Should you list your prices on your website?

One of the most common questions I get when it comes to pricing as a new business owner, is whether you should list your prices on your website.

Or is it better to get people on a call, show them the value, and then talk about money?

What about having them fill out an application form first?

There are MANY differing opinions about whether you should list your prices on your website. Personally, I think my opinion is the right one lol

The answer is YES. You should list your prices.

The end.

Lol kidding, kind of.

But it really is that simple.

Here is why I firmly believe in listing prices:


  1. It builds trust: Listing your prices on your website lets potential clients know what to expect, and can help establish trust with your people. When clients have a clear understanding of what it will cost to work with you, they can make informed decisions about whether your services are right for them. They will also be more likely to book a consult call knowing what the price is. If prices aren’t listed people usually expect a lot of hard selling on a call, and that just feels yucky.
  2. It helps you get the right clients (ie. ones who can pay you): By clearly displaying your prices, you are attracting clients who are serious about working with a coach and who value the services you offer. This helps you attract clients who are a good fit for your business and will be more likely to work with you in the long term. You can feel good getting on that consult call with them knowing that they are aware of your pricing and booked the call anyway!
  3. It’s way more efficient: When clients can easily find your prices, it reduces the amount of time you need to spend answering questions about fees and packages. This also helps make your consult calls flow more smoothly because the price is already on the table. It helps you avoid that awkward moment where you need to tell them what it costs (and then you wait in silence praying it’s not too much for them!). You can spend most of your consult call determining whether it’s the right fit and not have people booking calls JUST to find out the price.
  4. People assume it’s too expensive if you don’t list the price: I have done a lot of market research around this and across the board people generally say that if they don’t see a price listed, they assume it’s too expensive. But in MOST cases, the actual price was LOWER than what the person expected. But the only way they found that out was by taking the chance to book a call or filling in the contact form. However, most people I talked to said that unless they were prepared to pay a premium price for that thing, they wouldn’t even bother to book a call or ask about the price, and would just click away, assuming it was too much for them.


But isn’t it better to get people on a call and show them the value before talking about the price?

No. It is not. And whoever is teaching that approach needs to cut that shit out.

Your clients are adult humans who can make decisions for themselves. They don’t need to be convinced or “sold to” on a “discovery call” in order to understand the value of what you are offering.

Yes, they might have questions and yes you will definitely be able to talk with them about the specifics of how your service will benefit their unique situation… but you shouldn’t need to do all that before telling them the price.

Honest truth – if someone insists on getting on a call with me before telling me the price, I am not interested in working with them. This has happened to me before. I was pretty much ready to sign up, and I emailed asking how much it was. They wanted to hop on a call. I said no thank you — can you please just tell me the price. I was already in, the price was fairly irrelevant to me. They still insisted we get on a call. I let them know that if they told me the price, we could hop on a call if they had questions for me to help them make sure it was the right fit. They refused. So I took my business elsewhere.

People know what you are doing. No one wants to get on a call just expecting a sales pitch.

Treat your clients like the adults they are and give them the information they need to decide whether they want to take the next step.

This is why having a great sales page for your program is super important. This is something we teach you in Uncage Your Business (our student Sales Pages are KILLER after they implement what we teach!).

Your page will do the selling for you and can literally replace a consult call in 90% of cases! Give them all the info they need about what you will do together, how it will help them, what’s included, and what results they can expect to leave with…. And then tell them the damn price.


Is there any time when you should not list your prices?

If you are selling a service that is intentionally meant to feel like a luxury, premium experience, and are looking for clients who are willing and expecting to pay a high-ticket price for the experience, you might consider not listing. And by that, I mean like $10000+. Maybe more.

EVEN THEN, as someone who has purchased higher priced services before, I still always appreciate seeing the price listed so I can sit on it, mull it over, and see how it all feels, knowing that I have all the information.

Of course, what you do in your business is your decision.

So then I ask you this — how do YOU feel when you are looking at a service and you don’t see the price? Use that to guide your decision on whether you will list prices on your website or not.

xx becca

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