy clear on who I want to help, how I help them, and (almost more importantly) HOW I want to help them vs how I thought I should help them.

I really wish I had met Becca before doing any other course (especially some of the big names ones out there) because I wouldn't have floundered and felt like I wasn't making any headway for so long. When I have moments of doubt and think "Who am I to have an online business and do this?" I just touch base with everything I have learned from UYB and I get centred again. I LOVE that after working through UYB, all other courses I have signed up for in the past have become 100% more useful because now I can actually implement them with a clear FOCUS. WIN!

ALSO (another win!) - I left mat-leave and went full-time in my business this year, and I am on track to hit just under 6figures - which is incredible. I also applied for government funding, and had to be EXTREMELY specific in my application about what my business did, who my target market was, and what exactly I DO for people, and why it matters so much. Thanks to UYB, I was able to do this and got the funding!!

Jenn Green

I will use the ideas from this course for years to come!

Before starting UYB I was struggling with knowing where to put my energy. I felt so overwhelmed with everything I needed to do.

During the month, YES, I booked more clients. YES, I realized how to better build my website (even as a DIY beginner) and YES, I finally started doing things. But most importantly, I gained the focus and perspective shift that I needed. Becca called me out on my own bullshit and I remembered: I need to focus more on the clients and less on all my own inner chaos (read: unrealistic goals)

With UYB, you’re buying guidance and tools to build your best business, AND you’re also getting a community of women who are in the same boat as you. The private Facebook group support is invaluable. The best part of this program is that it is individualized and can help you no matter where you are in your biz journey. I received SO much, from individual support to group support to TONS of resources, shortcuts, tips, tricks and sage advice. Becca really gives her clients EVERYTHING, and I will be using the information and ideas from this course for years to come!

Jamie Jensen, Copywriter & Screenwriter

You blew my mind!

thought I had direction before UYB but now I know exactly what to do down to the smallest detail. I know what every page on my website needs to say and how it will convert readers to buyers. I know exactly what my clients need, what I do for them and how I do it. I'm ready to start building my packages because now I know what to say, how to say it, how to create it and how to sell it. I could get a degree in e-commerce and an MBA and I don't think I'd learn any of this content. Taking UYB was like finding an epic life hack. In just 5 weeks, my business has gone from frustrating to realistic. My favorite part of UYB was that I actually got to talk with Becca. Every week there was something that I got stuck on and in like three minutes on the phone she would help me fix it. Other students would get on the calls and their problems seemed too large to move past. But Becca would start talking and have it all solved in literally minutes. Girl, you blew my mind. The online entrepreneur whisperer. It's one thing to understand this content and it's a whole other experience to have you coach us through it. There are very few people who's opinion about my work I value as much as yours.

Abby Oliver,

Becca's current marketing of this course doesn't even do it justice!

UYB Rocks Ass! It was the most intense month I have ever spent on really getting clear about what the hell my business is about. Sure, before the program I thought I knew what my business was about. But I didn't have the success I wanted so something had to be off, right? This program isn't what you think it will be. Becca's current marketing doesn't even do it justice. You won't get out of it what you think you will. And at the end of it, you are left with WAY MORE than you ever could have imagined would happen in a month. I am walking away with crystal clear clarity and confidence that I have never had before. I believe in the long term it probably will save me thousands of dollars that I would have invested in other business building courses. Now I can invest my money in my business on things that really matter! Thank you SO MUCH Becca!

Pamela Catey, Money Coach

I got more done in this month than I had in the last 6 months

Before UYB I felt so overwhelmed with all of the material out there. Marketing, websites, clients, social media, newsletters, guest blogging – I needed to stop learning about each and every thing (because that could last years) and START DOING. I was caught up in the comparisons of what other people were doing. I was OVERWHELMED and STUCK.

After the month, my biz porn addiction is gone! I launched my website (in all its imperfect glory), submitted two guest blogs posts, and got excellent feedback from the group on the programs I’m developing.

Rebecca has a gift that helps people zone in on what needs to get done, and gives them the permission they need to break the rules. I got more done in this month than I had in the last 6 months.

Makenzie Chilton, Career Coach & Therapist

I've done B-School and other programs, and never got as clear as I did in UYB

Before UYB, I was S.T.U.C.K.! It was the combination of too many ideas, perfectionistic tendencies and a whole lot of fear. And, I found myself in paralysis, not even wanting to post to FB or write my newsletter. I've refined my message, narrowed my focus and am back to creating and moving forward again. Halleluiah! Feels so good to have direction and purpose again. I really expected it to be somewhat similar to other programs I've done which end up being way too much information. UYB was not similar in any way, shape or form to these other programs. There was no fluff. I've done B-School and other programs and never got as clear on what feels best for me. Highly recommend to anyone needing that push to start or get going again!

Michelle Alcon, Health Coach

I doubled my current prices!

Before joining UYB April I was feeling disconnected – from my business, my goals, and from a community. I was struggling alone.

