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Sick of seeing all those huge launches? Read this.

It’s that time of year again, when all the big business programs launch (yes, including my program Uncage Your Business). Here are a few tips to not get lost in all the marketing chaos, help you make the right decisions, stay sane through all the emails coming at you, and most of all, how to…

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How to write a killer sales page

I wrote a few days ago about some of the big mistakes that people make when trying to sell their services from their website (the biggest ones being not giving nearly enough detail, being too generic, and not taking the time to write a proper sales page for each individual program or service they sell).…

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Want to increase your sales by 80%? Do this.


If you’re a new coach and trying to break into the world of being a BUSINESS owner (ie. actually making a living from your business!), I wanted to take some time to talk about something that I see many coaches (and other kinds of businesses) not doing very well…. something that if you implement (and…

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How to become a life coach

So… you want to become a life coach eh? The coaching industry is blowing up (in a good way!) and there is so much opportunity out there for coaches to build amazing businesses that help people while putting a pretty decent salary in the bank. Don’t listen to any of those stats about average life…

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How I got onto more than 30 podcasts and blogs in one year

If you’re trying to grow your business, getting visible is the name of the game. If no one knows who you are yet, you need to get in front of other people’s audiences in order to grow! But how? Well… I spent one year pitching myself everywhere when I first started my business, and guess…

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How I found my niche after trying to do all of the things in my business

HUGE EMBARRASSING MOMENT TIME! I have been looking through all my old emails and files from RIGHT before I started Uncaged (about 6 months before I launched). I was digging through all this because my students in Uncage Your Business usually come in with some vague, generic business idea, where they are trying to smoosh…

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How to build a new business in three months

If you’re new-ish to business and feeling like there’s so much to do, but you can’t seem to get a grasp on where you should be focusing and what your priorities are, this is for you! In this FB live I’m teaching: – The 3 main steps to building ANY business – Where most people…

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3 things you need to get clients when you’re a new business owner

Every time I run Uncage Your Business, I have folks who come to me feeling frustrated that they have put so much time and effort into their business, but nothing is paying off. And when I look at what they have been doing, I can see almost immediately where they were going wrong (well not exactly…

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How to stand out in a crowded industry

If you’re trying to get started with an online business (as a coach, designer, healer, etc), you might have noticed that there about a billion other people out there doing what you do. So how the eff do you get them to notice you and pay YOU for what you’re offering? How can you stand…

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How to find clients who will pay for your services

Tired of working for free, or having people tell you your service is needed, but then they don’t buy? NO MORE OF THAT! Come learn how to get clients to start coming to YOU, and buying your stuff!I did a Facebook Live allll about this topic! In this FB live we talk about: * The…

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