5 ways to get your ROI when you invest in business help

If you’re anything like most new-ish business owners, investing your business is terrifying, especially if you have already invested before and your investment didn’t pay off (which absolutely SUCKS in the moment because let’s face it, that money could have bought us a LOT of other things like wine and plane tickets and rent and shit)

This happens ALL the time – business owners pay for something that they think will be the magic bullet solution to all their business problems… and when it’s not, they are left frustrated that they “wasted” money and scared to spend another dollar on their business.

But here’s the secret to investing in your business – it ALWAYS  pays off in one way or another (even if the payoff happens years down the road)


Here are a few ways that business investments pay off:

1. Direct return on investment

This is obviously one of the BEST payoffs of investing (it IS called an investment because it helps MAKE you money, right?). You pay $500 for a program that teaches you how to run Facebook ads, and with the new traffic you generate from your ad, you make $750 in sales. ROI. Done. Worth it.


2. Delayed return on investment

I see this happen a lot and it’s actually kind of cool! Business owner invests in X program. Some or most of it doesn’t feel applicable to where they are at in their business, or they have no time to implement and the program  materials basically collect dust on the virtual shelf. BUT – then! One, two, three years later – said business owner just happens to be in the exact spot they need to be to be able to apply the material. And like magic, they take the course off the shelf, and get to work. You may invest at the wrong time, but don’t discount the fact that the material may come in handy later for you in your business journey


3. Energetic shift in your business

This one is a little woo, but hear me out. When you invest, you try harder. You do the work. You stand up and declare yourself as a business owner (instead of someone who is kinda sorta experimenting with this little thing on the side). YOU take your business more seriously, and that alone, whether it reaps direct financial gains or not, is worth the price of the product or program, because it changes the entire evolution of your business, forever.


4. New friends, colleagues, business BFFs, and overall cool people

When you invest in a course or program, you make connections. Whether it’s one on one with a coach or in a group setting where you are working with other business owners, you get on people’s radar. And being on the radar is good for all kinds of reasons. You now have people who know who you are and what you do, who might send you referrals, who can help you brainstorm and mastermind, and who just in general will help you through all the ups and downs of your business. And you have a business coach who knows your work, can help  you make connections, and may even promote you. Win fucking win. You can’t do it alone and by being a part of the many groups and programs out there, you immerse yourself in a world of opportunity (cue cheesy music with a woman in a white dress floating through a field of daisies).


5. That ONE nugget

Sometimes, just one tiny piece of information, advice, or even something someone said or did in the course, makes it worth every. damn. penny. Case in point: I once invested in a $15000 year-long leadership program and dropped out before the last of four retreats. I didn’t feel I was getting a lot from the program, and wanted to spend the summer enjoying summer rather than going back. But just that one act of dropping out taught me more than anything else in the actual program about myself — and I value the lesson I learned to this day. So how could I dare say the $15k wasn’t worth it? I’d have never learned that lesson if I hadn’t signed up and gone to the program. You NEVER know what will happen in a program that will change your life and business forever, and it might not be the actual program material that delivers it. Chew on that one.


Even when I have invested with coaches or programs that, on the surface, didn’t appear to have ANY impact on my business, I still force myself to pull lessons from them. Because there is nothing than regretting a decision (in business or in life). No matter how much wine was involved, regret is just a lesson you haven’t learned yet (Best line from a song ever! Beth Orton – Sweetest Decline.)

And then of course, there are the best kind of surprises, where you invest and don’t expect too much (because we all know low expectations are the best kind of expectations), and to your surprise, it rocks and absolutely changes everything.

Here’s a story from one of my clients Jenn, who had the experience of investing and it not paying off because she wasn’t in the right place, but who took the chance to invest again and reaped the rewards.



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JENN GREEN, BabyMamaFitness.com

I had signed up for B-School a year before Uncage your Business and I was totally overwhelmed and directionless so none of it really made sense. I never actually completed the program, and I wish I had met you before I spent the $2k on it! Because of this, I was really gun shy to do yet another program promising I could move forward in my business.

After our work together, I felt crystal clear about the direction I was heading in my business. Everything moved so much faster about Uncage Your Business. I have a website with clear copy and packages, I’ve sold out ALL my programs since launching, and I have a line-up of programs that I am growing so I can slowly build a life where I work less, reach more people, and make more money. I left my joe-job AND I am making more money than I did at my job, but I am finally doing what I love!

The unique thing you did was get the messaging of my business as solid as possible. It was the piece of the puzzle that was always missing. When my messaging was specific everything else became uber specific. I think other programs assume that you already know what your business is. Most start with an ideal customer but it is more than that. So much more. And you really take time delving into this aspect. Once that piece of the business is revealed, everything falls into place so quickly. It was definitely what was missing for me, and now I can go back through the B-School material and actually use it because I’m clear now on what my business actually is and how it all fits together.

I never thought I would be able to sustain my basic needs with my business. I always thought it would be a side hustle that I really loved to do. I never believed that I could run my business full-time and make enough money to support myself and my family. I now feel like I can not only achieve my goals and dreams but that by achieving those goals, I can afford to let my husband pursue his dreams. And that we will have the time to live our lives the way we have always dreamed.


What I LOVE about this story is that Jenn is just one of many clients that tell me the same thing – that they invested in something that could have been great, but it wasn’t a fit for where they were at in their business, but after working together, they are in a position to now go back and re-use that other program – talk about a DOUBLE return on investment!


DIANA MALERBA, TheBraveHearted.ch

Before choosing Uncage Your Business – that is, when I didn’t have a business yet – I was unsure if this was the right program for me. I wasn’t sure if it was worth the money, if being coached in a group setting would have been enough in terms of one-to-one attention. I had doubts.

Today, not only do I have a business that is growing fast, but I am also in love with it. I talk about it with confidence and joy and clients come to me just because they find cool what I do. This is the difference that UYB did for me.

Let’s be serious here: without you Rebecca, I wouldn’t have a business. After the first time going through the course material I was like: OMG, that’s the shit! I started seeing things happening in my business at such a speed that I would never have thought possible. In just this month alone, I created a completely new website, my message became crystal clear, I outlined all my programs, blog posts, and opt-ins, and I got my first 3 clients for my new programs during the course and I got the full investment back! Plus, I got about 100 subscribers to my new newsletter, my $650 signature Coaching Program sold without having to sell it, and people started writing me to tell me that they love my website. And this is all because of Uncage Your Business.

Working with you gave me the incredible opportunity of making it all happen. Of creating something beautiful that didn’t exist before, of putting myself out there – I even started recording videos – of talking about what matters to me, making me able to be found and help people. You gave me all the cards I needed to make it, plus you helped me to take the step that changes fear in courage. I’ll always be grateful for everything you made possible in my life.

Diana is a prefect example of someone who invested but was hesitant, and maybe not quite convinced yet that her investment was going to pay off. And in the end, she did get a direct return on investment because of the clients she pulled in during the course of the month, but her true ROI was the incredible feeling of actually being in business, and that confidence carried her from a place of not really doing much to taking action and feeling legit, which forever shifts how she shows up in her business. THAT is invaluable.

I’ve had all of the above experiences in my own business, and funny enough, as I was writing this post, the opportunity arose to spend 2 VIP retreat days alone with a business strategist to help me plan for my 2016. I would have felt like a hypocrite to NOT make the investment, so I forked over the $7500 and booked myself in. And for all the reasons above, I know it will pay off.

If your heart and business are calling you to invest, do yourself a favor and DO IT – for all the reasons above. It will pay off.

xx becca

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