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I’m nervous writing this post. It’s going to offend some people. It’s probably going to hurt some people 9I’m sorry!).  But it has to be said. And the ones who are ready to hear it, will listen. If you’ve been trying this coaching business for a while and it just doesn’t seem to be working – pay attention.

Because there are things they don’t tell you in coaching school about starting a life coaching business (or any business really, but let’s focus on the life coaches, because you are often the ones who have such big hearts — and dreams — and who are often most defeated by the reality of running a coaching business).

To preface all this, let it be known that I really believe in the power of life coaching. There’s a reason I spent over $8000 getting trained in several different modalities. Coaches do good work and change lives.



Life coaching is a really, really tough sell as a business. In fact, I’m gonna go so far as to say that ‘life coaching’ is NOT actually a business.


Coaching is a SKILL that you learn. Like graphic design. Or organization. Or teaching.

It is not a business in and of itself.

Ok let me slightly edit that – it IS a business, but it needs a few other things paired with it to make it work, and work WELL.

I see SO many people quitting perfectly good jobs and ditching perfectly good skills because they have decided they want to start a life coaching business to help other people realize their dreams and become their most authentic, powerful selves.

And then they struggle to get clients because no one knows what the fuck they are talking about when they explain to people what they do as a life coachbecause all of a sudden they’re talking in higher level concepts when most of us down here are just trying to figure out how to get our damn problems solved.

And then they come to me asking me how they can make it work. How they can generate a full time income in 3-6 months (because that’s all they’ve left themselves for savings). How they can become overnight successes like so-and-so.

And it drives me up the wall.

Not the fact that they are coming to me asking for help. I LOVE that my clients are so passionate about building businesses and doing awesome work in the world. What drives me up the wall is that somewhere out there, someone is feeding us all lies about how if you’re passionate about something, you can turn it into a business. That if you just BELIEVE  in it enough, you can do anything you want to do.

And I’m calling bullshit.

Passion does not = profit.


And, I totally understand where all the life coaches are coming from, and why they believe that it should be pretty easy to build their new coaching business.

Life coaches – don’t lie. We ALL sat in our coaching school classes with our calculators when we first heard how much we’d be able to charge as life coaches.

$300-500/month for one client? (Does some quick math). You mean I’d only need 9 or 10 clients a month to make some pretty good money? Sweet! I’ll be able to reel those in within the next few months for sure! Bring it on entrepreneurship!

When I first starting coaching at The Uncaged Life, I was stoked to have 4 clients. I remember thinking “5 more, and I’ll be smooooth sailing.”

And then one of them dropped off.

And then one of them kept cancelling and pushing back her sessions, so our one month fee was spread over 2 months.

And then another had to put her sessions on hold indefinitely.

And where the hell were the other 5 clients that I’d thought it would be so easy to get?

All of a sudden, the idea of getting and KEEPING 10 clients felt impossible. Especially if I was going to have 10 clients all the time, forever. It felt like a hustle that I just didn’t want to be a part of.


What they don’t tell you in coaching school? Is that “life coaching” is a really, really hard sell.


I know some excellent life coaches – they’ve written best-selling books, they’ve got 75k+ likes on Facebook, they’ve done everything right, business-wise – they have more of a reach than I will ever have in my business – and they still struggle to get clients. They are still living month to month. And they have to hustle every damn day to find new ways to make coaching a viable gig.

Why? Because they are generalized “life coaches”. And life coaching isn’t something that people really “get”.


The most important thing that life coaches need to understand is that coaching is NOT a business – it’s a skill that you will use, combined with your other expertise, to help solve a particular problem.


If you’re a new coach and starting to feel defeated, keep reading – it gets better and there IS hope for you as a coach!!

If you don’t have a niche, and you’re offering really vague, intangible results, you’ll be hard pressed finding and keeping enough clients to pay the bills. (If that sounds like you, I can help with that).

I’ve seen it too many times – from the time I was in coaching school, to the clients I work with now – highly skilled, intelligent people, feeling inspired by the transformation that comes when you learn new coaching skills (because learning coaching is like a whole personal development course on it’s own!), who decide that they just MUST leave their jobs and become life coaches, so that they can help other people realize the power of coaching.

Do not – I repeat DO NOT – ignore all your past experience and knowledge. And don’t quit your day job just yet.

The other (hard) truth is that any tangible skill is about 10000x easier to market than coaching is, so for the love of buddha, don’t give those up completely to become a life coach.

If you want to make coaching work as a business, you need to bring in all your other expertise, experience, and skill, and use THAT to drive your business. And DEFINITELY being your PERSONALITY and strengths to your business.

If you have tons of experience going speaking gigs – focus your business around coaching other people through their speaking gigs.

If you’re a marketing and branding genius, combine your focus with that to be a badass branding ninja who helps people develop brands from the inside out.

If you were in charge of hiring for a major organization and have experience writing and reviewing resumes that get you hired – use your coaching to help people find their dream jobs.

If your life experience has been unique – you’ve lost a child, you’ve mastered the art of negotiating for a higher position or salary, you were a successful musician – bring that expertise into your business and use it to carve out your niche.


The truth is that people will be coming to you because of YOU and what you have accomplished. Your story is important. Your skills and expertise are just as important. And while coaching isn’t about telling people what to do – sometimes people will need guidance, advice, and hand holding. And you are 100% allowed to be their coach, their mentor, their teacher, and their advisor.

And yes – you might be veering away from what you learned in coaching school, but you will also be fast-tracking your business success by playing to your strengths and personality.


Let’s call out the elephant in the room: The majority of coaches who are killing it in business are doing one of several things:

1. They coach and/or mentor other coaches

2. They coach small businesses

3. They coach executives within organizations

In other words, they are coaching people who value coaching, and are willing to pay for it. This is not your average person. $500/month for open-ended, undefined results is a hard, hard sell for the average person.


There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with coaching coaches, businesses, or execs. The only problem is that we can’t ALL be doing it, nor do we all have to do it to make coaching work.


There are definitely other coaches out there who are working with ‘regular’ people and making it work. It IS possible.

And those coaches who are doing it – they have realized that their OTHER skills are just as important as their coaching skills, and they’ve been willing to step away from the traditional “coaching rules” (i.e. never giving advice, the client has all the answers, etc etc). and have combined their unique expertise with their coaching skills to help their clients in a whole new (and very specific) way.

