How To Get Anything You Want

Once upon a time, there was a little princess who lived far away in a beautiful castle.

Ok let’s cut the crap. The girl was me, and I didn’t like in a faraway land. I lived in Ottawa, Ontario, with divorced parents and a really smelly hamster named Nipper (she used to bite me to the point of drawing blood… a LOT).

I was no princess, and from an early age I learned to be independent (here’s why).

As a kid, I always reveled at how easy it was to make money… and how easy it was to spend it. When I had my eye on something, I made sure I got it (with my own money, of course).

At the tender age of 7, I remember begging my dad to let me run a carwash in the driveway (and being turned down because the cost of the water would be more than the cost of the 50cents I was charging for the wash).

So I ran a lemonade stand instead (much cheaper it turns out).

And then I went bigtime and started my own magazine. It was about the New Kids On The Block, and was handmade in my bedroom. Each edition had a weekly crossword and featured member each. I sold it to kids in my neighborhood for $1.

Clearly it didn’t make me rich.

But somehow, spending money? Came just as easily.

In my grade 4 class we had a system in place where if we were good, we’d earn a fake dollar. And at the end of the year, we had a big class auction and got to spend all our money like a bunch of hooligans. The kids all brought stuff in to sell off, auction style. It was like ebay, only we were 10 and mostly you could just buy pencils and scented erasers.

And then I saw it – the almighty Giant Toblerone. You know the one. The one that should take a family of 5 a month to get through. I would demolish that sucker in a day, tops.

I had to have it.

I decided to save my dollars and not buy ANYTHING else until the Toblerone went up for auction. Then I spend all 100 of my dollars on it (I must have been a pretty good girl that year).

But the thing was, because this was a highly coveted prize, the teacher wanted to make it “fair”. So what happened was that every dollar spent got you a ticket in a raffle. So essentially, I had 100 tickets.

It was a sure bet, I thought.

Sure, everyone was making fun of me because they thought it was ridiculous to spend all my money on this one thing. But I wanted it. I WANTED IT.

And I didn’t care what they thought. I wanted the damn chocolate (so, clearly nothing has changed). 

Anyway, I didn’t win, and you better believe I seethed about it for days/years/I’m still pissed.

From there I went to work at a few random jobs, and I was always attracted to jobs where the more I worked, the more money I made. And then when I wanted to go away and travel, I’d do it with no strings attached, no job waiting for me when I came home (which was a good thing, because there was more than one occasion where I didn’t come home).

I’ve always been the type to decide I want something, and to make it happen ASAP.

Anyway, moral of the story is, that even back then, I loved what money could buy me. Which is weird, since I didn’t grow up with a lot of money and until recently, on paper, my money situation looked…dire. But it never stopped me. I worked hard when I had to and I always seemed to pull it off. Paying off massive debts extraordinarily quickly, somehow having enough to continuously travel without going totally broke.

I’ve always been the type to be able to come up with money very quickly (partly by setting my mind to it, and partly by using that mindset to spin me into action).






And I didn’t actually know where I was going with this blog post when I started, but now I see that it’s all about being a HUSTLER.

It’s about making the choice that something will happen, and then making it so.

I do this in my life, and I do this with my clients.

And I want to do it with you in your business. I KNOW that you can have whatever you want in your business. And I KNOW that you don’t need another course that teaches you the same old stuff you already know.  What you need is to get clear on what the hell YOU are doing, OWN it, and get a serious kick in the pants.

So get on that, will ya?

Get out there and commit to what you want. Set the date. Book the ticket. Put down the deposit. It’s step one of getting everything you want in life.



  1. AnnaLong on September 26, 2013 at 12:35 pm

    Becca love this hilarious post! I’m quite similar and used to sell rocks to farmers driving by (at the end of my gravel driveway). hahaha! You are the biggest hustler I know, can’t wait to see this sell out!