Is your content “like”-worthy or credit-card worthy?

If I had a dollar for every beautifully curated Instagram profile belonging to a broke coach, healer or solopreneur without any clients, I could probably retire tomorrow.

Listen, I love a good meme or Reel as much as the next person. Who doesn’t want to be entertained?!

But there’s a big difference between meme-worthy content that people “like” on IG, versus content that has people hand over their credit card to work with you.

Keep reading for screenshots and examples below of the difference between “meme-worthy” and “credit-card worthy” content!

The most common struggle I see new business owners like you make is getting super sucked into creating content for social media and marketing WITHOUT having the business foundations that will actually make your marketing effective!

The “secret” to having people move past just thinking you are inspiring, and into actually paying you for your services, is to get clear on your FOUNDATIONS.

(Not as glamorous as a viral meme, I know — but it’s what will actually bring in the clients and the cash.)

If you have people loving your content but not actually BUYING, I can almost guarantee it’s because you’re missing one (or all!) of these foundational steps:

  • Having a clear, strong, compelling brand message that shares a point of view that your clients NEED to hear
  • Having a clear niche that you are speaking to and REALLY nailing their pain points, fears, desires, and dreams
  • Having services to offer that your clients actually WANT (not just stuff you created because you looked at what everyone else in your industry was doing)
  • Understanding how to talk about what you do so that people instantly get it and know that it’s for them

Once you have these foundations nailed, and you have tested your services, worked with clients, and have money coming in, THEN you can happily go create a funnel, run FB ads, and create as many Reels as you like! That stuff only helps amplify what is already working… it won’t help what is broken.


A real coaching example

I want to use our Uncage Your Business mindset coach Erin Foley as an example.

When Erin started her coaching business (before I got my hands on her business!), she was operating under the cute brand catch-all of “Erin StrongLife”. 

Her mission was to help her clients be “strong” in all areas of their life. It was generic mindset coaching, mostly.

She would spend a lot of time in Canva creating images for Instagram with quotes on them and inspirational messages.

Here is an example of one:

Whenever she posted something like this, Erin would get “likes”. People would tell her she was inspiring.

But Erin was not getting any paying clients.

While her messaging and memes were cute and “inspiring”, they were not actually inspiring anyone to hire her!

The image above doesn’t really tell me ANYTHING about what Erin does. Maybe something to do with pain management? I don’t know — that would have been my guess (which would have been very wrong lol)

Erin struggled like this in her business for over a year before she decided to join Uncage Your Business and we got her sorted out with a strong niche, a clear message, and and understanding of how to market herself more effectively!

Erin’s business now

Fast forward to now, where Erin has a much more defined niche of helping women who are in a new job or a new role who are having a confidence crisis and wondering if they made a mistake… and Erin is fully booked with coaching clients!

She rarely even posts on Instagram anymore, because a few years ago she created ONE short (6 minute) YouTube video that speaks directly to her clients’ problems. It is titled “Why you feel overwhelmed in your new job”.

It has been viewed over 140,000 times and has over 830 comments, most of which say things like “this woman is reading my mind…” and then go on to share context about how they are feeling at work.

Here is a screenshot of Erin’s video:

This video STILL results in most of Erin’s traffic to her website and most of her consult calls that are booked.. even 6 years later!

What did Erin do here that worked so well?

Well, she didn’t TRY to create a viral video, for one thing. 

Simply by having a very clear niche and a VERY clear understanding of the exact words her clients are using, she was able to create a piece of content that has naturally built up organic search traffic because it is so specific. 

When you create such niched content it naturally builds up SEO over time and keeps doing a lot of the hard work for you!

Erin has about 16 videos on her YouTube channel, and she stopped making them 2 years ago!

This goes to show that a few pieces of TARGETED content will take you a lot further than endlessly posting generic content everyday on social media.

What this means for you

If you have been spending a lot of time curating content for ANY of your marketing, social media or otherwise, but you are getting more people saying you are inspiring than they are actually PAYING you…. It’s time to revisit your foundations, your niche, and your messaging!

This is exactly what we do in our Uncage Your Business program (Erin took this program and that is what resulted in the dramatic shift in her clarity and her messaging!). 

Even if you are niche resistant or have taken other courses, I bet our approach will work for you since MOST of our students say those two things lol

Let’s get you creating content that is credit-card worthy and not just “like”-worthy.