I also guarantee that those coaches who are making it work have paid their dues, niched the hell in, created custom packages, and worked their asses off learning everything they could about how to run a business – and then they stuck with it through the ups and downs, made sacrifices and let go of some of their idealistic visions of what it would look like, and gave themselves permission to show up fully as themselves – even if that meant breaking some of the coaching rules.

As my friend Kira (who has had her relationship/singles coaching biz for 6 years, and just went full-time with it within the past 1.5-2 years of that) said to me when I was discussing this blog post with her:

“This is hard as fuck. You have to be willing to throw tons of love, energy, money, blood, sweat, and tears into this before anything actually happens. Give it at least 3-5 years, and in that time, you’d better get to know about business. And don’t even talk to me if you you’re not willing to pick a niche”

^^ Spoken like a true hustler! And someone who doesn’t coach other coaches, or businesses, and has chosen to niche in and has made it work amazingly for herself.

You do NOT have to coach other coaches or coach businesses to make it work. But you DO need to realize that life coaching in and of itself is not your business, and be willing to take some time to excavate what your true expertise really is.

Here’s what you can do to make the life coaching business easier on yourself:

  • Get specific about who you work with and what problem you solve for them.
  • Learn to talk about coaching in everyday language – drop the jargon STAT.
  • Stop doing open ended, ongoing coaching. It’s hard to sell and doesn’t get you known for anything. Learn the common mistakes people make in creating packages, and then don’t make them.
  • Create ONE specific package for a specific market (based on your unique expertise) and get really, really good at it. Build a solid client base, and THEN you can expand.
  • Work with someone who knows the industry and can help you fast track your success – you don’t have to spend year struggling to figure it out.

And in the meantime, keep your day job.

Or, do as I did when I started my business, and go GET a job. The hustle is SO much more fun and easy when you don’t have the pressure of making a full-time income on your shoulders. Especially if you have a family, or bills, or other financial responsibilities that you can’t just drop out of. I beg you – don’t stop doing what pays the bills just yet.

You CAN and WILL build a business that sustains you. But it will take time.

So here’s to celebrating coaches everywhere.

Celebrating life coaches who are ready to take coaching from hobby to business.

Celebrating creating a community of coaches who are changing the world with their coaching businesses in big ways.

Celebrating not having to do it alone.

Because I’m goddamn serious about life coaches turning their skills into a viable business.

Because passion and enthusiasm, despite what you have read, is NOT enough to turn a profit. Especially in the coaching world.

Here’s to amazing coaches everywhere, doing what needs to be done to make their business work, and changing the world one business at a time.

Screen shot 2013-02-15 at 8.24.14 AM



PS. If you’re a coach struggling to get clients, check out my program Uncage Your Business, where I help you get clear on your niche, message, packages, and online content that will help you get noticed in the coaching industry and get clients sooner. Click here for more info.

You’re going to hear me talk a LOT about the F word lately (no not fuck, but I’m certainly not afraid to talk about that one too).


It’s what most flailing businesses are lacking, and it’s one of the most important things that will make the difference between you getting clients (and thus making money and enjoying life). It’s also the core of what I help my clients with in Uncage Your Business in order to help them get more clients.

But it’s kind of vague, right? Focus. That could mean having a plan. Or doing one thing at a time. Or choosing a really specific niche area. Or all of those things.

And because being fuzzy about these concepts helps you NOT AT ALL, I want to give you some concrete examples of what focus looks like. Because you can see it when a business has it. And your clients will notice it when you have it.

When I started getting really focused in my business, my blog readers would email me telling me how I was nailing it with every piece of content, and how all my programs spoke to them. My client list filled, and my peers started being able to refer me more easily, and basically everything got a helluva lot easier.

In the work that I do with my clients, we put a hard focus on getting clear on their business foundations – what they do, who they help, how they help, how to sell it, and exactly how to talk about all of this in a way that is marketable. This is focus. Most clients come to me with a swirly mess of (mostly) great ideas. They have a passion, and a drive, but they cannot for the life of them sort out how to boil it all down into a clear business that reaches the right people and has them say yes to buying. So I help them do that.


Here are some real client case studies to show you what it looks (or rather, sounds) like when you have focus. These, along with a plethora of other focus areas, were developed after just 75mins of working together.

Before having focus:
I help people who feel like they’re hiding their most amazing self at work or need help discovering their inner superhero. My goal is to help people choose careers or start a biz that is going to boost their super powers not stifle them.
After having focus:
I help people quit crappy jobs that they don’t love and find work that is fulfilling and that makes them happy.

Before having focus:
I help women become more confident by tuning into their intuition and embody their values. I’m in the business of epiphanies and re-tuning minds to help people live the life they desire.
After having focus:
I work with women who try to eat healthy but beat themselves up when they “slip” and eat crap – and they are tired of always stressing over food, not to mention they feel like they are missing out on the FUN of food.


Before having focus:
I help women raise their energetic vibration in the world and claim a deep feeling of energy, clarity, vitality and confidence, using whole, nutrient-dense foods and the practices of mindfulness, gratitude, compassion and connection.
After having focus:
I work with women who struggle with emotional eating and feel like they have no willpower around food that they know isn’t good for them. I help them sort of rewire and reprogram those patterns so they can really feel calm and in control, so it becomes easy to resist that box of Halloween candy in the cupboard or those donuts in the meeting room at work.


Before having focus:
I help women who are just starting out in their online business to leap over the hurdles (real and in your head) so they can grow a thriving business that financially supports their dreams.
After having focus:
I help business owners create a solid content and list building strategy so they can reach clients faster – no more messing around with no results!



I would be willing to bet that everyone reading this can think of at least ONE person they have ever met in their lives who needs help with exactly the ‘after’ is saying. The ‘before’? Maybe, or maybe not so much. It’s not that the ‘before’ is bad, or not accurate. It’s just that it’s not messaged in a way that resonates with exactly what people need.

The difference to me is that the ‘before’ elicits a “sounds nice” or “that’s interesting” response – still nice responses, but not ones that have clients open up their wallets. Whereas the ‘after’ is a clear “OMG YES I NEED THAT HERE IS ALL MY MONEY” response, or at least a “I know someone who needs you!” response.

And that’s because we took the time to really drill down exactly, who they help, how they help, and how their clients are seeing their problems. And EVERYTHING you do from there on in your business hinges on those things.

And, a not-so-secret parter-in-crime to this kind of focus is the CONFIDENCE that comes with being able to finally articulate what you do and feel sure that you can actually help your clients (and the excitement that comes with finally being able to tell people about your business!). No more trying to help everyone or fix everything about them. Focus means you can be selective with how you work, so that you are only doing what you love and what you are good at. And when you combine that kind of excitement with being able to clearly articulate what you do, sparks fly. People buy. And business takes off.

