Are you making these excuses for not investing in the help you need?

As somebody who has been selling an online coaching program for business owners for nearly a decade, I have heard every reason under the sun for why somebody might not want to sign up.

Of course, many of these reasons are fair and legitimate, and I would never push somebody to sign up for any program if it was not the right fit for them.

But there are a couple of excuses that I hear over and over again that I actually think AREN’T good reasons not to sign up for a course, and I want to talk about it (and no, one of those excuses isn’t “I can’t afford it”)

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These excuses are typically misconceptions about what you actually need to succeed in a program.

I am calling myself out here too, because I have even used these excuses before when I was nervous about making an investment.

We all want to make sure that the money we spend on a program is going to get us what we need. And so our brain does all kinds of crazy things to try to absolutely ensure that will happen.


We want to control every single outcome, because that will keep us safe and ensure we are successful… right?


are you making these excuses for not investing in the help you need?

Here are two common reasons that people don’t sign up for programs when they SHOULD. It’s helpful for you to be aware of these so that you are not blocking yourself from signing up for a course or a coaching program that could truly help you.


Not being available for all of the coaching calls. 

This is a huge one and I have done it too. You get excited about a program. It looks exactly like what you need! It’s expensive, though, and that is scary. 

So your brain starts to freak out, and starts trying to sabotage you. It tells you that you need more details to know if this is truly the right fit. 

So you email the course creator and you ask them for the coaching call schedule. When you get it, you realize you will not be available for all of the calls.  Dammit. 

You convince yourself that you absolutely need to be available for all the calls in order to truly be successful in the program. 

So you talk yourself out of joining.

This is a huge mistake!  Despite what your brain thinks, you don’t actually need as much support as you think you doAnd (and I would put money on this), I bet even if you were available, you wouldn’t show up to all of those coaching calls anyway.

Know how I know? Because I see it in Uncage Your Business ALL the time! My students insist that they need to be available for all the calls. But when it comes down to it, calls come and go, and they don’t show up. 

Why? It’s not even that their schedule is full and they can’t make it. It’s that they truly don’t feel like they need to be coached on that particular week. Sometimes they listen in but don’t ask any questions, sometimes they listen to the recording, and sometimes they do neither. 

Often I get emails saying they are still around and chipping away behind the scenes and doing well, and just haven’t needed any particular feedback.

We have approximately 150 students in Uncage Your Business, and I’d say the calls range from 5-35 attendees on a regular basis.

I have had this experience too. Last year I signed up for a $38,000 year-long mastermind. It is by far the biggest investment I have ever made in my business. 

We had coaching calls every second week. 

Even though when I signed up I told myself I would absolutely make it a priority to be on every single call, I probably showed up to only a small handful of calls over the whole year.  

Why? Because I didn’t need as much support as my brain was telling me I did. Yes, I needed SOME. So I showed up when I needed it, or I listened to the call recordings and got most of my answers there.

But this idea that we need constant hand-holding in order to succeed? Not only is it false, but it’s disempowering, and it takes the onus of success OFF of us and puts it onto something external. Which is NOT a good place to be.

If you are a new business owner, making investments is scary. And it’s natural that you want to make the most of them. I am not saying that coaching calls and live support in programs are not useful, but what I am saying is that I can almost guarantee that you don’t need nearly as much support as you think you do.

Any course creator who has a program that has a track record of getting students results (ahem… UYB has been running for 10 years!), has already done a good job putting together the content in a way that leads you to those results. It is not the hand holding, and the feedback, and checking in on you every step of the way, that will get you results…

It is having structured content, tailored to your needs, and taught in a way that you can implement, with support available when you need it.

Of course, there are some shitty courses out there that don’t have their content organized well. That’s usually the case with newer courses that haven’t been around very long and so haven’t been refined over the years.

But for the most part, any good course creator should have refined the content enough that it will give you everything you need, even if you didn’t have any calls at all.

We have invested over $12,000 with three different curriculum design experts over the years to continue to refine our Uncage Your Business program, to ensure that it is set up to get results.

We have students who sign up and never attend a single coaching call, who email us with rave reviews and amazing results they are getting with what they are learning.

Don’t let not being available for every single coaching call hold you back from investing in a program that could potentially change the future of your business.


Not needing all of the content that is taught.

If you have taken other programs before and been chipping away at your business for a while, it is likely that there are certain things you need help with and certain things you don’t. 

If you are looking at a course curriculum and there is some stuff in there that you already know, but some other stuff that you desperately need help with, you should still sign up.

We get this sometimes with our Uncage Your Business students. They will be very interested in the program but tell me that they already have a niche, so maybe it is not the program for them. 

But do they know what to do with that niche? Have they done the market research? Have they turned it into niche specific packages and pricing? Have they learned how to actually sell to that niche and how to create clear messaging for that niche?

Just because you have a niche doesn’t mean you have a business. 

Our brains do this funny thing where we think we need to make the most of every investment.

So we believe if we only need 50% of the material, it is not worth 100% of the price.

But what if it was? What if that 50% was the missing piece you needed to make your business 100% work? My guess is the price would be irrelevant.

Sign up to get the stuff that you need, and let the rest be a refresher or a refinement of what you already have.


Is there an investment you have written off as not the right one for you, because of one of the two reasons above? 

I would encourage you to go back and revisit the program after reading this. There’s a very good chance you were missing out on something that could truly help your business.

And if you have got hesitations about joining us in Uncage Your Business, hit reply and let’s chat it out, I’m always happy to look at your business and give you my true assessment on whether I think UYB can help you right now, and can share more about exactly how the coaching calls and support works in the program.

x becca 

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