My favourite part of UYB is that it provided PERSPECTIVE. Hearing Becca’s encouragement and clear, easy-to-implement advice amidst a GROUP of people who were all relating to each other’s challenges made me feel less alone, less crazy, and less like I was failing.

One of my biggest A-HA’s was around my pricing model. With two simple exercises from UYB, I realized that my pricing was totally backwards – AND I felt an instant burst of inspiration to DOUBLE my current prices. In under 20 minutes I suddenly had CLARITY about why I was resisting my biz plan!

The quiet gem of this course is the community that forms around it. Becca is a great facilitator because she brings value through guidance but also allows the group to connect and help each other. I was originally skeptical of how useful the group dynamic would be, but it ended up being central to the value of the course.

Asia Nelson, Yoga Teacher Trainer

I could tell after week one I had already gotten the value I came for.

Before the program my to-do list was pretty planned out, but something was keeping me from taking the steps I knew I had to take – I was STUCK.

And now, I am now doing exactly what I said I would do – I wrote new sales page copy, decided on pricing, took on a new business opportunity that felt RIGHT, and have given up being amateur. The program was way more than I expected. What I received – confidence (like real, I can touch it confidence), clarity (like no more swimming in circles in my head or doubting myself), results (taking action where I previously wasn’t.). I could tell after week one I had already gotten the value I came for. If you’ve gone through other courses and you’re not seeing RESULTS, I would definitely give UYB a solid shake.

Victoria Montemayor, Operations Manager

I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and I’m excited now!

Take the course. It will change your life and your business. I was extremely hesitant because of the financial commitment, but now the money seems like a drop in the bucket! This course was more than I thought it would be – I didn’t count on feeling so jazzed up and excited all month. The course receives you warmly, but challenges you and kicks your ass forward the whole time. You can’t help but be caught up in the energy and the opportunity. It’s been like a month long dance off and I won the prize of clarity!

Heather Nelson, Horse Trainer

Uncage Your Business was fabulous – and more than I ever imagined it would have been.

Until UYB my business wasn’t tangible or real or legit in any way…at all. I was SO unclear, somewhat doubtful, a lot scared, and seriously intimidated. I very clearly needed to be ‘uncaged’.

And during our month, I finally ‘got it’! I learned what my business is! I even changed my business name and approach mid-way through UYB. I made plans to set-up my website, I designed 4 (yes 4!) packages and program offerings. I got clear. I got confident. And I got ready to succeed. My favorite part was the community – I felt honored and accountable and made friends across the world.

Becca uncaged the word business and made it a ‘project’ I could create, sustain, love, be passionate about, and seriously have FUN doing. Boom! Thank you, Becca!!

Chanelle Crosby, Fitness Trainer

I wouldn’t change a thing about this program.

I felt stuck in my business, was unhappy about where I was and completely running out of energy. I felt drained and out of ideas and was losing faith in being able to make my freelance business work for me. During Uncage Your Business, I got clarity on my message, clarity on my ideal client, and ideas for packages and services I can offer and how they tie in with my message, a connection I was completely oblivious to before. I got way more than I expected. I love your ability to cut through the bullshit and really create actionable steps for your clients to move themselves forward. The fact that you let your clients be the people they are without trying to force anything on them that doesn’t work for them or making them feel inadequate in any way, to help them see that they have value to give to this world and can make it work in a way that is in line with who they are and how they like to work and that it’s totally okay to do that. The whole month far exceeded my expectations!

Ffion Evans, Website and Graphic Designer

This is the course to end all other courses!

I doubted myself big time before Uncage Your Business. I questioned everything and every decision. I didn’t have any offerings that I was excited about and I wasn’t exactly excited to tell people about what I can do for them… or about my biz in general. Woooow this sounds like such a bummer. But now I’m feeling much more confident about what I do and what I CAN do in the future. I FINALLY decided to hand off the to-dos that were more of distractions (and not so fun, and I’m going to put an end to my website shame when I launch in mid- Feb! YAY! I have 2 new offerings now that I’m excited about – one of which I’m beta testing in January! WOW.

Your approach is so real, so refreshing, and you give us the tools to be able to FINALLY get moving in our biz. No more hiding, or stalling, or procrastinating— you’ve sparked something in me where there’s no going back & only moving forward. This is the course to end all other courses! If I lived in Canada you may just have a stalker on your hands. You are the sh*t, thank you for inspiring me to believe in myself and my biz.

Rebecca Santilli, Designer and Health Coach

The month was chock full of a-ha moments.

Before signing up to another online business course or beating yourself up for not doing every single step in a course – ask yourself if you know exactly what it is you do (or want to do), who for and most importantly – why. If any of your answers are remotely vague or generic, get yourself into Uncage Your Business. Your future self and your future clients will thank you for it. I especially love that Becca represents and encourages lots of action without fluff. She can brilliantly guide you through the maze of thoughts in your head to help make everything clearer… and finally being clear feels great. The month was chock full of a-ha moments. The biggest impact is yet to come and I’m so excited for the opportunities that are opening up and the difference I am making in people’s life – Uncage Your Business is like a gift that keeps on giving.

