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How to find clients who will pay for your services

Tired of working for free, or having people tell you your service is needed, but then they don’t buy? NO MORE OF THAT! Come learn how to get clients to start coming to YOU, and buying your stuff!I did a Facebook Live allll about this topic! In this FB live we talk about: * The…

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Why choosing a niche is so hard (and how to make it easier)

If you’re following any business coaches online, I’m sure you’ve heard all kinds of different advice about niching. You DO need a niche. You DON’T need a niche. Pick a demographic. Do an ideal client avatar. Work with everyone and let your niche find you. Plus so many other different tips and techniques for how…

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The thing you don’t want to do

I received this email from a client I worked with a while back: Rebecca, I’m sitting here in my office writing a blog post about how to make your period less inconvenient (almost every woman that answered my market research survey mentioned inconvenience) and as I detailed the wonders of the Diva Cup I stopped…

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Why I Think Being Multipassionate Is Bullshit

The whole “multipassionate” thing? I’m over it. Yeah, I said it. Saying you have so many interests that you couldn’t possibly choose just ONE to start a business about? I’m done with that nonsense. I should clarify — It’s not being multipassionate that I am over. It’s using it as an excuse to not move…

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7 things you need if you want to get to 100k

Before you run away from this because you are sick of hearing about the whole 6figure business bullshit that every damn coach and their protégés seem to be yammering on about – I ask you to pause and hear me out. This is NOT a post about how you can SO easily make 6-figures if…

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