First 3 Months Interview: Kate Courageous

The past few weeks have been dedicated to the 3 Month Hustle i.e. what you should be focusing on when starting a business (download the checklist for your first 3 months in business here). In this week’s #3MoHustle interview I sat down (virtually, obviously, because I can’t do REAL sit down interviews with no pants on. That would be weird.) with Kate Swoboda (aka Kate Courageous).

Kate not only runs a super successful coaching business, but she also has her own life coach training program where she teaches them the BUSINESS of life coaching (because we all know it’s a bitch of a business to market most of the time). So I figured she would have a thing or two to say about what to do when you’re starting a business, and what she did that worked (and what definitely didn’t work).



3 month business building checklist

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Here’s Kate Courageous:

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