Kristy Moore, Social Impact Consultant

This was exactly what I needed!

Before UYB I was overwhelmed and lost under a to-do list of 300 things, with no idea how to prioritize. UYB is exactly what I needed after struggling with various coaches and webinars and courses for almost a year. Becca sorted me right out! Since UYB I've opened a Facebook group which has 20 people in it so far and am still adding others from my contacts without having promoted it. i've begun creating packages that will sell. I've got a lot more time to work on things because i'm clear on my todo list rather than researching what to do and in what order.

Innana Vega, International English Teacher

I was worried I was throwing away money, but two weeks in and I would’ve paid way more for this!

I’ve been full of ideas and plans, and participating in courses in trainings for far too long, so I joined the program to get support and guidance and to actually DO something. We’re only two weeks in, and I’m actually coaching now! There is such a confidence boost that takes place during the course! Before I signed up I wondered if I was throwing away money, but now as we near the end I look back and think I would’ve paid way more for this.I love The 24/7ness of it– people are always around in the private group and the calls with Becca are great. I received WAY MORE help than I anticipated! Becca is to the point and she easily looks through your BS to get you on track and doing what you are meant to do. Unlike other coaches, she doesn’t coddle you and make everything warm and fuzzy – she kicks your ass in gear and you can’t help but love her.

Erin Lindstrom, Copywriter

The one-on-one attention and the group dynamics are awesome.

Before UYB I already had some clients and was already making some moolah, but I was totally feeling trapped and stagnant. Not anymore! I have so many ideas and so much more confidence and I just wish I had the time to implement them all at once! Becca is an absolute rockstar! She totally inspired me, kicked my ass and made me feel like a bit of a rockstar too. I would absolutely jump/cannonball/whatever at the chance to work with her again in the future! Oh and all that scary stuffy business crap, Becca makes it totally accessible and fun. She’s completely honest and real and tells it like it is.

I was worried that listening to other people on the calls would be boring, but it was super helpful! The group dynamics are awesome. I feel like (and hope that), I’ll be masterminding with these chicks for years to come.

Kelsey Abbott, Life/Confidence Coach

Real-time accountability does wonders for motivation.

I knew something had to happen with my business moving into the new year. I had a lot of ideas, concepts, desires, but it was all in my brain, and absolutely no action. I was feeling like a bum, and I knew that Becca is all about action. I needed action! UYB fast-forwarded the business discovery process that probably would have taken months (or more) to do on my own. Ok, let’s be honest, I wouldn’t have done anything on my own. I updated my website geared toward my ideal client (which I discovered through UYB), and put a game-plan in place to stop talking about my business and actually start running it. I also got connected to a great resource of ladies that are on the same journey as me in different places to help hold me accountable! Real-time accountability does wonders for motivation. Becca is amazing human being and my business model superhero.

Audrey Holst, Yoga Teacher & Life Coach

You are especially good at creating something tangible out of a whole bunch of ideas.

So good! You are one-of -a kind. You have a way with people that makes everyone feel great, special and smart. You encourage but you also hold us accountable. You’re just born for this. You are especially good at creating something tangible out of a whole bunch of ideas & you have a way of helping people get up on their feet! If you’re reading this and are on the fence, do it!! You’ve got nothing to lose with this course, only to WIN! It is practical & out of the box, and will change your life!

Crista Ann Braun, Life Coach

I now have a clear direction for the future of my business

I loved this program! I came out if it with a clear message, FOCUSED direction for future products/services, and even a mastermind group of like-minded women! I’m jumping in and making changes that feel GOOD and authentic on my site, on my Facebook page, etc. My email list is growing as are my FB “likes.” Uncage Your Business is GREAT value for the money and it exceeded my expectations!

Brianne Grogen, Skin Care Specialist

I loved the way you sweetly kick our a%$ to keep going and get things done.

For me UYB has been about transformation. It provided me plenty of opportunities to THINK about the kind of business I want to have. Take this course if you’re unclear about your message and feel like you can’t move ahead. I’ve taken B-School, which is an amazing program, but I was stuck. The whole month of UYB is about reviewing concepts that might not be as clear as they should in your business, and building things up from that point. I often felt they were specifically talking to me, as if they knew what was going on in my mind or what I needed to do in my business. My biggest win has been that I can explain now what I do and why I do it without getting off track. Thank you for such amazing support Becca!

Elisa Plaza, Spanish Teacher

This program filled in the spaces where all the other courses I’d taken fell short.

Working with Becca helped me sidestep all of my excuses and showed me I am far more capable and clear than I ever knew. The coddle-free coaching she provided nudged me out of an idea-rut I’d been living in for way too long. And her methods for package design truly shifted my thinking and provided the framework for any service I will ever offer.