Focus changes everything. And that’s everything.

If you know your pitches sound more like the “before” than the “after, I would love to work with you to make your business more clear, more click-worthy, and more cash-worthy.

Join me for Uncage Your Business in March. Give me 5 weeks of your time and I will give you a business that actually makes sense, makes money, and makes you excited to tell people about what you are doing.

Click here to learn more about Uncage Your Business and to sign up.

xx becca

PS. If you’re not sure if UYB if right for you, email me and at becca [@] and let’s chat! I’m super happy to tell you whether it’s a fit for where you’re at, or whether there is another course or program I would recommend instead!

I just got this email from a client I worked with in a Foundations Session a few weeks back.


I’m sitting here in my office writing a blog post about how to make your period less inconvenient (almost every woman that answered my market research survey mentioned inconvenience) and as I detailed the wonders of the Diva Cup I stopped and said out loud to myself “I love this, I fucking love this.” 

And I have you to thank! If it wasn’t for our session which helped me break through the hesitation I had to focus my practice on hormonal and menstrual health I wouldn’t be doing this right now. I’d probably be driving myself crazy as I wrote some stupid blog post on a topic I don’t really care about. If this isn’t the definition of uncaged, I don’t know what is! 

Have a fabulous weekend!

This spunky business owner came to me with some hesitations about putting herself in too narrow of a niche, because she didn’t want to give up the rest of what she liked doing. She was stuck in overwhelm because she didn’t know where to start with creating or writing content, and was instead spending hours tinkering with her website and bio instead of actually doing work that would bring in clients.

And it’s just another reminder of how important it is to NICHE THE FUCK IN.

I know – you don’t want to do it.
I know – it feels scary and like you will be leaving out so many people.
I know – you’re worried you’ll go too narrow and you won’t have enough clients.

And I’m sure I’m not the first one to  tell you that what will happen is the exact OPPOSITE of what you’re worried about.


Instead of being confused and overwhelmed with so many ideas,  you’ll have killer focus and be able to create perfect content because you will know exactly who you are talking to, and about what.

Instead of having no clients, clients will come streaming in because they will finally understand what you do and people will be able to easily refer to you.

Instead of wasting hours tinkering with your website, you’ll be able to put that time into marketing that will actually help you get you clients and make you money (because hint: constantly tweaking the sidebar on your site or re-writing your bio a thousand time are NOT client getting actions).


This client and I – we had a little chat during our 75min session. We got real about her passions, her business, and what she wants to create. And within minutes it was SO clear what her true niche was. I gave her permission to go for it. She gave herself permission to go for it. And to speak to them in her own voice, HER way, not like all the other health coaches out there.

We took her from a health coach who wanted to “help women integrate modern wellness into their lives” to a health coach who works with women and their vaginas – everything from PCOS, infertility, bad periods, and natural birth control – she’s your girl. How mjuch more clear is that!?

Now to just give her a fun job title like The Vagina Wrangler… KIDDING. Maybe.

Just 2 weeks after our session – she sent me the email above. Psyched about her new direction. Finally able to create content for the people who need her. On her way to the Uncaged business of her dreams.

Your niche is what success is made of, folks. I’ve written about this before, so you might already know that when I say NICHE I don’t mean that one single client avatar that you want to work with. I don’t mean demographics, or even psychographics.


Niche, very simply, means what problem do you help people with? What would someone come to you for help with? Specifically.


If you’re scared to choose, I would recommend you play with the idea of choosing just temporarily. Create some content and a program just for one part of your business, one problem, and see how it goes. My guess is that months of turning in circles of confusion about what to create will give way to clarity and focus and more clients and more cash coming in.

Try it?

Let me know how it goes.

xo becca

PS. I typically don’t offer Foundations Sessions anymore on an ongoing basis, but I have had a few requests for them lately and have decided to open up 4 of these one-on-one spots over the next few weeks. If you want to get the kind of killer clarity that my vagina-loving client had, hit me up here and let’s do it. Imagine getting crystal clear on your message, niche, elevator pitch, and package ideas as early as next week?! Woop!

Just a quick little note to anyone who is terrified of possibly getting stuck in an elevator with someone who might ask you what you do (gasp!).

I wanted to share some work that I did recently with my client Sara.

Part of my work with clients is creating your “pitch”, which we all know is hard, right? Summing up everything you do is no small feat – but that’s exactly where most people get it wrong. They try to put ALL of what hey do into their pitch, and it ends up sounding contrived, long-winded, and confusing.

Here is Sara’s “before” pitch and her “after” pitch – so you can see what a difference getting REALLY clear about what you actually DO for people can make. It sounds basic, but if you’re struggling to explain what you do, your foundations are likely the missing piece.


Sara’s BEFORE pitch:

I help women raise their energetic vibration in the world and claim a deep feeling of energy, clarity, vitality and confidence, using whole, nutrient-dense foods and the practices of mindfulness, gratitude, compassion and connection.

Sara’s AFTER pitch:

I work with women who struggle with emotional eating and feel like they have no willpower around food that they know isn’t good for them. I help them sort of rewire and reprogram those patterns so they can really feel calm and in control, so it becomes easy to resist that box of Halloween candy in the cupboard or those donuts in the meeting room at work.


The “after” is still a work in progress, but Sara wrote is ALL on her own as a result of what we did in our work together, and already you can see how much more tangible and clear it is.

What’s important to point out here is something that happens to a lot of people – the ‘before’ version is very high-level/conceptual. It talks about the bigger picture purpose and impact that we want to have with our business. It’s usually very near and dear to our hearts and something that drives us everyday to keep doing the work that we do. This is important to have and I encourage everyone to get really connected with WHY they do what they do.

However, that’s not what you are going to actually say to people when you meet them and they ask you what you do. I mean, you can – but you will likely get a lot of blank stares and smiles of “that’s nice”, but no one saying “OMG that’s me let me give you all my money and oh here are the names of 3 friends who also need you“.


Your pitch should be more about what you DO then about why you do it.

Notice how the ‘after’ version of Sara’s pitch is SUPER tangible and clear – it evokes an emotional response in the person she is talking with, and immediately paints a picture of exactly what she does and who she helps. If the person you are talking to can instantly thin of at lest one person in their life who needs this, you’re on the right track.

