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I finally have my niche!

Sweet donuts! I did the exercise and I am FINALLY feeling relieved that I have my niche - pleased I could answer the questions without hesitation (like woah, I know what I'm talking about!). Was overthinking it and going back and forth all this time, and what you said about it needn't be so perfect right now. I just need to do it -  I've got this. Thanks Rebecca!!

Nurhaida Rahim

Holy buckets! This is INCREDIBLE.

I've been avoiding, feeling overwhelmed in, trying to really nail down my niche. This handout gave me the clarity I've been looking for in less than 5 minutes. So clear, so simple, so DOABLE! Thank you, Rebecca Tracey, for your generosity and your mind!!

Gabriella Torres


Becca is the head honcho at The Uncaged Life, where she helps service-based businesses build the foundations of an online business that works. To date she's helped over 1500+ coaches and other online businesses launch or grow their business to replace their full time income so they can work from anywhere and make good money doing it (all without wearing pants if they don't wanna!) She is a whiz when it comes to simplifying all your ideas and helping you get clients  in your biz using tried and true (and SIMPLE) marketing. Plus, her dogs Walnut and Judy are really freaking cute.

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