Megan W

Becca is like the super hero of small business.

Becca is your women if you need to get clear and get a plan. She covers all the basis in a concise, easy to follow way that leaves you with an action plan! I do think her “get clear” thing is what she does best. I listened to the women in the group and honestly, was like “WHAT THE? You have NO idea what you are doing??” but then at the end of the month, a lot of them really did! Becca is like the super hero of small businesses

Jane Halton, Christian Life Coach

It was a month-long kick in the ass!

I am a big believer that consistency is the key to success in everything and this was a fun way to do a little bit on my business every day. This program makes your past information from other courses more powerful and easily implemented.

Tonya Lester, Therapist

I am SO grateful to have connected with you at the start of my business creation!

Uncage Your Business helped me to get clearer on who I am here to serve and how I’m going to do it. I am SO grateful to have connected with you at the start of my business creation – the firm foundations you have helped me lay will allow my business to grow my way according to what is important in my life. This course was right on the money Rebecca – all of the things that I was thinking about or struggling with…. you must be physic!

Tina Bindon, Yoga & Meditation teacher

It's one of the best investments you can make for yourself and your business.

If you're on the fence about it, I'm here to tell you that it's one of the best investments you can make for yourself and your business. It's not about business tactics, I've taken plenty of courses on those. THIS course goes so much deeper than that - it helps you cut out all of the noise and understand your passion & purpose on a deep level. Running a business is hard and if you don't have a big message that you're working from, it's really difficult to move forward in a meaningful way.

During the course, I got 3 test clients, and I even got a new website up - something that would have been hard for me to do this quickly without UYB, because I tend to be a perfectionist.

The group phone calls were fantastic. Initially I was worried, because there were so many coaches, and I wasn't sure that I would be able to relate to them, being that I'm a designer. But listening to everyone's questions was really valuable because there was a lot of overlap in our businesses, no matter what the field.

You have a way of getting to heart of the matter very quickly - you cut through the distractions and get to the point. Like a tv mom in a 90's-style sitcom, you're tough, but fair!

Laura Knopp, Website Designer

I've refined my message, narrowed my focus and am back to creating

Before UYB, I was S.T.U.C.K.! It was the combination of too many ideas, perfectionistic tendencies and a whole lot of fear. And, I found myself in paralysis, not even wanting to post to FB or write my newsletter. I've refined my message, narrowed my focus and am back to creating and moving forward again. Hallelujah! Feels so good to have direction and purpose again. I really expected it to be somewhat similar to other programs I've done which end up being way too much information. UYB was not similar in any way, shape or form to these other programs. There was no fluff. I've done B-School and other programs and never got as clear on what feels best for me. Getting clarity on how I want to run MY business as opposed to being given the how-to's was sooooo liberating and such a confidence boost. Highly recommend to anyone needing that push to start or get going again!

Michelle Alcon, Heath Coach

This course is unique, amazing, smart, and will get you moving

I was feeling unsure, confused, overloaded with information. I wanted a program and coach to guide me through a process (and I got it!). This course is unique, amazing, smart, and will get you moving! You have all the support you need in one place. Nothing is missing, nothing is extra. If you're past the brainstorming stage in your business, DO IT. I feel like I have the support and resources to move forward with my business. I will definitely be returning to the material (audios) when I need to. It's SO valuable!

Stephanie Lin, Spiritual coach

This programme got me out of my head and into DOING

Because of UYB, I FINALLY have a package figured out that I feel confident in, I can speak with confidence about what I do, and, a benefit I wasn't expecting - I actually feel absolutely solid in what I charge to my current clients... if anything I think I'm undercharging for the value I bring, whereas before I had a bit of 'imposter syndrome' and felt really awkward sending them invoices... to the point where they often had to chase me to pay me (I know, I know, totally ridiculous!). Time to raise those prices!

Jess Critchlow, Leadership Coach

UYB is the holy grail of courses.

I never worked so hard for my business before April. UYB is the holy grail of courses. The pre-work that was sent prior to the month even beginning truly brought clarity to my business. You’re amazing and in a matter of days, I made back what I spent on the course. Despite the other courses and trainings, I’ve had, it FINALLY makes sense. This month I learned how to incorporate it all together and just do it my way. I finally went PRO. Increased happiness, fun, and mo’ money. What more could a girl ask for? Maybe chocolate.

Kimber Lee, Systems Specialist and Virtual Assistant

I got my first paying coaching client!

As someone just starting out with no clients and lots of ideas with no focus and no idea where to start, this course was perfect for me. I can now talk about my business to people with more confidence since I'm clear on who I'm serving and their problems. I started taking consistent action and go my first client!

Carri Mansfield

I made the right choice when it came to hiring Becca for UYB... so much so that I hired her again the very next month.