If you’re working on your pitch – I HIGHLY recommend saying it out loud to see how it feels. Seeing it in writing is MUCH different than using it in casual conversation, and you’ll find that the way you say it will likely change depending on who you’re talking to and what the context of the conversation is (which is why the idea of memorizing a perfectly prepared pitch will likely make you sounds more like a jackass than anything else – and that’s a job title you definitely don’t want to have!)

Get out there and practice, and post your pitch in the comments if you want feedback so we can let you know how clear it is!

xo becca

PS. If you want to learn how to put this together for yourself, check out Uncage Your Business. We work on pitching plus SO MUCH MORE that will help you get new clients in the door.




WOOO! It’s that time of year that all we business minded folks set our goals and intentions for 2015. You probably have lists in your notebook, and vision boards on your wall, and mantras in your head, and benchmarks in your calendar. You have committed to FINALLY making this the year that you get your shit together, stay off Facebook, stop fucking around, and start to hustle hard and make things happen.

And as I sit here on January 1, nursing my (yoga) hangover, I can’t help but remember back to when I was starting  my business and I made goals like those too. And I can’t NOT chime in on your New Year’s day and help make sure that you’re actually planning the RIGHT things for 2015.

You intentions are all the best. They always are. But aren’t these same things you committed to last year? Didn’t you promise yourself all  of these things would happen in 2014? And did they? Mmmhmmmm.

This is so so so so SO common (did I mention it’s common?) We get all psyched up about all the things we’re going to do and then they don’t happen. And I’m not going to get into goal setting strategies and those kinds of things here. That’s not really my jam on this blog.

But I do want to talk about why some of the goals you may have set for 2015 might be doomed to fail.

Don’t take this personally – it’s nothing against you or your business. But after working with hundreds of newish business owners in Uncage Your Business, I’ve seen firsthand what happens when you set large and plentiful business goals.

So why don’t these inspired goals succeed?


Because most people are setting the wrong damn goals. Or they set goals that would be GREAT, but only after they have done certain other things in their business to set them up for success with those goals.


This happens alllll the time. It’s one of the main reasons why people sign up for my month long coaching program Uncage Your Business. They take course after course, listen to webinars, read all the blogs – but still can’t seem to get shit to work for THEIR business.

Here is a PRIME example of a misaligned goal, and one that many people fall into the trap of:

You decide you want to build your list to 10k. Everything will be so great when you can just get to 10k. Woo! But that requires creating a lot of content and guest posting and holding free calls and really putting your message out there in front of new audiences. And you freeze. Why? Because you have no idea what your message even IS. Or where to find these people. Or who the people even are. You have no idea what your business even is, for that matter.

And if you’re confused – your (potential) clients will be too.

Another example that I see all the time in Uncage Your Business are folks who want to create their new membership site, or launch high end programs – all during the course of our month together.

And I LOVE seeing people aim high – because all of that stuff is possible. But the reason they haven’t been able to accomplish it yet – the main reason they are working with me in the first place – is that there is no focus. Their businesses are vague, generic iterations of every other business out there, and they aren’t even clear yet on who their clients are, or exactly how they can best help them, or exactly what they want to be focusing on in their business.


It’s not that the goal of growing your email list, or creating VIP-style programs is a bad one. Those are GREAT goals.

It’s just that there are OTHER goals you need to focus on first, in order to get to the higher-level stuff in your business.


The equivalent would be like deciding to build a house. And spending all your time focusing on buying furniture, what color curtains you want to have, and obsessing over fancy rugs and vintage coffee tables.

But if you don’t build the foundation of the actual HOUSE first, from the ground up, all your expensive new furnishings will just be sitting in an empty lot. And it will get rained on. And you will be sad because you spent so much money and time planning it all out and getting excited about it and now it’s just a soggy piled up yesterday’s dreams.

This is the exact same thing that happens in your business.


It’s REALLY hard to do the more nitty gritty, how-to stuff if you haven’t taken the time to get clear on your foundations.

And that is why all the fancy, big goals you are setting for 2015 might not actually happen.


But there is hope! What can you do about this? Should you abandon those goals altogether?

Nope. Not at all.

Just shelf them – for now. And focus on making sure you have a really clear base.

Can you clearly and concisely answer these questions?

What is your business message?

Why do you give a shit about it?

Why should other people give a shit about it?

What is your unique approach or perspective in your business that makes you different from everyone else out there?

Who are your clients? What exact problems does your business solve?

How do you help people – tangibly? Not in terms of your packages and programs, but what do you DO for them? What are the results people get when working with you?

What is the scope of your business? How do you know when a client is done working with you? And where should they go next?


All of that? Those are your foundations. And until you know them CLEAR as day and inside and out, business building is going to be DAMN hard work.

It’s amazing to see people come into Uncage Your Business with all these goals that aren’t quiiiite right, and end the month without having accomplished any of them, BUT feeling SO much more clear, confident, and sure of where they are headed that their original goals now actually feel super easy to accomplish. They leave ACTUALLY in a position to now grow their list, or create those next level programs.

So if you’re one of those people who keeps aiming high in your business but you never seem to be able to get there, things never quite feel like they’re working – it’s time to switch up your goals. Get back to basics. Create a solid foundation that you can build on.

Trust me – your business will thank you for it for the entire rest of your year – and for the rest of your career, for that matter.

Happy 2015!

Screen shot 2013-02-15 at 8.24.14 AM

Set a lofty goal that you need to lay some foundations for first? Hop into the comments and commit publicly taking the slow and steady route to grow your foundations first!

There’s something going on in the online business world that is really fucking annoying, but I can almost guarantee that you don’t even realize that it’s happening because you are so immersed in this world and it’s all around you.

Let me paint you a picture of what this phenomenon is, using a real world, non-business example (so you can see just how ridiculous it really is).

Picture this:

You go to the doctor for let’s say, some kind of funky rash (you name the body part). You tell the doctor all about it, and he takes a minute to decide what to do about it. He knows very well that it’s just a standard run of the mill heat rash and there is some cortisone cream can get rid of it. But for the love of god, everyone is using cortisone these days. It’s SO overused, he says to himself. SO last year. He’s sick of hearing about it, because he isn’t just any old doctor. He’s different, he’s special. He doesn’t want to use what all the other MDs are using. So even though he knows it will do the job and heal you right up, he decides that he should give you something different, something new, something unique.

But you don’t know the damnedest thing about the different creams and treatments and all the crazy options out there. You’re not a fucking doctor. All YOU care about is getting rid of the damn rash in the quickest way possible, with a treatment that’s tried and true and WORKS.

