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How to write a killer sales page

I wrote a few days ago about some of the big mistakes that people make when trying to sell their services from their website (the biggest ones being not giving nearly enough detail, being too generic, and not taking the time to write a proper sales page for each individual program or service they sell).…

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How I got onto more than 30 podcasts and blogs in one year

If you’re trying to grow your business, getting visible is the name of the game. If no one knows who you are yet, you need to get in front of other people’s audiences in order to grow! But how? Well… I spent one year pitching myself everywhere when I first started my business, and guess…

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How to stand out in a crowded industry

If you’re trying to get started with an online business (as a coach, designer, healer, etc), you might have noticed that there about a billion other people out there doing what you do. So how the eff do you get them to notice you and pay YOU for what you’re offering? How can you stand…

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3 ways to sell more

We have all seen it (and let’s be honest, we’re all sick of it). The vague, wishy washy, “sounds nice but I’d never buy it” kind of offers. The ones promising you authenticity, your best life and business, that promise to help you thrive, or raise your vibration, or find vitality, or claiming they will…

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An Elevator Pitch Case Study

Just a quick little note to anyone who is terrified of possibly getting stuck in an elevator with someone who might ask you what you do (gasp!). I wanted to share some work that I did recently with my client Sara. Part of my work with clients is creating your “pitch”, which we all know is…

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7 things you need if you want to get to 100k

Before you run away from this because you are sick of hearing about the whole 6figure business bullshit that every damn coach and their protégés seem to be yammering on about – I ask you to pause and hear me out. This is NOT a post about how you can SO easily make 6-figures if…

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The ONE Thing That You Need To Make Your Business Work

Yep. I’m making THAT kind of statement. The one where I promise you that there is just ONE secret to success. How bold! I know. I know. But I’ve worked with hundreds of people and I can tell you – MOST of them are lacking this one thing.   You know how you keep reading…

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Why Standing Out Is Actually Bad For Your Business

  You know exactly what I’m talking about. The advice that is plastered just about everywhere (and yes, even on my own damn site) that tells you you need to do business differently. The stress on how important is to have your USP. How you can’t be the same ol’ same ol’ – you need…

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Grow Your Business A Backbone – Your Message and Why It Matters

People always ask me why I started working with businesses around their message, and my answer is kind of random – because my clients started asking me for it. Ask* and they shall receive (*depending on what they are asking for. I’m not fucking Santa Claus). People were always saying they didn’t know what their message…

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