For the first time - maybe ever - I am really owning an area of expertise that I had been hiding under all sorts of bushels. I cannot tell you what a relief this has been! I definitely felt that I made the right choice when it came to hiring Becca for UYB... so much so that I hired her again the very next month. And if she offered 1-on-1 packages, I'd hire her for that, too. If you've already taken other courses, UYB is perfect! I've taken every other course known to man (okay maybe that's a slight exaggeration), and Becca is able to take that information and distill it to actual action steps that we can DO to make real strides in our businesses.

Jana Kellam, Relationship coach

You have a gift for getting people from A to B, in the way that works for them.

I was wary about committing money to UYB because, despite the rave reviews, I didn't really believe it could get me to where I wanted to be. But through taking part, and being part of a group, I saw the magic that Becca weaves with each individual, and understood why it was perfectly possible for her to work her magic on me. It's an amazing month of ups and downs, achievements and planning, and gearing up for the rest of your life as an uncaged business owner.

Jo Shock, Virtual Assistant

Clarity, finally!

After UYB, I was able to refine who my ideal client is, how to get to them and find out what they need. I was also able to get clear on the process I could offer clients and develop a system around that (beta course is launching Jan 5!). I now treat my business as more than just a hobby, even though I'm still working a regular f/t job. I see the potential it has, and UYB gave me the push to finally take action (get my site up, network, and generate ideas for packages (to be refined after I get client feedback).

Kelly Dawn, Tarot Reader & Energy Healer

Everything you is above and beyond!

Before working with you I was stagnant in indecision. Lost in my own head to the point I was paralyzed in my business. I knew that my message was wrong, but, as hard as I tried by working it through myself, I could not figure out how I should position myself so that I actually loved my business.

Now, I love my business. I feel absolutely clear as to where I stand, what opinions I have, and my beliefs as to how best help clients achieve their goals. Talking about what I do has become so much easier because I'm actually passionate about what I say. I feel like I'm on the move again, but this time in the right direction.

Uncage Your Business was more than I imagined. When I started, I really didn't think that I would get as far as I have! I had been searching for help for a couple of weeks before I found you. Why I chose your program is that it was exactly what I was looking for: targeting in on the exact messaging that will drive my business, and forming packages around that messaging. I also like that you work with specifically online businesses (or those trying to move to online!) so that I knew you had all the knowledge to help move my biz forward. Everything you do is above and beyond – thank you!

Amber Dewey-Schultz, Social Media Strategist

Hey, Nice Package is a godsend!

Thank you so much for creating this program! I’m a super analytical person and I was struggling to find a resource that clearly outlined step-by-step exactly what I needed to do to create my coaching package. The way you write really speaks to me because you use words/phrases like “system”, “step-by-step”, “clearly laid out”, “don’t be vague.” Everything out there is super vague, fluffy, BS. It was really pissing me off lol. I’m so glad I found Hey, Nice Package. It’s a godsend!

Brittany Trama, Business Consultant

This investment will pay off 10 fold within the next 3 months

Thank you for Hey, Nice Package! I decided to purchase it after I reread the sales page for it about 20 times. On the 20th time something clicked. Even though I had an idea of what result I want to get people, I wasn’t specific about what role I played in that process. I’m on page 32 of Hey, Nice Package! and I can tell you that this investment will pay off 10 fold within the next 3 months. That makes my heart sing!

Michelle Seebachan

I’m launching my first paid package!

I bought HNP a month ago and today I’m launching my first paid package! I could not have done it without HNP! I had some of the course idea down before HNP, but I had way more stuff in it that I didn’t need. The research and sales page writing piece has been invaluable – I know my sales page copy would suck if not for HNP! Thank you!!

Shannon Mattern, WordPress Development and Training

I feel like my world has just shifted.

I’ve gone through about 4 modules today (probably too many, but I am just so PUMPED at everything I am learning) and my mind is spinning! I feel like my world has just shifted. Thanks, Rebecca!

Daniela Uslan

Thank you Hey Nice Package and Rebecca Tracey!

Wooohoooo!!!! After what feels like FOREVER, I’ve finally decided upon a package that feels awesome and solid and authentic and deliverable and I can see myself doing and fucking rocking at!!! Yay!!!

Vanessa Callahan

HNP actually helped leverage my services better

HNP was to the point, systemic, and filled with valuable information! It really helped me focus on one package at a time versus trying to cram everything into one program. HNP actually helped leverage my services better with a variety of more targeted programs. This means I can help more people while generating more revenue! Thanks Becca!

Lore Earley,

Through this course Becca has completely shifted my perspective on how to create offerings in my business

Despite having taken online business courses and working one-on-one with a great business coach, I had yet to crack the code of designing services I loved (and that people wanted to buy). This course gave me .a framework for creating packages that make sense AND has a started a chain reaction of completely new ideas percolating in my head that seriously has me buzzing with the thought of offering them. Through this course Becca has completely shifted my perspective on how to create offerings in my business and I know I’m going to come back to her system again and again as my business grows and evolves.

Jackie Johnstone, Social Media Strategist

Holy crap this course was so amazing.

