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The Four Biggest Marketing Mistakes New(ish) Businesses Make

After 10 glorious years of uncaged biz freedom, I have a serious public service announcement to make! I have learned that sustainable success where you can take off weeks at a time to go hiking is all about… (drumroll please)…

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The Two Biggest Myths About Launching Your First Group Program

There’s a lot of hype in the online space about scaling, launch strategy and making a bajillion dollars… Which is all great — IF you’re at that stage of your business. Most of the people I work with inside Uncage…

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3 Simple Curriculum Design Tips For Your Group Program

One thing that really gets my goat in the online coaching industry is the relentless focus on LAUNCHING and SELLING (yes, both extremely important) — but with almost zero attention on creating a brilliant experience for the people going through…

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The 5 Biggest Mistakes Coaches Make With Their First Group Program

If you have been doing the one-on-one coaching thing for a while and you are ready to grow and scale your business – keep reading! You want your income to grow (without working a million more hours) and you know…

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What’s The Best Business Model To Scale Up From 1:1 Coaching?

You’re probably heard me say this before — the absolute BEST way to make money online fastest, is to offer 1:1 services. Working 1:1 with your clients is low tech, low hassle, and doesn’t require a ton of systems in…

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Is The Only Way To Be A Successful Coach To Coach Other Coaches?

Hey, pppssssssttt! Have you heard that the most profitable way to make money as a coach is to coach other coaches? OF COURSE you have, because it’s literally everywhere online, right? I know you’ve seen the pyramid-scheme stuff all over…

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How To Filter Out ‘The Noise’ Online & Focus On Your Biz

One of the things I feel like is my duty in this crazy online world, is to make business feel easier for all the suuuuuuper well-intentioned (but highly distractible!) coaches in my community. There’s SO much noise in the online…

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How To Get Clients As A Life Coach

Coaches!! You all sat in coaching school with your phone calculator out, doing some quick math to see how much this new career could bring you, right? Then once you graduated, you started to realize that ummmm…. this isn’t as…

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The Most Profitable Coaching Niches

Let me set the record straight: you NEED to have a niche if you’re a life coach and you actually want to make money. There are very few things I say you “need” to do in order to run a…

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Should you reply to internet trolls in your business?

When your business starts to get visible, it is bound to happen (even if you aren’t that big)…. You get a rude comment on something you post on Facebook. Someone DMs you on Instagram with hate (usually with a fake…

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