What if you choose the wrong niche?

If you’re like the majority of folks who find their way to our content, I’m guessing you’re probably in the process of figuring out all the things for your new business – your niche, your packages, your price point… literally everything.

It can be a real mindfuck trying to figure out what the hell you’re supposed to do, right?

You don’t want to pick the wrong thing, because it could throw your whole business off, and you want the best chance of success.

So you agonize over every decision you need to make, waiting til it feels perfect, waiting til you KNOW for sure that it will be the right one to ensure your success.

Well, I have something to tell you that I think is majorly going to help you (you can thank me later).

There is no right or wrong anything that will make or break your business.

  • ANY of the niches you are thinking of choosing is fine
  • Your package could be 4 weeks or 6 months and it will be fine
  • You can pick green or pink for your brand colors and it will be fine

There’s no magic combination of niche, package, or price that’s going to suddenly make your business a success.

It’s all a decision. That’s it.

The only thing that’s going to determine your success is your ability to make a decision and take action.

If you agonize over every decision, you will waste years without making progress.

Trust me, I have seen it probably hundreds of times with our students in Uncage Your Business. SO many of our students come to us who have been paralyzed about choosing the right niche for years, and have gotten nowhere in their business because of the pressure they are putting on this ONE decision.


But what if you really DO make the wrong choice??

I know what you’re thinking. “But wait a minute! What if I really DO make the wrong decision? What if I choose the wrong niche and no one wants to work with me? Or what if I do all that work and then have to go back and start again if I change my mind?”

Well then my question back to you is — if that did happen – if you decided the niche you chose wasn’t right for you — what would you do? Quit your business entirely? Go back to the 9-5 and give up your dream?

No, not likely. Or at least I hope not!

You would step back, assess why it didn’t work, make some tweaks, and try again (and hopefully not get stuck in too much mindset drama about it!).

If something doesn’t work, your job is to figure out how to make it work. And if it truly won’t work, your job is to shift to something that WILL work.

It’s all about being willing to take the information that you are being given, and PIVOT.

Even if you started with a niche that really, truly did not want to pay you for anything, it would be 100% totally fine.

In fact, we have seen this happen in our program, and have seen those students still go on to create successful businesses. Contrary to what most people think, it doesn’t take that long to re-start with a new niche. Once you understand HOW to niche, how to market research, and how to make sure what you’re offering will work, it really can be done in a matter of DAYS.

Most people think if you switch niches you will have to re-do EVERYTHING – your entire website, social media, business name etc etc. But this is only true if you set all that up in the first place…. Which YOU SHOULD NOT BE DOING!

Yes. I said it. You should not be creating a website and social media right out of the gates in your business. I actually argue that you should not create any of that stuff until you have worked with at least 10 paying clients in your niche.

Why? For exactly this reason — your niche will probably change. Even if you pick pretty close to the “right” one, small things about it will change the more you work with people.

It’s a big waste of time to spend time writing copy and trying to make a marketing plan for a niche you aren’t even sure about yet.

So if you do niching our way (which you should lol), you can be working with people and testing out your niche in a low pressure way, so that it is NOT a big deal at all if you decide you need to change niches (and yes you can be making money while you do that, even without a website!)



Let’s look at Blair, a new life coach…

Blair is an over-thinker, and spends 6 months ruminating over the niche decision. They journal about it, meditate on it, pull cards about it… and they almost quit their business because it’s just soooo hard to figure out the perfect niche.

6 months in, push comes to shove and Blair’s partner desperately needs them to start making money, so they FINALLY decide to make “THE BIG NICHE DECISION”. They choose the niche that feels like the right fit based on all their journaling.

They put it out there to the world, get a few coaching clients to practice with… but they quickly realize that ummmm, it’s not quite right. It doesn’t feel amazing, and the clients aren’t coming in as fast as they want.

So Blair has to go back to the niche drawing board, and is in the exact same place as they were when they started 6 months ago, unsure what niche to pick, back to journaling about it…..

Now let’s look at Sally….

Sally gives herself just ONE DAY to choose her niche based on our Uncaged Niching Guide.

It only feels about 70% “right”, but she makes the decision, and gets out there and starts testing out her coaching with real clients in that niche. She does that for 2 weeks.

And after 2 weeks, Sally realizes, for whatever reason, that it was not quite the right choice. A few things about it don’t feel like they line up with what she expected.

So Sally makes some tweaks to her first niche, cuts some stuff out and incorporates some other aspects, and gets out there and pulls in some new practice clients in her updated, revised niche.

And rinse and repeat.

After just 2 months, Sally is working with paying clients in a niche she loves.

Compare that to Blair who took over 6 months just to even pick a niche to test out!

Who do you think is going to have quicker success in their business???

The answer is Sally (duh), because Sally has learned to be a quick decision maker AND to not make every single decision be the biggest decision of her life.



I HOPE this shows you how much more useful it is to just PICK SOMETHING and get started, than it is to try to wait to pick the “perfect” thing.

Even if you pick the wrong thing, you will actually end up getting to the “right” thing (ie. your actual perfect niche) faster than if you sat and thought about it, waiting for the choice to feel like the right one.

We always want to place the blame of our business not working on some external factor, rather than accept that it’s all up to us:

  • “My niche doesn’t want to pay for what I offer”…. (well figure out how to sell it to them better, or change your offer)
  • People are saying my package is too long”… (well then shorten it, or figure out how to show them the value of a longer package)
  • “I took a course that taught me a new strategy and it’s not working”… (well then change your strategy and try something else)

The ONLY way that your business will not be successful, is if you are unwilling to make a decision and if you are unwilling to change things if they are not working.

That’s it.

There is no wrong niche.

There is no wrong package.

There is no wrong anything.

So, stop obsessing over finding the perfect “thing” before you move forward.

Pick something today, ANYTHING.

Your choice will not determine your success.

YOU will determine your success.

xx becca

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