This is everything i’ve ever wanted. Truly. It’s comprehensive, completely clearly laid out – step by step by step. It’s a blueprint that allows for my own creativity while being guided by your incredible depth of knowledge and expertise. After having done it, I’d pay 3x what I paid for this course! It’s like a life-preserver that’s been thrown out while i’ve been splashing around aimlessly for years. You’re amazing!

Kate Anthony, Single Mom Coach

I made all my money back within the course!

My biggest struggle with my business was that I didn't know how to put everything together into a while. I was doing too many things at once and I was all over the place. Because of UYB everything I was doing finally came together into a coherent business, and I made all my money back by the end of the course with the new service I created! And I continue to sell out weeks i advance. Thank you!

Joanna Hennon, Life Coach

You provide the ACTUAL TOOLS we need to be successful

Becca, you are INCREDIBLE! This isn’t just a course you take and forget about, this is one that offers SYSTEMS that you can use CONTINUOUSLY in your business so you are CONSISTENTLY creating new packages and services!I You provide the ACTUAL TOOLS we need to be successful and it helped me develop my own system for creating packages and systems to keep myself organized! I can’t wait to continually create fun, new, and interesting products to keep my customers on their toes!

Nathalie Poulin, Copywriter

Hey, Nice Package is SUCH a good program! It’s like the paint by numbers of creating packages.

Rebecca makes something that seemed difficult and convoluted into an easy step by step process. From research to content creation, through to pricing and VIP packages this course encompasses everything needed! Before I did this program I was overwhelmed with the idea of creating content and was so worried after all my hard work the packages wouldn’t sell or be helpful. After running my ideas through this program I can see where my major mistake the first time around was, and have developed programs that will not only sell but will be of so much more value to my clients. Win f*cking win. The best part about buying Hey, Nice Package! is that every time I want to create a new offering I will run it through this course. ROI through the roof.

Makenzie Chilton, Therapist and Life Coach

I wish I took this program sooner!

OMG I loved it! I I took UYB EARLIER rather than waste my time and money on other programs (B-School included EEEK!) that were a bit too far ahead for a newbie like me. I 100% recommend UYB to anyone thinking about starting a new biz....start here first! Cannot express how much of a difference this program style and the module set-up made. I actually felt like I was making progress, which felt AMAZEBALLS! I am actually excited to tell people what I do with more squirming in my seat every time someone asks me what I do. Each module was easy to digest and basic, not an overcomplicated hurdle. Becca's teaching style is TOTALLY my jam!

Ashley De Filippis, Beauty Brand Expert

Becca’s packaging course is beyond valuable for anyone offering online or in-person coaching, consulting and problem solving.

She goes into so much detail on why we get packages wrong in the first place and how to turn our ‘work with me’ options into solutions that ‘real people’ really want to buy (instead of just another of our ‘great ideas’ that doesn’t quite fly). Plus, packaging is how online biz people like us actually make money (and positively change the world) so it’s worth going over again and again and again. This course lets you do that, over and over, and at your own pace. I now have the tools, process and most importantly CONFIDENCE, to nail my current (and future) packages.

Kristy Moore, Social Entreprise and Executive Leadership Coach

I haven’t had anyone explain “signature system” the way you did. I LOVED the fact that you actually shared yours!

I read through the entire course last night because I couldn’t sleep and I just wanted to say that I haven’t had anyone explain “signature system” the way you did. I LOVED the fact that you actually shared yours! So many other people just don’t – I don’t know why – maybe they’re afraid people are going to “steal it.” This course was so eye opening! I got several amazing ideas for services/packages and I would not have been able to without this. Knowing what I know now, I would probably pay whatever you priced it at. LOL. Especially because I KNOW that because of the knowledge I gained on signature system and the types of packages to offer, I could easily make that money back. You’ve changed up my whole game!

Shamia Casiano Relationship Coach

Her course delivered far more than I expected it to. It’s packed full of value!

This entire course was a huge a-ha moment for me! Creating packages has probably been my #1 business struggle. It’s been frustrating, confusing and has taken endlessly longer than it should – until now. Rebecca’s course gave me the tools to get super clear on what packages I wanted to sell and how to sell them. Even better, I now have a system that I can return to anytime I’m ready to create a new package. I really liked the depth of information you provided in creating packages, but also everything that came after that, like technical stuff and sales pages. I wasn’t expecting that information and it felt like a huge bonus. Her course delivered far more than I expected it to. It’s packed full of value!

Jennifer Crego,

used to wonder why my client questionnaires weren’t getting the answers and language I was looking for...

Highly recommended for anyone struggling to create packages for their business. Becca has a very easy to follow, step-by-step formula for putting together killer packages that ensures you won’t be scratching your head for new ideas any longer. She offers specific advice and real life examples to help you understand how you can adapt the process to your business. I used to wonder why my client questionnaires weren’t getting the answers and language I was looking for, but I followed her process and ended up getting laser-specific responses from ideal clients. I now feel much more confident in putting together packages that actually speak to my clients needs – and charging what they are worth! Don’t hesitate to take this course – I’m so glad I did!

