3 things you need to get clients when you’re a new business owner

Every time I run Uncage Your Business, I have folks who come to me feeling frustrated that they have put so much time and effort into their business, but nothing is paying off. And when I look at what they have been doing, I can see almost immediately where they were going wrong (well not exactly wrong…. but just not putting their energy into the stuff that would make the MOST difference early on).

This training will tell you what’s useful to you NOW, as a new business owner trying to get your first clients, and what’s a waste of time.

In this FB live you’ll learn:

– The only 3 things you need right now
– The 2 things you THINK you need that you actually don’t
– A strategy for getting the word out about your business right away
… and more!

Click here to watch it now!

It’s sooo common to think you need to get all fancy when you’re just starting, and you don’t! Make sure to check out the description on the video too, as I posted some useful links in there for you!


3 month business building checklist

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If you struggle with PRICING: Download my guide to pricing now to make sure you have prices that feel GOOD for when you get your first clients!
>> theuncagedlife.com/pricing

If you struggle with NICHE: Download my niching guide if you’re still working on getting clear on WHO you want to work with (no avatar exercises included, I promise!)
>> theuncagedlife.com/niching

If you need to start getting the word out about what you do: Check out this email template (discussed in video!)
>> theuncagedlife.com/get-clients-quickly/

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3 things you need to get clients when you're a new business owner