Not tech-savvy? Market your business like this instead.

According to the internet, every new coach needs the following to get clients:

✅ An epic website

✅ A lead magnet (and no, a pdf won’t cut it, needs to be a 3-part video series these days)

✅ An email marketing system using segments and tags

✅ A Facebook ads campaign

✅ A glamorous sales page, preferably with pro photos

✅ An automated funnel to nurture your leads

✅ To be making daily Reels, obviously

✅ And, of course, an online learning platform for your new course (before you’ve even had a single paying 1:1 client)

The amount of tech that the internet makes you THINK you need makes even my head spin!


Here’s a fun fact for you:


I was making 6-figures with my Uncage Your Business program before I even had a course platform. Everything was delivered in Dropbox, using my email marketing system (which was Mailchimp at the time!)

Contrary to a lot of the advice out there about building a business, you DO NOT need a whole bunch of fancy funnels, email providers, CRMs, or course platforms or complicated tech to bring in clients.

In fact, in Uncage Your Business, we teach our students that you too can sell with just a Google Doc and PayPal link.

No fancy tech required. Not even a sales page or a website!

This is exactly what our student Megan Caper did too.

Megan is an intuitive coach and healer and she wanted to sell her 4-week program, “Unconventional Tools for Healing” for the introductory price of $300 so she could test it out (we call this “beta testing”) before going more pro with it.

Here’s what she says about how she chose to sell it:

“Using a Google Doc made sense for this situation because I knew that the sales page would change after I tested the first round of the program, and I didn’t want to commit to making a whole webpage. Since it was a beta test, I only pitched it to current clients so I knew that they already knew and liked my work and didn’t need the other pages on my site (about, home, testimonials, etc.) to feel like I was a good fit. Also, I know that my people will buy from me primarily because they like what I’m offering and can sense its value and will help them with their current problems. Clear, ethically written sales copy is a much better sales tool for that than flashy, perfect branding or a beautiful website.”

The results?

Megan made eight sales, resulting in $2400 income + lots of wonderful testimonials + no time or money wasted on a bunch of fancy tech.

How did Megan achieve this?

By having her business foundations in place — i.e. a clear message, niche, offer, and simple marketing plan… and then putting it out there BEFORE it was perfect.

You can get clients WAY easier than doing all the tech-savvy marketing things every guru tells you to do. Funnels, webinars, ads, etc. will NOT help your business if you don’t have foundations.

You don’t need to invest in every tech platform and software – you don’t need leadpages, or scheduling tools etc. yet – you need paying clients FIRST (then you can just hire the tech help you’ll eventually need).

Here is the minimum tech that you need to get started with getting paying clients:

  • Google doc of your offer (or not – we have also had students sell spots from a simple Facebook or Instagram post or an email)
  • Way to take money – PayPal is easiest
  • Way to connect with your clients – Zoom

You don’t NEED anything else!

Of course, eventually you will want a few more things:

  • A simple website (we recommend Squarespace for its ease of use)
  • An email marketing system (ConvertKit, Mailchimp, Flodesk – all are fine. Just pick one and move on. You can always change later)
  • A scheduling system so clients can book sessions without back and forth emails (Calendly, Acuity – just pick one)

But getting bogged down trying to set up a bunch of tech that you don’t need yet is just stalling you from what you should really be focusing on – which is getting paying clients. Which you do NOT need any tech to do!

And if you are in the stage of obsessing and deliberating and asking in every free Facebook group about what systems you should use — seriously just pick one, ANY one, and move on.


It literally doesn’t matter.


You will get your business moving MUCH faster if you just choose one now and move on with marketing, even if you have to change it later when you need different features, than you will if you spend another week or month agonizing over the decision.

Don’t let the tech stuff hold you back from doing the actual things that will move the needle in your business.

Be like Megan — get your clear offer in a Google doc, tell everyone you know, and get those paying clients, so you can make money to just hire someone to set up all the tech shit for you!

Want help taking fast action in your business so you can stop stressing over the tech and start getting paying clients? This is exactly what we help you do in Uncage Your Business — head over to to check it out! You are always welcome to DM me over on Instagram if you want me to check out your business and give you feedback on whether I think the program would be able to help you! @theuncagedlife