Do you really give a shit whether your doctor is offering something different than what everyone else is offering?

No, because you don’t know the difference.

You have a problem, your doctor has a perfect solution. So he should give it to you.

Yeah? Yeah.


So then, why is it in your businesses you run around trying so hard to be different, to not talk like anyone else, to not offer solutions that others are offering?


Rhetorical question. I’ll tell you why:

Because someone somewhere told you that you had to stand out. So you got your panties all in a knot and took it to the extreme.

But you are forgetting one (very, very important) fact:

You are fully immersed in your own industry, as well as the online business industry as a whole. You are in it 24 hours a day 7 days a week. You are part of a thousand Facebook groups and email lists and courses that are full of other people JUST LIKE YOU.

You see what every single other goddamn person in your field is offering. You hear the same language again and again. You see the same programs. You read the same blog posts.


But your client is not like you. They have no bloody idea that any of this world even exists. They aren’t coaches, or nutritionists, or copywriters, or designers.

They are just a person with a problem that needs fixing.

When they find you, you are likely the most unique damn thing on the planet.

They never knew that someone understood them like you do! They’re amazed at how much your website speaks directly to them (even if you use the words juicy, or awesomesauce, or authentic, or any other “annoying” online business words that we might be sick of hearing). And how all your programs are exactly what they need (even if they aren’t the most obscurely unique thing out there)

In fact, they probably LOVE that you use those words. Because before now, all they have had to turn to is boring career counselors, or MDs, or their family and friends – and none of them really GET IT.

But you! You get it! They love you, you are their new idol and they want to be a part of everything you do because they have a problem and overuse of internet business words isn’t one of them.

You have the magic potion that will fix their lives.

We tend to forget that we are in this super weird, slightly incestuous, overly obsessed with different industry, and that our clients are just regular people.


And I am ALL FOR being yourself in your business, letting yourself create all the wacky and unique stuff that YOU want to create. But when we become so obsessed with being different, we lose sight of what we wanted to create in the first place.


Your job is not to worry about being different than anyone else, it’s to worry about being more of YOU.

So please, get your stuff out there, in all its juicy, awesomesauce, authentic glory, and remember that your clients love it.

Screen shot 2013-02-15 at 8.24.14 AM

What do you think? Agree or disagree? I know the whole “be different” thing is a hot topic, and I want to know your thoughts. Let’s get the discussion going in the comments.


You know exactly what I’m talking about. The advice that is plastered just about everywhere (and yes, even on my own damn site) that tells you you need to do business differently. The stress on how important is to have your USP. How you can’t be the same ol’ same ol’ – you need to create something new and unique and inspiring.

You’re told that this is the problem with your business – you’re not different enough.

The real problem, however, is not that you’re not different enough.

Oh no.

The real problem? Is that you are spending so much energy trying to be different that it’s stalling you in your tracks and stopping you from actually moving forward in your business.


Trying to stand out is bad for your business.

The other problem is that it means you end up creating a business that’s not YOU – it’s some weird, skewed, trying-so-hard-to-be-different-that-I’ve-lost-the-real-me version of you. I see it with my Uncage Your Business clients all the time.

And that is DEFINITELY not good for business.

The obsession with being different has become so obsessive that it’s actually taking you a few steps back in your business.

Think about it – you start to look around at what everyone else is doing to see what YOU can do differently. And you start to come across all these other businesses that are just SO cool – they’re doing amazing things,  they have great personalities, they’re fun and funny and smart and well-dressed doing EXACTLY what you want to be doing – but way better than you think you could ever do it.

So how the fuck are you supposed to be different AND be as good as them?

Might as well pack up your bags and go home now before you embarrass yourself, right?

(WRONG – obviously).


Imagine how much momentum you’d gain if you stopped looking at what everyone else is doing, and instead just created what you wanted to create (and trusted that just by nature of you being a completely different human being, it WILL end up being different).


The truth is that you only need to be 1% different (which you will already be without even trying).

But the more you try, the further you get from your real business vision.

I’m declaring an end to the madness about standing out and being different.

Put your head down.

Unsubscribe from everything.

Stop worrying about everyone else’s business and be more YOU in your business.

It’s time to get to work.  YOUR work.

xx becca

PS. I teach a program that helps you learn exactly how to stand out in an authentic way. It’s called Uncage Your Business, and it’s helped 100s of business owners like you learn how to make their businesses actually work. Enter your email here to be the first to know when the cart opens!

People always ask me why I started working with businesses around their message, and my answer is kind of random – because my clients started asking me for it.

Ask* and they shall receive (*depending on what they are asking for. I’m not fucking Santa Claus).

People were always saying they didn’t know what their message was, and I had done some purpose work (bleh, felt a little too woo woo for me) with clients in the past – what’s your life purpose, what are you here for on earth, etc etc. And I realized “Wait one goshdarn minute – what if purpose = business message? Bam.”

And so my messaging work began.

So then, what the hell does “Messaging” even mean?

At the core it’s WHY you do what you do, and WHAT, exactly, you believe in. These are what your clients are going to latch on to. It’s your business’s backbone, and you need to know it.

Think about it. People love certain brands, and not others, even though they deliver the same content or services. There’s a reason you read The Uncaged Life and not The Status Quo Seeker’s Guide To Running A Business. It’s my point of view, my message, and the vibe of the whole thing that you jive with.

There are a few layers to your messaging that you need to be clear on for everything to make sense in your business. I’ll use Uncaged as an example so you have a clue what I’m talking about, then you get to apply it to your own business (because everyone loves HOMEWORK). Keep in mind that I made all this shit up, so you might have read other blogs about messaging or heard people explain it in a different way. That’s great, the more perspectives on it the better. This is MY way and this is how I work through it with my clients and to this day no one has ever left unclear on their message, so I must be onto something.

And remember, messaging isn’t about the perfect language or a great pitch – that’s a copywriters job. But you can’t work with copywriter til you know what the hell you’re doing and know your message inside out. This is more about YOU feeling grounded in all of it, rather than word-smithing it til your eyeballs bleed.

Here are the core elements of your messaging:

WHY (or PURPOSE, or the IMPACT you want to have) – This is WHY you are doing what you’re doing; why you believe in what you believe in; the bigger reason you’re starting your business in the first place (and not the selfish reason of “I wan to be my own boss”, but the bigger impact that you hope to have on the world with your work. Why does it matter to you, and why should anyone else care?

