3 reasons you need to be selling packages

3 reasons you need to be selling packages

If you’re a coach or any other kind of solopreneur who wants to be able to work online, you might have heard me bang on and on about how to create your packages for your business. But after chatting with some people in my free Facebook community, I realized that the idea of selling packages may be new to you, and not entirely clear.

So let’s fix that.

First off, what is a package? I use this definition loosely. To me, it means anything OTHER than selling hourly services. A good package has a defined start and end time (so it’s not the same as just ongoing coaching), a clear focus and clear results (what problem are you solving), and a set price based on the value you offer.

Usually when you hear me refer to packages, I’m referring to live services – one on one, or possibly group, and can range from one session to several months of working together . Online courses and “passive income” (in quotes because nothing is ever passive” can stem from packages, but aren’t necessarily what I am referring to. Often, you need to work with clients one on one to get enough information and tweak your process well enough that you know what to include in an online course. Too many people create courses that are not clear or not tested well enough, or that are based on what they think their clients need (versus what their clients actually want), and they fail. Don’t do that!






Here’s a few of the main reasons you should create packages in your business:

1. No more trading time for money

Charging hourly sucks – you end up counting hours, and clients end up cheaping out and trying to work with you for as few hours as possible. Instead, I want you charging based on VALUE, and packages let you do that. Instead of tallying up how long you actually spend with each client, you’ll be charging for the whole price of the package as a whole, which helps clients feel like they are getting more value, and helps you make more money by being able to add value without adding time.


2. Easier time selling

When you talk to clients in terms of packages, you can talk about results, which at the end of the day, is what your clients are after. Because your package is defined in scope and is tailored specifically to help solve a particular problem , clients feel safe buying from you. They see you as an expert because you already sell a package that is exactly what they need, and they know up front how long and how much it is going to cost them. This makes it exponentially easier to sell versus just saying “I’m $100/hour and we can do as many sessions as you want”. No one wants that kind of uncertainty! Packages make you look legit and people buy from legit people.


3. Repeat clients

If you’re in touch with your clients needs,you can predict what they are going to want (hello mind reader!), which means you can create a package for them, and then create ANOTHER package for then for when they are finished the first package. This is great, because it helps you move clients through your funnel by always anticipating what they might need next and then creating it for them. If you nail it with them the first time around, they’re likely going to come back asking you how else they can work with you and by having distinct packages, you can move them right along into the next offer. I work with my clients to get focus in their business (we work on their message, their niche, and their packages). but once we do they, they are riled up and ready to go, and they want to know how they can now SELL more and get in front of more people, so I created a marketing plan service where I so just that with them. They’ve already worked with me, so they trust me, so it’s an easy sell when they are ready for it!


If there is ONE thing you do in your business that will make a huge difference in how mjuch you sell, it’s nailing it with your packages. They mean better results for your clients, more ease and focus for you in your business, and more money in your bank account.

xo becca

PS. I love talking about this so much that I actually created a whole package of my own about it. You can check that out here.



  1. Susi on May 31, 2016 at 4:17 am

    I can’t make the webinar, although will definitely be hunting it down after to watch. If I *was* there, my question would be: if you’re selling something that can be extremely changeable by definition, how do you deal with that in a package? For instance, if you were a copywriter selling something like ‘a complete website refresh’, how do you manage the fact that some people will have a one-page wonder, and some will have a 12 page beast? My instinct is to put somewhere that the package applies to up to six pages, or perhaps to have one small and one big package, but I’m wary of overcomplicating it and ultimately negating all the simplicity of packages!

  2. Dee Dee on June 11, 2016 at 6:33 pm

    Thanks so much for sharing. Trading hours for dollars is not fun at all. As a virtual assistant first starting out, you automatically want to charge by the hour, but I totally agree that packages are definitely more beneficial for the client and business owner.