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How I found my niche after trying to do all of the things in my business

HUGE EMBARRASSING MOMENT TIME! I have been looking through all my old emails and files from RIGHT before I started Uncaged (about 6 months before I launched). I was digging through all this because my students in Uncage Your Business…

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How to build a new business in three months

If you’re new-ish to business and feeling like there’s so much to do, but you can’t seem to get a grasp on where you should be focusing and what your priorities are, this is for you! In this FB live…

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The top 3 myths about niching your business

“You need a niche” says every business strategist ever, right? But do you REALLY know what a niche is? Most business owners go about niching all wrong and make it WAY too hard on themselves (and end up very resistant…

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3 things you need to get clients when you’re a new business owner

Every time I run Uncage Your Business, I have folks who come to me feeling frustrated that they have put so much time and effort into their business, but nothing is paying off. And when I look at what they…

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How to create the perfect opt-in/freebie

Opt-in, freebie, lead magnet – whatever you wanna call it, you need one! You need to be building your email list, and giving away something for free is the best way to do it! But what?? Welllll… if you’ve done…

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How to stand out in a crowded industry

If you’re trying to get started with an online business (as a coach, designer, healer, etc), you might have noticed that there about a billion other people out there doing what you do. So how the eff do you get…

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How To Price Your Services

Pricing your services – it’s not easy amiright??  If you’re new to business, deciding on your prices can feel SO stressful! Charge too high and you won’t feel confident you can deliver… but charge too low and will people really…

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How to find clients who will pay for your services

Tired of working for free, or having people tell you your service is needed, but then they don’t buy? NO MORE OF THAT! Come learn how to get clients to start coming to YOU, and buying your stuff!I did a…

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5 Things You Are Wasting Time With In Your Business

If you’re new to business and you want clients right away, there are a lot of things that the experts are telling you to do that are a waste of your time right now! I did a Facebook Live training…

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Why I charge my clients in USD even though I’m Canadian

Ok so – I have had a lot of people asking me lately about charging in USD. Why I do it, whether THEY should do it, and any weird banking stuff they need to know about to make it work.…

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