If you’re new-ish to online business, you’re probably stressing out because you’re seeing all of these amazing looking courses and programs and coaches and resources and tools and apps online (OMG right?!) that everyone is telling you that you ABSOLUTELY need if you ever want to have a successful business.

Basically, you will fail unless you spend $1,000,000 on your business on all these things. (OK, that’s a slight exageration but it feels like it, no?)

You don’t need to buy all the things! It’s simply not true!

What to focus on & what to invest in, for where you are in business

I’m all for investing in your business, but I see too many people signing up for courses and classes that just aren’t right for where they’re at in business. And sometimes, you don’t actually need to invest – you simply need to hunker down and do the work.



3 month business building checklist

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First to second year of business (not making any money yet)

This is the experimentation stage of your biz. You will try a whole bunch of different things and a lot of it won’t stick.

THAT’S GREAT! It’s part of the process.

Start by downloading all the free stuff you can get your hands on.

Every business coach offers a freebie in exchange for your email address, and they’re usually (at least we hope!) packed full of valuable business help. Download them all!

You can grab any of mine here But I highly recommend you grab my 3 Month Biz Plan – this is a plan that lays out everything you should be doing in your first 3 months. If you’ve downloaded it before, I’d encourage you to look at it again and see where you’re on in the timeline. It’s a handy tool to come back to so you don’t get off course!

The other thing I recommend is getting help with is nailing down your niche and your message — do this after you’ve worked with a few practice clients or have tested the waters in a few different areas.

Your niche and message are foundational to everything else you do in your business, and many business courses assume you already know these.

That’s exactly why a lot of people get stuck in courses – they buy a course that teaches them marketing techniques before they are clear on what they’re actually doing and what their focus is in their business!

Don’t let this happen to you!

My course Uncage Your Business was created exactly for this reason.


Second year of business or more (you’ve got focus but not bringing in enough clients)

This is a GREAT stage to be in because it means the initial discomfort of not knowing what the hell you’re doing is over, and you can focus on making all dat money. But how??

Well, learning about marketing, funnels, and list building are GREAT areas. If you have no one seeing your offers, how do you expect anyone to buy them?

If you’re getting a lot of people saying “Wow, I love what you do, I need that!”, and then are never calling you, or people who do a free consult with you or who you have a conversation with you about working together but they never actually sign-on, then you need sales help my friend. And you need it from the one and only Southern Belle Kendrick Shope who knows her shit and will help you close deals easily without feeling like a douche.

Kedrick’s Sales School program is the best I’ve seen about how to get confident talking about sales, doing phone calls with prospective clients, following up, and getting a YES (as well as their $$) all in a way that holds your integrity and has clients feeling excited and not sold to. Check it out here.

By knowing what you need help with you can be sure to not waste any more money in your business. Do your homework – ask questions to make sure what you’re buying is right for you, read testimonials, and take some time to be sure that the programs you’re signing up for are the right ones, and now just shiny objects that you’re buying because of FOMO.

xx becca