POV – Point of view. Your approach. Your perspective. It’s what you are taking a STAND for you in your business. This is way more tangible than the bigger picture message. You can think of it as if you’re standing with a megaphone saying to everyone “The best way to achieve _______(whatever your big WHY is) is to _________”. What do YOU stand for? What is your way of helping people achieve your bigger message? What approach are you taking to helping people? Even if other businesses have the same big WHY (which is common), it’s your POV or your APPROACH that will differ and help you find your place in the market.

WHO (or what PROBLEM do you solve) – Who needs what you have. Ideal client stuff fits in here – you can’t help EVERYONE (nor do you want to), so who DO you want to help with your message? What problems do you solve for them. Don’t worry so much about ideal client avatar stuff. Focus more on getting clear on the problems you solve, and out of everyone who has those problems, are there specific groups or types of people that you’d prefer to work with?

HOW – How, exactly, do you help people, and what results can they expect. This is the nuts and bolts of what you DO in your business and how you help people, exactly.

An EXAMPLE: Uncaged’s Layers Of Messaging

WHY: Life is meant to be lived and not controlled by someone else. You should love how you spend your time and you can create the freedom to work and live on your own terms.

POV: I believe that the best way to have freedom and adventure in life is to work for yourself through a small online-based business – you get to control your own time, travel when you want and work from anywhere, be your own boss, and do work that matters. I also believe that in order to do this you need to be super clear on what you want and what you’re doing.

WHO: Lots of people need this, but I choose to work with 20-30somethings who have always had a sense of adventure and have never been able to settle into a ‘real” job. They know they have to start their own business – it’s the only option – and they are willing to do what it takes to make it happen for themselves. They’re high energy, savvy and smart, and risk takers. They also want online businesses that let them travel, so the WHO ends up being a lot of coaches and consultants, as that is where my expertise is.

HOW: I help these people get super clear on what they are doing in their business – everything from their own messaging to their packages to how they want to structure their business to having the confidence to actually DO it all, sooner rather than later. There are lots of HOWS that I could do here, but I have chosen the one that fits best with my expertise and my strengths and what I love to do. This is super important – you need to know what, exactly, you do for people. I didn’t say “I help people start businesses”, or “I help people grow their lists”. I am very clear and specific about what I do and don’t do with my clients.

So if you have a look through all of that, you’ll see that I started with my bigger picture message and what I stand for, drilled it down to what, exactly, my point of view is and what, exactly, I do with people.

And I’ll be honest – that last part is the hardest part and where I see most people waver in their clarity. They know their bigger picture message, but they can’t drill it down and make it tangible (which is often where I come in).


The only way you will get clients is if they can understand what you do and see that it’s something they need. If you can’t describe it or get all wordy and stay with the higher level stuff, no one will get it and their eyes will gloss over and they will head for the drink table before you even finish your 5 min rambling elevator pitch.


Both parts are equally important – your bigger picture message and the vibe of what you’re all about, and then how you actually help people, in concrete terms.

If you don’t know what you’re about and people can’t grasp onto something in your message, they’ll have no idea what you do and they will never hire you.

Now, you guessed it, your turn! In the comments, outline your layers of messaging and see if you can drill it down from vague and kind of hokey, to tangible and fork-over-the-dollah-billz concrete.

Screen shot 2013-02-15 at 8.24.14 AM



Need some Message Therapy? We can work together to get your message, your ideal clients, and your BUSINESS super clear – go from lost to found with Uncage Your Business.

Attention all service based business owners (especially anyone in the realm of “life coaching”)



You’re hanging out at a dinner party and the douchy guy next to you (who has been trying to hit on you the entire night) finally takes a breath after talking about himself for 3 hours straight, and asks you what YOU do.

You reply with a slightly uncomfortable “I’m a life coach”.

And after he chokes on his drink because he couldn’t hold his snort to himself, he asks “What’s a life coach?”

And then you get into a long spiel about how you help people be their most authentic selves, create a life of purpose and passion, and live in alignment with their values”

Your gentleman friend slugs back his scotch and says “So, like, therapy?”

So you dive into the exact reasons why coaching differs from therapy (except, um, you’re still a little fuzzy on the exact differences, and while you do your best to sound like you know what you’re talking about, you start to see the guy’s eyes glaze over as he pours himself another single malt).


So you decide then and there that, OMG, you MUST figure out a better job title than ‘life coach’ (besides, you’re not a typical life coach, and you want a job title that really reflects your personality)


So you start playing around with words:

Life Strategist

Authenticity Activist

Passion Instigator

Or if you’re in another field: Business Fairy, Real-Food Diva, Happiness Optimizer, Word Chef, Design Gardener, Small-Business Flame-Thrower, Website Valet, Legacy Agent, *Fitness Dentist (*This option came out of a conversation with Lyndsay Rush about how people who make up these kinds of job titles tend to want to pull words from other industries. We giggled a lot, and the Fitness Dentist was born).


You get the point. Your clever job title makes no sense and no one has any idea what you’re talking about.


So you end up in the same situation as the poor life coach above, and you end up spending most of your time justifying your industry or taking in general terms (usually in a way that makes NO sense to the person you’re talking to), rather than actually giving people a clue about what YOU do, specifically.

Which clearly isn’t going to get you a client. Sure, it might be fine to put on your website if you already have a fun title in mind, but otherwise, skip it and learn to talk about what you do instead.

Now, I’m not a big fan of an “elevator pitch” or a “cocktail speech” (there’s nothing worse than the guy at a networking event who puts on his business voice and word for word recites his perfectly crafted pitch. Ughhhhh).

But there is something to be said for being able to explain what you do in a way that is succinct and MAKES SENSE.

Ideally, when you tell someone what you do, you want them to immediately think “OMG – I know someone who needs exactly that!”, then immediately call their sister and tell her to call her best friend and tell her about the amazing person they just met (that’s you).

And having a fancy and clever job title won’t help you do that.

Know what will?


Being able to tell people what problem you solve, using words they actually understand.


A fancy job title feels fun and cool, but it won’t get you business.


So if you’ve been struggling to come up with the perfect witty job title, I DARE YOU to stop the insanity and focus on talking about what you DO, instead of trying to fit yourself into the box of a title (because isn’t that like, the opposite of being Uncaged?).


It’s actually quite liberating, to let go of needing to have a job title. I dare you (and if you’re anything like me, you’re not one to pass up a dare).

