The Exact Strategies I Used To Grow My Business Fast When I First Started

I’ve been in business for 11 years – WILD. It’s prompted me to think a lot about what it really takes to build a successful business that offers the uncaged freedom we all want.

And I’ve been thinking about the advice out there about what it really takes to build this kind of successful business.

News flash: they’re wildly different.

What I see SO much out there in the online space is mass confusion about the importance of focussing on the right things for your stage of business. Solutions and strategies when you’re at multi-6-figures are NOT the same someone who has been in business for a year should be using. But the way a lot of these things are sold? “Everyone is welcome! This works at any stage of business! Come on in!” Not helpful.

So let me break down the stage of business I’m going to focus on here, because this matters! I don’t want you wasting time on things that just won’t work for where you’re at.

Stage 1: Foundations

This is what I teach inside Uncage Your Business, because when you know your niche, message, offers and marketing inside-out, it’s basically impossible to NOT have clients coming to you.

Stage 2: Visibility

Once you have your foundations in place, it’s time to get visible so MORE of the right clients can come your way. That’s what this post is all about, so keep reading for strategies that actually work!

Stage 3: Scale

When you have an offer that gets results and lots of happy clients and customers plus a basic marketing strategy in place, then you can look at scaling to group programs like I did with my signature course, Uncage Your Business. More on how I did that in this post.


Ok, now that’s out of the way, let’s look at the exact strategies I used once I had my foundations in place so I could get visible, build credibility and gain traction — fast. 10 years later, I can say with resounding confidence that these strategies work.

On to the strategies…


Strategy #1: Podcast pitches!

If you’re trying to grow your business, getting visible is the name of the game. If no one knows who you are yet, DO NOT even think about starting your own podcast or endlessly blogging on your website — please!!!

At the visibility stage of business, you need to get in front of other people’s audiences in order to grow! But how?

With a strong pitch.

I managed to land over 30 interviews, guest posts, and podcasts in less than a year with mine! And my business grew like crazy! Like, thousands of new signups, new clients coming in, and so many new opportunities.

Now, years later, I don’t have to do the heavy lifting, because people seek ME out to be interviewed. I’ve been featured in places like Being Boss, Entrepreneur Magazine, and Entrepreneur On Fire.

I’m sharing my EXACT pitch included that lands me spots on huge podcasts, a sample fill in the blanks template you can tweak PLUS how to find places to pitch, and what to do once you’ve been featured in my Black Friday “No Social” Bundle!. Check it out here!


Strategy #2: Kickass testimonials

A suuuuuper important part of building credibility is social proof – showing people that OTHER people have trusted you and gotten results from you. You NEED great testimonials.

There are testimonials that just waste space on your website and can actually turn your clients OFF from working with you, and then there are killer testimonials that will turn people into buyer’s just from reading them (that’s the kind we help you get in my No-Social Bundle).

I ask for testimonials all. the. time. including waaaaaay after students have completed Uncage Your Business (because sometimes it takes a little more integration time for the results to really land). Your prospective clients are smart and discerning, so you need to make sure that your testimonials help them feel secure in making their purchases and persuade them to sign up, and testimonials that weren’t intended as testimonials can help you do this. This means grabbing real client language that they posted elsewhere or sent to you unsolicited.

If you have a Facebook group or a private forum for your clients, that’s a great place to grab your client results on the go. Or if you receive client emails during your work together that captures them RAVING about their results, don’t be shy – ASK those people if you can use their words!


Strategy #3: Focused daily action

It’s sooooo easy in the earlier stages of business when your schedule isn’t 100 percent full with clients, to spend hours messing around in Canva (hello #procrastibranding)… or with the widgets on your website… or endlessly scrolling through Facebook groups comparing and despairing.

Deep down, you know this isn’t what you should be doing but it’s so tempting to just change the colours on your website one more time.

For me, the fact was that I couldn’t afford to waste ANY time. I am not someone who had a husband or parents paying for everything in my business when I started. I didn’t even have savings. I barely had a job when I started out. I did this all on my own and I hustled to make it work. There is NOTHING wrong with folks who have financial support (good on you! Take it!). But I didn’t. So if you don’t either, and you’re starting from square one like I was, I get it.

I learned what actions would genuinely move the needle in my business and did more of them! That’s why in Uncage Your Business we give students a plan where we literally break down what to do every day, every week, and every month, to help you get traction fastest in your business.


To celebrate 10 years in business, I’ve bundled this plan up with some of my other fave strategies including: a bio template that will get you noticed for the right reasons, podcast pitching goodness, a testimonial template and, of course, the Uncaged Growth Plan

Within a month of using these strategies, our students have:

  • been featured on the top podcast in their niche (huge visibility opportunity!)
  • created new referral sources that send them the majority of their clients
  • published incredible testimonials that highlight their clients incredible results
  • had interview opportunities come to them because they are becoming known as the expert in their niche

If you want to get visible and get more clients without dancing around and pointing in Reels all day…

Take a look at our Black Friday “No Social” Bundle here!

xx becca