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First 3 Months Interview Series: Andrea Owen

I’m all about the “building a business hustle” lately, and to celebrate the release of the 3-Month Hustle checklist (a list of what to do (and when) if you’re starting your business – click here to grab it for free),…

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First 3 Months Interview: Tiffany Han

A few weeks ago, I released a simple but comprehensive #3MoHustle business checklist into the world (Click here to grab it for free) to help all the struggling business owners who have HEART and HUSTLE, but who just have NO damn…

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The 3-Month-Hustle is here! A checklist for starting your business

Last week I wrote a post about how Facebook likes are a crap way to gauge whether you’re making progress in your business, and I promised you a checklist of stuff that you should actually be focusing on instead. So…

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What To Do When No One "Likes" Your Facebook Posts

We’ve all been picked last in gym class (I’m sure that wasn’t just me? I’m really bad with a soccer ball). As humans the need to be liked is ingrained in us. And just when we think society is moving…

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The ONE Thing That You Need To Make Your Business Work

Yep. I’m making THAT kind of statement. The one where I promise you that there is just ONE secret to success. How bold! I know. I know. But I’ve worked with hundreds of people and I can tell you –…

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The Real Difference That Will Make You Successful

Frustrated <– what you’ll be with yourself when you see all the other people killing it, while you sit quietly in the corner. Annoyed <–  how you will feel when you realize you’re way smarter/more talented/cooler than that person out…

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Want To Create Memorable Packages? 7 Interviews With Women Who Will Show You How

Last year around this time, I was busy busting my ass creating a course to help you build a better business by creating package and services that people actually want to buy, because I kept seeing some common mistakes and…

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How to Protect Your Business Legally So No One Steals Your Work

  As you may know, there was a recent incident where someone copied my programs and sold them as her own. There has since been a LOT of discussion in the community about what we can do as small business…

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How I Became Successful In Business

  This is the question that every new business owner wants to know from every successful business owner ever: “How did you become successful in business?” I started The Uncaged Life in November 2011, so that means I’m heading into…

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Why Your New Year’s Business Goals Are Already Doomed To Fail

  WOOO! It’s that time of year that all we business minded folks set our goals and intentions for 2015. You probably have lists in your notebook, and vision boards on your wall, and mantras in your head, and benchmarks…

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