Laura Rieckmann, Health Coach

If this isn't Uncaged, I don't know what is!

Dear Becca,

I'm sitting here in my office writing a blog post about how to make your period less inconvenient (almost every woman that answered my market research survey mentioned inconvenience) and as I detailed the wonders of the Diva Cup I stopped and said out loud to myself "I love this, I fucking love this."

And I have you to thank! If it wasn't for our session which helped me break through the hesitation I had to focus my practice on hormonal and menstrual health I wouldn't be doing this right now. I'd probably be driving myself crazy as I wrote some stupid blog post on a topic I don't really care about. If this isn't the definition of uncaged, I don't know what is!

Thank you!

Amanda Laird, Hormonal and Menstrual Health Specialist at

This is GOLD!

This course is incredibly meaty. I kept saying to myself, “Wow, she really thought of everything!” I also appreciate how it’s laid out. It’s a very clear “do this, then this, which flows into this….” and that’s a great way to pre-emptively tackle overwhelm. I love that the templates would allow me to dive in and start planning right away, so that the lessons and insights don’t get lost between reading and implementing. Amazing work, this is GOLD!

Gabrielle Gilliland, Grief Coach

The resources in this course are brilliant!

Retreat planning is such a mammoth undertaking with so many different things to consider, I was feeling completely stuck with where to start. I knew I needed a comprehensive plan, but was so scared I’d miss out a vital step that I didn’t know about, that I put off putting ANYTHING down on paper. But with this course, I am SO excited to get cracking! I feel like I have a solid roadmap to follow and that when I follow all the steps I’ll have a great plan in place – it doesn’t feel overwhelming any more. The amount of information and all the resources and templates is just brilliant – although in many ways I’m not surprised as I knew it would be amazing coming from you!! I feel fully equipped to plan an amazing retreat – from nailing my idea, deciding on my dream client, planning, marketing, launching and hosting – the whole shebang! If you’re thinking of hosting a retreat – you need this course!

Becs Miller, Publicity Coach

An absolute must-have for anyone who wants to run retreats!

I thought I would need an experienced retreat planner by my side to plan retreats, but with Your First Retreat I feel so much more confident! This course breaks everything down and even goes into details that I would have NEVER thought about if I was doing this on my own. It gives a clear step by step plan on what to do and when to do it. I was surprised at how in depth the course was! All my bases are covered. THANK YOU!

Nicole Woodroffe, Life Coach

You're learning from an expert!

Rebecca clearly knows her stuff when it comes to retreats. This course answered both the questions I knew I had... plus the questions I didn't realize I had but needed to consider. I now feel informed - and excited to take next steps! Rebecca's done the research, she's run the retreats, she knows what works and what doesn't work, and she's brought all this together clearly in one place - so you can save yourself time (and money) by benefiting from her experience.

Corrina Gordon-Barnes, Relationship Coach

I love the comprehensive nature of this course!

What's great about this content is that it is fresh and actionable. Becca has done the work to organize & refine the steps to take into a straightforward path. This is how retreats get created, marketed, booked, and run, and how retreats can integrate into your existing business!

Erica Marx, Life Coach

Get the momentum and clarity you need to START!

Rebecca always provides so much detail and practical advice, and the course is loaded with information! I loved that it gave clear guidelines to follow, but also left room for me to do things my own way. It's a great guide that walked be step by step from the beginning of setting a solid foundation and vision. It has given me the confidence and excitement that I needed to move forward, for both short and longer retreats that I'm planning for 2017!

Lynne Newman, Occupational Therapist and Doula

UYB taught me everything I need to know!

I was stalled for several years before this course! I had idea, but not clue how to put it all together. UYB has taught me everything I didn't know I needed to know. UYB has given me the foundation. I am clear on my niche. I am clear on who I am with this new business. This was life changing! I now have a goldmine of material that I know I will be applying over and over again!

Kyla Schmidt, Health Coach

I got my first 3 clients!

Before UYB I was confused on how to transition from a product based biz to a service based biz. In UYB I was able to test my ideas and niche in on the one that I was most excited about, and was able to book 3 clients at my full prices! This program was much more than I expected!

It was more than I expected. I expected here's the course your own your own! It wasn't that way at all!!! I would say even if you don't enjoy Group coaching like myself, this course almost feels one on one bc you can really dig into the modules and then post in the FB group for feedback. I honestly never attended a coaching call but honestly I received so much value out of this because the questions you make us answer helped me focus in SO much!

Uncage Your Business is a course I keep going back to over and over again!

Aubrey Mathis, Life Coach

The templates made me cry with relief and happiness!

This course is brilliant. It is detailed, thorough, reassuring and a pleasure to work through. It makes what might seem an intimidating feat and breaks it down into manageable bite-sized pieces. Thank you Becca!

