3 ways to sell more

We have all seen it (and let’s be honest, we’re all sick of it). The vague, wishy washy, “sounds nice but I’d never buy it” kind of offers. The ones promising you authenticity, your best life and business, that promise to help you thrive, or raise your vibration, or find vitality, or claiming they will help you leap over the hurdles in your business (and life!), help give you energy for new possibilities. And so on.

Hell, you might even be sick of your OWN packages and descriptions of your services (you wouldn’t be the only person reading this who feels that way). And being sick of your own work is NOT good for business.

So how do we clear away all the clutter and actually offer results that will get clients to say YES?


Here are a few super simple steps:

1. Know your client

And I don’t mean in a “what kind of shoes do they wear and what’s their favorite magazine” kind of way. If you want to sell services, you need to know specifically what your clients are struggling with. And more than that, you need to understand exactly what is going through their head at the moment they decide not to put up with _______ (whatever their struggle is right now) anymore, and they decide to hire you or someone like you. And I mean specifics here. Not just general “they aren’t happy with their life” statements, but clear, tangible examples of exactly what they are feeling, thinking, wanting, fearing, and dreaming of. Knowing this is the only way you will ever sell anything to anyone, so start paying attention! If you don’t understand your client, you’re already screwed.


2. Create clear packages from the get-go

Sounds like a no-brainer, but one of the main reasons that people can’t describe what they are selling, is because they don’t KNOW what they are selling. If you can’t clearly tell me the MAIN problem that your package or program helps people with, you’re already on a losing track. You can’t help every client with everything that was ever wrong with them, in one package. You need to break up your work and your focus for each offer, and give each one a clear outcome. This is a baseline from which all of your selling will stem, so you need to get this part right. Your packages will be based on what you learn from your clients struggles, fears, wants, needs, desires etc etc, so this step is essentially taking what they have told you, and the turning it into different packages. This basically means your clients are doing the work for you of helping you figure out your packages – pretty sweet right?






3. Write your sales page the way your clients talk

Are your clients coming to you saying “I just want to feel vibrant and live my best life!” or “I wish I could leap over the hurdles in my business and life and finally open the door of possibility in my business!”.


They are more likely saying “I’m sick of waking up feeling like shit and not doing anything about it – I am ready to get my ass in gear and fit back into those damn skinny jeans”, or “This business shit is HARD and I don’t get it and I wish someone would just tell me exactly what I need to do to make some damn money”.

^ So that is what you sell them. EXACTLY that. Not that sprinkled with “best life” and “most vibrant self”. Just that. And you will feel like you are leaving out SO much of your message and your viewpoints and to that I say LET IT GO. Because you can either spend years trying to sell people something they don’t think they need, or you can cut to the chase, let go of  some of the touchy-feels you have about it, and sell them what they want.


And that there folks, is how to get and keep clients and build a profitable business. Is it simplified? Yes. But it is the foundation of everything and without it, you will be hard pressed to get anywhere. Forget social media. Forget list building. Forget webinars. If you can’t do the 3 things above, nothing else you do will matter. And this is where I see so many new businesses wasting time trying to do everything, and then nothing works.

Choose focus. Choose clarity. Choose to do things differently, and your business will thank you.

xx becca

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