Sick of seeing all those huge launches? Read this.

It’s that time of year again, when all the big business program launches are happening (yes, including my Uncage Your Business program, which we are opening for pre-sale registration on Wednesday this week (keep an eye out for an email about that with a huge $300 discount!)

I know it can be annoying to get bombarded with launch and affiliate emails and FB ads coming at you from every angle. I hear this ALL the time from folks in my Uncaged community. You want to block the ads, unsubscribe from the emails, and boycott whatever business is marketing to them.

Maybe you just don’t like being marketed to. Or don’t like feeling extreme FOMO when you see these programs and you get all stressed out thinking you HAVE to join in order to make their business successful. And some of you just have a hate on for businesses that make millions of dollars, and think they are inherently a scam in some way.

But ALL of these reactions can be problematic and I believe there are ways to make it through these big launches without hating on the person selling to you. and without feeling stressed that you are missing out on anything.

Here are a few tips to not get lost in all the marketing chaos, help you make the right decisions, stay sane through all the emails coming at you, and most of all, how to LEARN from it all!


1. Before you jump into buying ANYTHING, look really closely at what you need in your biz first.

It’s SO easy to get caught up in the marketing and excitement of seeing other people enrolling in programs, and FOMO (fear of missing out) starts to set in. Most programs are neither good nor bad, they may just not be what you need for YOUR business, right now.

If you’re not mega clear yet on what you do (services), who you serve (niche), and how you do it (your unique approach), don’t sign up for a program that will teach you things like building an email list and getting visibility. Your business isn’t ready for it yet.

Know what stage you are at and look critically at what the program offers  – is it what you need? Or are you just jumping on the bandwagon because everyone else is doing it?

It can also help to understand what affiliate marketing is — people get paid to promote other people’s programs (often up to $1000 per signup) and offer bonuses if you sign up using their link. It’s not a bad thing (I have done it in the past in my business!), but knowing how it works can help take some of the “everyone is doing it!” feeling away and help you focus on what you actually need.


2. Know your learning style!

If you know you need individual eyes on your work and real time feedback from the expert, don’t sign up for a program that doesn’t offer that (and if you’re not sure if it does, ask them directly what kind of support is included — some programs have it (Uncage Your Business LIVE does), and some don’t). If you know that you get overwhelmed in huge groups, don’t join a program with a group of 1000s of people. I see so many people join programs (including mine) and then not finish them because they got excited, and then realize soon after that the program doesn’t suit their individual needs. Be discerning about what the program offers and make sure it lines up with your personal learning style.


3. Don’t unsubscribe from someone you love just because they are launching.

This is a HUGE mistake I see a lot of people making. Instead of unsubbing and getting annoyed, ask yourself what you can learn from them. Save every one of their launch emails into a Google Doc and study it later — what did they do in each email? How did they sell you on the program? Notice how many emails they send (and notice your own comfort level if you were asked to send that many emails…. (yes, it’s necessary and no, people don’t read every email you send).

You can learn SO many awesome tips from watching these big launches! Study what they did, and then use that to help you sell in  YOUR business. Launches are temporary and they will be back to regularly scheduled free  valuable content soon! No need to unsubscribe!

And think about this — if you love their free content and have been getting value from it, all a launch is doing is letting you know that they have MORE to offer that might be of benefit to you. Don’t expect people to give and give and give without selling to you once in a while (they are a business, not one huge freebie!).

And think about your own business — if you give your heart to delivering free content, and then people unsubscribe and get pissed when you try to sell them something, how would that make you feel? Used? Probably lol.

Know that launches are temporary and if you love someone’s free content, support the, by opening their emails (it helps make sure more of their emails get delivered to other people who DO need what they have to offer), send them a high five for their launch, and hope that your followers will do the same when you send sales emails!


4. Don’t go into other people’s Facebook groups and ask for feedback on so-and-so program.

If you would like to talk with past students, you can either ask to have a private conversation one on one, or email the person running the program and ask them to connect you with past grads. I HATE when I see someone asking about a program in a group, and then comments coming in saying it sucks, or it’s not worth the hype, etc etc.

Think about if this was YOUR business — you would be devastated to hear people talking about you and your work like that behind your back!

Plus, you never really know what the truth is – maybe someone signed up for something that wasn’t right for them. That doesn’t mean the program is BAD. It just means it wasn’t right for them! Be respectful and don’t bash people’s programs like this. There are better ways to get the info you want and learn about whether the program will work for you.

Be kind to other business owners (even the “famous” ones who feel so far removed from you). Remember that they all started in the same place as you and are real people too!


5. Don’t be afraid to invest in your business.

Even if you do get overly excited and join a new program, and then realize you made the “wrong” investment, I can almost guarantee that you will get something out of it. I wrote a whole post about ALL the ways you can make your money back when you invest!

Maybe one small nugget of the program will stick with you and be the ONE thing you needed to learn (even if the rest of it isn’t helpful for you). That ONE thing is worth it.

Or maybe you will meet your new biz BFF in the group associated with the program (sure, joining a program JUST for the community probably isn’t the best idea, but if you do happen to meet your bff then even that is worth it).

Or maybe you will learn something about how to run a group program online – study how the course is taught, make notes on what you liked and didn’t like, and then use that to inform your own decisions when you start to build larger programs.

There is ALWAYS something to be learned and your investment, which seems HUGE now, is not that huge in the grand scheme of things. I am adamant that there is ALWAYS a way to make your investment worthwhile even if you do enroll in the “wrong” program. Don’t be afraid to invest. Businesses that invest in their learning grow faster and make more money.


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It’s easy to hate on big launches or be annoyed to get so many emails when you’re just starting your business, but remember that all these people who are launching were once where you are, and you can learn a lot from watching them and supporting them, even if you don’t buy!

And, it’s important to remember as a business owner that marketing is just telling the people who need you, that you can help them. Some people need a LOT of information to make a decision. And many people don’t read or even receive every single email. So making sure you get the message of what you’re selling in front of them, is important!

Bottom line — stay clear on what you need for your business so you don’t get FOMO (but don’t be afraid to invest if an experience is calling to you!), and respect other people’s work even if you don’t follow the same marketing strategies as they do. We are all in this together <3


xx becca

PS. Stay tuned in a few days for our pre-sale of Uncage Your Business LIVE — happening for 3 days only, this is the only way to get a discount on the next live round of the program that is happening in October!