Screen shot 2013-02-15 at 8.24.14 AM



PS. If you’re looking for help creating your pitch and learning to talk about what you do in a way that has people pay attention (and doesn’t make you feel like a blubbering idiot!), we cover all of this and more in Uncage Your Business. Click here for info about the next round!

*This is a guest post by the amazingly talented and always the real-deal Illana of Makeness Media

About a year into my business, I got talked into taking an online course on how to create online courses. I have no idea how I got roped in [I’m not much of a joiner]. Actually, that’s not true. I do know. A friend of mine who I respected a lot thought the woman who taught the course was some kind of magical money-making, unicorn-riding rainmaker. And since, a year in, my little business wasn’t raking in the bucks, I dropped my standard indignant, “I don’t need that, I have an MBA,” attitude and signed up. I couldn’t afford it. Like, at all. But I stretched, because I didn’t want to miss the boat. I wanted to be part of the little universe she had created.

Before the course, I was plugging away. Learning, growing, reading, creating. Things weren’t moving fast, but they were moving forward. I was working on a cool product line, and my audience was growing.

But I got impatient, so I signed up for an over-priced course that taught mostly stuff I already knew or could have easily found with some creative Googling.

A year later, the same teacher had roped a bunch of people who were/are very smart, and who I deeply respected, into course after course, a mastermind, and a mentorship program.

She took a lot of money from a lot of people who deeply trusted her with both their pocketbooks and their dreams.

And then she vanished.


Over the eighteen months she was in business, she sold A LOT. Her buyers became dependant on her. They craved her approval – which she dangled just out of reach.

Did she set out to rip people off? I doubt it. I think she actually meant well. I think she actually thought that she had something to offer. And she probably did – but whatever it was got so watered down by being packaged and repackaged and repackaged that she lost sight of it altogether. Competitiveness and greed got the better of her. She wanted to compete at the top more than she wanted to serve.

As a result, she went so far astray, that she shook the confidence of people trying to do good work in the world – the opposite of what she set out to do.

I’m sure that when she started out, she started just like you – full of good intentions, but inundated with marketing advice. Messages telling you what to do, how to be, how to look, and what to say. Everyone has a system. Everyone has a plan. Everyone has a way of spinning their thing to sound like heaven’s honest gospel. And some of it actually is. But some of it isn’t. Some of it will teach you all the wrong things. Some of it will twist your magical little business into something you barely recognize – something that takes your attention away from what you actually set out to do.

So how do you tell the difference? How do you insulate yourself?


How do you make sure that you neither fall for the bullshit nor accidentally become the bullshit? How do you maintain your integrity to create an ethics-driven brand?


In the simplest terms, you develop your own code of ethics.

The following are the six questions I ask myself every time I come across a new opportunity. They are my compass. My North Star. The center-point of how I drive an ethics-driven business.


Before I make any decisions, I ask myself:

1.   Is it good for me? And by me, I actually mean: my health, my family, my lifestyle, AND my pocketbook.

2.   Is it good for my people? And by people, I mean YOU.

3.   Does it put people before profit? Money is important. People are more important.

4.   Does it put something unique and high-quality out into the world? Does it serve my higher purpose of leaving the world a better place than I found it?

5.   Does it provide an opportunity for greatness and/or growth?

6.   Does it pass the gut test? The best decisions come easily and without the knot in your stomach that comes with doubt.

But here’s the most important part: Don’t take my word for it. Come up with your own set of ethics. Only you know what’s most important to you, and only you can hold the line of what you and your business stands for.

What questions are part of your moral compass? Add to the list in the comments below.


BW photoIllana Burk is the brains behind Makeness Media and is an expert in integrating design, copy, and user-experience to develop revolutionary brand stories. She specializes in clearing away the bullshit that’s getting in the way of your business connecting with the right people. Her signature service, Brand [R]Evolution, re-visions your brand to convey the clearest, most resonant version of your highest-value message. You can read her insights at and can reach her on Twitter @illanaburk.

Here’s what usually happens when you start a business: You’re excited about it! You make your cute little DIY website, you take all the business courses, you start a Facebook page, and for all intents and purposes, you’re a proud business owner.

Sure, you’re hustling your ass off, the clients aren’t really coming in as fast as you’d hoped, and your confidence is kinda low. Maybe you’re struggling to sell yourself because you’re not even sure you if you would buy what you’re selling. But you keep pushing forward, figuring that there must be another business course, or book, or program, or coach out there who can help you fill in the gaps and amp up whatever it is that you’re missing in your business. You’re determined to be successful!


So you fork over all your hard earned business income on courses that teach you things you already know, on books that reiterate what you’ve learned in those courses, and on coaches who try to help you implement everything you have learned. But you still feel stuck. You’re not moving forward.


So you figure you probably need a rebrand. It must be your website! Yes yes yes. This is the problem. So you spend hours on canva re-doing all your headers and graphics and swapping out your wordpress theme for something flashier and changing your opt-in yet again and YES – this should do it!

But you’re still not psyched to put yourself out there. In fact, you get nervous every time you have a new client consult, and you kinda secretly hope they won’t hire you. Especially now that your website looks so professional, you’re worried they’re going to expect more than you can give. And you’re not entirely sure you can deliver. Your confidence is in the pits.

You so want to be putting yourself out there like all the other people you see online. Why are they so fucking confident? Why don’t you feel the urge to tell everyone in the world what you’re up to?


You’re totally sabotaging yourself. And here’s why: You’re not running the business you WANT to be running, the  business you’re MEANT to be running. So everything is falling flat.


Something is off. You’re either copycatting, or doing what you learned in school but it’s not what you REALLY want to be doing, or you’re taking on all the wrong clients because hello, you need MONEY!, but it doesn’t feel very good at all. Basically, you’re making things really hard for yourself.

This happens all the time. I swear to god, it recently happened to me in my business back in the day. It’s almost laughable now, how long it took me to realize it. I hired the best business coach out there, and nothing we were doing was working… until our very last session when she flat out said to me ‘Becca…  I don’t think you want to be doing this”.

Ugh. Shit. How did she know?

She knew because it was obvious. It was obvious to me long before I even hired her. I just didn’t want it to be true. I wanted to carry on with what I’d created, and not have to make the hard decision to let go of the way I was doing things. It was scary! And it was kind of embarrassing. Me, the Uncaged coach, was still going shit I didn’t want to be doing. It was subtle, but it was there, and I was pissed at myself for it!

And I tell you this because I see it happening in other people’s businesses ALL the time.

