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Sneaky ways mindset screws with your business

If you’ve been around Uncaged for a while, you probably know that I am NOT a mindset coach. My approach mindset stuff tends to be “get over it and do what you need to do to get your business working”. ACTION will cure all your mindset woes! And while, a lot of the time, this…

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Why it’s okay to get into “funks” as a solopreneur

I want to share something today that is a little vulnerable (close this email now if you are JUST looking for how-to business advice — this will certainly NOT be it) I am due to write a blog post… because that’s what “good” business owners do, right? They decide they will do something and then…

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Sacred Money Archetypes

I’ve been talking a lot in our Facebook group about Denise’s new quiz and program, and I was so intrigued by my results that I decided to get her on Skype to walk me through more about my results. And oh boyyyyy was it accurate! We also talked about some of the other archetypes and…

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Is Your Money Personality Sabotaging You (post from Denise DT!)

I’m SO honored to be sharing this guest post from the incredible Denise Duffield Thomas today – she is the QUEEN of all things to do with money mindset and one of the business owners I most respect and look up to. I absolutely adore her work and the way she teaches business owners to…

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3 things you need to succeed in your online business

If you have been working away at building your business online, you’ve probably noticed that everyone everywhere is telling you what you need to make your business work. Everyone wants to give you their two cents about what worked for them and what you should try and how you can make it happen. The problem…

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Why most new businesses fail (especially online)

I’m sure we have all heard the stat that  ____ % of all new businesses fail.  What is the exact percentage? I’ve heard 8/10. I’ve heard 98%. I’ve heard everything. And I’ve seen it with my own eyes! I work with businesses who are right at the baby stage of just getting over the fear…

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How to create money to pay for things

You may not know this – but I just got a new car and remembered how to drive (I got my license in high school but have driven only a handful of times since then – and have been terrified of it for the past few years). So recently I decided it was time to…

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How to turn $5 into $22000

I woke today to an email from a past client of mine and I wanted to share it because I think it tells such an important story – that you never know where the little things you are doing now will lead you. Ffion Evans did Uncage Your Business with me back in 2013. Her…

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7 things you need if you want to get to 100k

Before you run away from this because you are sick of hearing about the whole 6figure business bullshit that every damn coach and their protégés seem to be yammering on about – I ask you to pause and hear me out. This is NOT a post about how you can SO easily make 6-figures if…

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