ShaSha Crow

Best money you'll ever spend!

Becca rolled up her sleeves and dug right in and gave so much hands-on attention it was unexpected and a welcomed surprise (especially in comparison to other courses I've taken) - live calls were GOLD. Becca is the cat's meow for entrepreneurs looking for someone who will get to the nitty-gritty in a short amount of time. It's a lot of mental work but so worth it! I discovered so much about myself going through this course that goes beyond business. This is the best money you'll ever spend.

Victoria Volk

I now feel like I can do this!

Before UYB I was feeling very lost in terms of the business world. I had no clue where to start. UYB helped me figure out sales packages and rates that I am comfortable, helped me figure out my niche, and gave me confidence that I can do this!

Kaili Ets, Occupational Therapist

I've done many other courses but this was the only one I needed!

When I joined, I was a brand new coach and feeling really fuzzy (which sucked!). UYB totally helped my get super clear about who I'm serving, and how and why. It helped me see the gifts I have that were right in front on my face. Now I feel confident about writing copy and putting my website out there. I know that I have something of value to offer my clients, and that this will make my business successful. I have an easy pitch that I can use in conversations to create connections with potential clients.

Jasmine Patten, Self Care Coach

UYB is magic!

UYB was better than I expected. It was short, sweet, concise and simple yet deep and profound. The community was super supportive and Becca's help was always right there.
You create an environment where people who want to show up 100% as themselves in their business are welcomed, cheered, encouraged and celebrated. You're bullshit free, spirited and see right to the heart of the issue each time. UYB is the shit. I can't imagine being able to get anywhere in business with as much clarity and focus doing any thing else as quickly and as comprehensively as UYB does.

Nancy Guerrera, Spiritual Trainer and Mentor

I finally feel excited and confident in my packages!

Before UYB I rarely felt good when I explained to people what I did - I always felt like they didn't really get it. I also felt nervous every time I need a sample session or consult with a potential client, because when we got to the part about how we could work together, my description of my services would be so vague and I had a hard time helping them to understand how I could help them. Now, after UYB, I had someone from my email list contact me out of the blue because she wants to book my new program for $495! My language was suddenly speaking to her because I got so much clearer!

Gabriella Feingold, Self-Care coach for caregivers

Finally clear on my niche!

Before UYB I felt really unclear about my business and who exactly my clients were, and wasn't sure how to talk about what I do. Now, I've re-written my About page, have a great program to offer, and can finally talk about what I do as a health coach!

Nora Verzone, Health Coach

I made back my money before the course was even over, and had my best month ever!

Because of CYSP I pretty easily had my first proper launch, my best month ever (by almost double!) and generally have a new confidence in my business about being able to serve and help a bigger audience. I made $6700 with my beta launch in CYSP before the program even ended, and am projecting $9000 for my next launch! I couldn't recommend CYSP more highly if you're in the place Becca is talking about on the sales page. Creating your first group program and having it be a huge success isn't complicated and doesn't need to take forever!

Elizabeth Buckley-Goddard, Marketing Strategist

Becca WAY overdelivered!

I think I had this fear block in my mind that "launching" was going to be this huge, arduous, sales-y, uncomfortable, "LAUNCHING!!" process. But I loved how you you simplified everything for the beta launch process and made it feel do-able. The biggest unexpected thing was how 110% present, eager to help, quick with feedback, etc. you were every step of the way. I LOVED how "in the trenches" you were with us all day every day, 7 days a week. Your sincerity and effort and desire to help us really get out there with successful programs shined through 100%. You over-delivered, in my book, for sure :) I am 10/10 confident about my upcoming launch!

Melissa Maher, Mindfulness Coach

Do it! This is guaranteed to be worth the money!

CYSP gave me simplicity on what my program would be and a template to follow. This was so useful so that I can then repeat this for future programs, as this program is the beginning of some others! Now that I have created one I feel really comfortable about creating more - I now have some focus and a system that works, and my anticipated revenue for my beta launch this fall is £4950.00.

Graham Stones, Yoga Injury Therapist

This is the most valuable class I have EVER taken for my business!

I was feeling overwhelmed working with clients 1:1 and not making enough money to make my business sustainable long term, but I was overwhelmed by the idea of creating a program and would have honestly not launched for 2-5 years if I hadn't taken this course! With CYSP I was immediately able to launch a program without over-planning - this was a big lesson for me to get over my perfectionism and realize that I was ready NOW. It was really super helpful to learn the best tools to use and how to price the program. I never would have expected to launch a program so soon!

Mary Blalok, Career Coach

I feel like I can actually build and launch any program I dream up now!

The amount of knowledge you provided was incredible. You were a true expert on the subject and I've gotten so much value. I was surprised how easy it can all feel when you know what to do. My July beta launch will being in $3700, and I'm gearing up for September launch of $9900!

Danika Zoe, Leadership Coach