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Interview with Jana Schuberth, creator of Alive In Berlin

  You know how when you start a business, you often have this HUGE vision of what you eventually want to create – whether it’s a retreat in a faraway land, or a huge conference style event where you gather…

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Nothing You Do Really Matters

  You know those times when you’re stressing the fuck out about your business, and you think the world is ending because no one signed up for your webinar, or your client session just bombed? Here’s the truth about all…

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Grow Your Business A Backbone – Your Message and Why It Matters

People always ask me why I started working with businesses around their message, and my answer is kind of random – because my clients started asking me for it. Ask* and they shall receive (*depending on what they are asking for.…

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I’m in Belize and thought I should brag (Photos included)

The Catalyze Retreat is happening NOW so I thought it seemed appropriate to show you what we’ve been up to here! Just 14 of us ladies, all alone in the jungle… So far we’ve swam into ancient mayan caves (full-on…

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What To Do When Your Friends And Family Don’t "Get It"

You know what I’m talking about. The eyes that kind of gloss over as their mind drifts to their grocery list as soon as you start talking about how many new opt-ins you got today, or how you just can’t…

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How To ACTUALLY Make Changes in 2014 (hint: it’s not by making goals or resolutions or intentions)

It’s the start of a New Year tomorrow, and if you want to make really big changes next year, there are a few things you need to do, and they are not the same things that you’re seeing out there…

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End Of Year Review 2013

I’m NOT one for end of year shenanigans, but there’s something about running a business that makes me WANT to be that person – especially a business that just rocked out its second year. SO much can happen in one…

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An Interview With Andrea Owen On Writing A Book, Being A Hot Mess, and The Top 3 Things You Need To Do When You’re Starting A Business

I recently joined a Mastermind (can someone please gimme a better word for that, because Mastermind sounds SO fucking pretentious) with 4 amazing other coaches, and one of them (Miss Andrea Owen) wrote a book! So, being the totally biased friend…

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Why Business Is Like An Arranged Marriage

Now, I’ll preface this post by saying that I know NOTHING about being in an arranged marriage. I’m not in one, nor do I actually know anyone personally who is. I guess we could always use the analogy of marrying…

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How To Know What To Charge (So You Don’t End Up Resenting Your Clients or Hating Yourself)

Let’s get to the point, yeah? MONEY. You need it to have a business (otherwise you’re just running a REALLY time consuming hobby, which is cool if that’s what you want to do, but then don’t bitch about not making…

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