Some common signs:

You’re not putting in the effort to actually implement all the things you learned in all your business courses.

You procrastinate.

You constantly compare yourself to everyone else, and you feel like you’ll never measure up.

Your confidence in what you do is pretty non-existent.

You’re not excited about your business and you’re envious of the people who you see rocking their stuff, because you want that!

But you just don’t feel the drive to do anything about it.


But the big secret is that when you’re doing things in your business 100% YOUR way, it’s easy.


There is NO competition. It becomes easy to sell yourself, because your confidence goes through the roof. You’re stoked to get up everyday and do your work, promote yourself, and bring in the clients, because you fully believe that you’re the best at what you do. And if your business isn’t quite right, if you’re not working with the right clients in the right way, and you’re not connected to your bigger message – there’s no way that it will grow. It just won’t.


So here’s the deal. You don’t need another business building course to teach you stuff that is just going to make you overwhelmed. You don’t need another program, or book, or rebrand. You need to get super clear on what you are doing in your business and cut out all the crap that doesn’t fit your main focus.


What is it, exactly, that you wish you could change? If you could do your business any way you wanted, what would you do?

And then you need to take a deep breath, let go of the way you have been doing things, and make some serious changes. It’s scary and it’s hard. But it’s also super exciting! Because you will finally be running a business that works for you, and I guarantee that when you step into doing this, things will start to fall into place. Clients will come. Money will come. Everything will become so much easier.

If you’re feeling stuck in business and getting the itch to take yet another business building program, start by asking yourself if you have already implemented everything you have learned in the other courses you’ve taken. If not, why not? What parts of your business are you not feeling excited about? And how can you change them so they’re more in line with what you really want to be doing?

And if you can’t quite figure out how to put it all together or how to figure out what’s not working, I help my clients do just that. Hit me up and we’ll Uncage your business. It’s often hard to see our stuckness ourselves (that’s why even though it’s my job to help people see where they’re not working in their sweet spot, it still took me thousands of dollars in business coaching to have me see it in my own business. Duh. But that’s why coaches have coaches.)

I don’t let my clients off the hook until they’re totally confident in what they are doing and they wake up excited to get to work. I’m mean like that.

So get off Facebook, get off Twitter, stop fucking around worrying what everyone else is doing, and stop investing in more how-to skills that you don’t need right now… and FOCUS, from the inside out, on creating the business you actually want to run.

Screen shot 2013-02-15 at 8.24.14 AM



PS. The next round of Uncage Your Business starts soon. If you need a month of cutting the crap and zooming in on YOUR business focus, join us. It’s been called the course to end all courses.


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Why I Think Being Multipassionate Is Bullshit Am I the only one who has no idea what I am doing? Your A-Ha Moment is Not Coming The Real Difference That Will Make You Successful What To Do When You Feel Like Giving Up Nothing You Do Really Matters What To Do When Your Friends And Family Don’t “Get It” Why Business Is Like An Arranged Marriage How Uncaged Came To Be (And The Power Of Lowering Your Expectations) How To Get Anything You Want Not Everything Is Precious The Ups and Downs Of Solopreneurship How To Overcome Overwhelm (Without Surrendering to Daily Bouts of Ugly Crying) Don’t Change Yourself, Change Your Business Figure It Out Friday: I Don’t Even Know What My Ideal Life Looks Like. Help! Figure It Out Friday: I’m Terrified Of Success – Help! Why Finishing What You Started Is A Terrible Way To Live Figure It Out Friday: How Do I Take The Leap With No BackUp Plan? Figure it Out Fridays: How To Convince People That You’re Legit Are You Cut Out For Having Your Own Uncaged Career? Figure It Out Fridays: How Do You Stay Motivated? Figure It Out Fridays: Free-Spirit Or Power-Suit? I Moved To The Dominican! Here’s How I Made It Happen. The TWO Things You Need To Make Your Dreams Come True The Price of Regret How to Start When You Don’t Know Where To Start Don’t Quit Your Day Job Til You Read This The ONE Simple Step You Can Take To Get Started With Your Dream Life NOW How To Turn Crap Into Gold The Secret To “Finding Your Passion” What currency do you deal in? The Difference Between Those Who Succeed And Those Who Don’t Why It’s Good To Have Bad Things Happen To You One Simple Q to A To Know If You’re On The Right Track The Key To Success (However You Choose To Define It)


Want to get clients? Stop doing this Want to get clients? Stop doing this Are you ready to run retreats? Why you might be wasting your time with blogging How to know what to invest in for your business Beta testing – Why And How You Need To Do It Why I Think Being Multipassionate Is Bullshit Don’t Make A Website For Your Business Til You Read This First 3 Months – Expert Interview Series Am I the only one who has no idea what I am doing? Interview with Gena about legal stuff The full story behind my website relaunch What NOT investing in your business is actually costing you: A Case Study The 3-Month-Hustle is here! A checklist for starting your business The ONE Thing That You Need To Make Your Business Work Your A-Ha Moment is Not Coming The Real Difference That Will Make You Successful How to Protect Your Business Legally So No One Steals Your Work Why Your New Year’s Business Goals Are Already Doomed To Fail Uncaged Year In Review 2014 How To Plan Your Business, Uncaged Style How To Slack Off Like A Pro What the hell are systems and why you need them How To ACTUALLY Make Changes in 2014 (hint: it’s not by making goals or resolutions or intentions) End Of Year Review. Yes, I Went There. (+free worksheet for you!) How To Be Successful Without Any Planning Figure It Out Friday: Should I Start A Placeholder Biz While I Explore My REAL Biz On The Side? FIgure It Out Friday: I’m Starting From Scratch In My Business. How Long Will It Take To Make Money? Start A Project, Not A Business Why Finishing What You Started Is A Terrible Way To Live Figure It Out Friday: I Can’t Choose Which Passion To Build A Business Around Figure It Out Friday: How Do I Take The Leap With No BackUp Plan? Figure It Out Fridays: I Don’t Have Any Money To Start My Business Figure It Out Fridays: Free-Spirit Or Power-Suit? I Moved To The Dominican! Here’s How I Made It Happen. How to Start When You Don’t Know Where To Start Don’t Quit Your Day Job Til You Read This The ONE Simple Step You Can Take To Get Started With Your Dream Life NOW The Secret To “Finding Your Passion” One Simple Q to A To Know If You’re On The Right Track What The Fuck Should I Do With My Life. Part 2. What The Fuck Should I Do With My Life? Part 1.