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How To Bring Your Offline Business Online

Yoga teachers, chiropractors, reiki teachers, osteopaths, personal trainers, and anyone else who runs a business that’s typically hands-on, something you physically have to be IN PERSON to do – this is for you! You’re craving the online business lifestyle, yeah?…

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Not Everything Is Precious

I asked a question recently in my private Uncaged Lifers Facebook group about whether you’d choose perfect fulfilling work, or freedom and lifestyle, if you had to choose. Would you rather have a job that was kind of “meh”, where the…

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The Ups and Downs Of Solopreneurship

Sometimes, I’m convinced that I can take over the world. Other times, I’m not even sure I can help a single person. Once in a while, I wonder how long I can really do this for. Is it sustainable? Will…

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Don’t Change Yourself, Change Your Business

I used to be a nutritionist. Sort of. I spent 2 years in nutrition school, learning how to clean up a messy gut with with an advanced supplement regime, how to prevent my goddamn adult acne by eliminating gluten from…

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Start A Project, Not A Business

One of the main struggles I see with my clients and the other wanna-be entrepreneurs I’m connected to, is that they come at their new business with this all-or-nothing mentality. They think they have to have it ALL figured out…

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Don’t Take Another Business Course Til You Read This

Here’s what usually happens when you start a business: You’re excited about it! You make your cute little DIY website, you take all the business courses, you start a Facebook page, and for all intents and purposes, you’re a proud…

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Would You Live Differently If You Knew Your Fate?

  I don’t know what she was like as a little girl. Was she playful? Silly? Wild like me? I have no idea who she was as a young woman, or what her wildest hopes and dreams were. Did she…

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The Reverse Bucket List

You know how sometimes, even though you love them, the people in your life who have it more “together” than you can make you feel like a real piece of shit? Yeah. That happened to me recently. I was at…

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Flashback to 08/08/08. I’m mid-move from Vancouver to Toronto, spending some time at my then-boyfriend’s parents place in Winnipeg before we headed to Ottawa to visit my family. Life is a bit of a mess – everything I own is in…

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