What Do You REALLY Want To Know About B-School – You asked, I answered.

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If you didn’t know (though I don’t know how you could have missed it, as there is more hype about it than ever this year!), B-School has started it’s promotions and the cart is opening for the program on Feb 18.


And like many smart business owners, you may be at that point where you want to invest in your business to take you to that next level (whether next level is getting your first paying client or creating the program that’s going to finally take you to 6 figures).


I get a LOT of questions about B-School and figured you can benefit from everyone else’s questions and my unbiased answers.

But first – am I really unbiased. I mean, I AM an affiliate for B-School, which means that if you sign up through my link, I get paid a commission. To make this feel a little better, I’m giving away FREE Message Therapy Sessions when you sign up through my link. I have seen too many clients go through the program and not be clear enough on the core of their business, and I want to make sure that if you’re investing, you’re super clear before you dive in.

So, am I unbiased? Yes. I’m not into making a quick buck just because I can. I know how shitty it is to be starting a business and have no money to invest, but you know you need to spend money to make money, and every dollar counts. I would never, ever want someone to spend $2k if they weren’t ready for the material yet. Or vice versa, if you’re way beyond the material.

So yes, I am as unbiased as they come. It would look bad on me if I blatantly recommended B-School to every single person ever, and the last thing I want to do is ruin my rep as an authentic business owner just to fill my pockets.

Here are some of the questions I got about B-School, with my personal opinions on the topic:

Did I read some where that you are affiliated with b-school? My question is – will your opinion be unbiased?

See above. And it’s still my opinion, so it will be biased, but not because I’m an affiliate.

At what point would someone be ready for B-school?

If you have a business or know what business you want to have, you’re ready. If you know you WANT a business but you have zero idea what that business is, or you have no idea what your niche is, I’d say skip it this round and work with someone to help you get more clear on what you want to do. This audio class (password = uncageme) that I give to my Uncage Your Business students will help you get started.

If you’re kinda sorta doing your business, but you’re also working full-time, have kids, and are generally super busy and your business is not your main focus right now, you likely aren’t in a place where you’re ready to implement the material. B-School is super action-oriented (as in, in Module 2 you’re building and revamping your website), and if you have zero time to implement, this might just be another resource that collects virtual dust.

But all of that being said, the content is available forever, so you can always buy now and dig in when you’re ready.
How much would it help someone already in business (but wants to take it to the next level)?

This depends on what “next level” means to you. Do you understand how your website converts and have it optimized to do so? Do you consistently put effort into list building and expanding your reach? Do you have packages and programs that can be leveraged and that SELL? Do you understand the different elements of marketing and how to get clients and customers to say yes?

If no, then for sure, B-School will help you.

If yes, then you probably don’t need B-School, and I’d say that some one-on-one strategy work with a high level business coach might be a better fit. Or maybe you need sales help? Or maybe your packages just aren’t right, and you need to revamp and start fresh? Only you know what you need, and B-School isn’t the magic cure for every single business.

That being said – the community is HUGE, and a lot of people say that it’s worth the value alone because of the new client prospects, the connections, the networking, the collaborations, not to mention getting your business and name out there in front of tens of thousands of people.

Is it overwhelming?

Yep, it sure can be. If you’re not super clear on your business (ie. you’re a coach but you don’t really know what kind of coaching you want to do or what makes you different) it can be VERY hard to implement. B-School requires you to own your expertise and take action in self-promotion right from the get-go. If you’re not clear and confident, it’s virtually impossible to do that.

Many people don’t actually follow the B-School schedule either. It’s laid out in an 8 week program, but many people take months or even years to complete it. It all depends on how much time you have to dedicate to it, how fast of an implementer you are, and how clear you are in your business.

Like everything, it is as overwhelming as you let it be. I personally gave myself a few months to slowly work through all the material. I was living in a van, on a 7 month roadtrip when I did it!

Is it really the go-to solution for all things business that it seems to be or is it just totally overhyped? 

For some people, it is. For others, it’s definitely not. It’s a great getting started online marketing program, that covers all your bases and gives you really solid places to start with your content, your marketing, your website, your conversions, and your communications.

But it’s not the be-all, end-all of business. After doing B-School, I hired a one-on-one business coach, I enrolled in a sales program to learn more about selling, I hired a PR expert to help me expand my reach, I bought a DIY branding and copywriting course to refine my skills, I enrolled in a group coaching program for accountability and clarity, and probably a few other courses and coaches I can’t even remember. B-School is not the be-all end-all solution to all  your business problems.

Either way, B-School is a fantastic start with modules that are super fun and easy to follow and understand, and well presented – a big problem other with a lot of online marketing programs. Marie makes it easy to grasp and super actionable – no fancy tech skills or prior knowledge needed!

Is the community really worth it, regardless of what business we’re in?

As you know if you’re a part of my Uncaged community, having people around who get it is invaluable in your business. B-School’s community is like that on steroids. It has over 10000+ people and counting and is a great place to network.

The community is moving off Facebook and onto Ning this year, so I can’t speak to what it will be like this year.

I have met some of my best online friends (not as weird as it sounds) in B-School. Many of my clients find me through the community. I have gotten interview and other PR opportunities by being known in the group.

So for me, yes, the community alone is worth it, especially if you make yourself seen there. You have a huge network people to ask for referrals and to help you grow your business – that’s pretty sick if you’ve been going it alone thus far.

Is it REALLY worth $2,000. Or can I get most of these resources elsewhere if I hustle my butt off?

You sure can get the info elsewhere. Nothing in it is a secret if you’ve been in the online marketing world for a while.  The thing about B-School and one of the reasons it has so many adoring fans, is that Marie makes it super accessible and easy to follow. It’s well laid out, it looks pretty, it’s offered in a way that makes sense and takes you through step by step, and it’s super actionable.

You could definitely source out this info on your own if you knew where to look, but that’s the problem, isn’t it? It’s hard to know where to look.

If I have 2 different ideas, will it help provide clarity on which is better?

Maybe. There is a pre-module that is called “Start The Right Business” that helps you get clear on which business is for you. It walks you through practical things to think about when starting a business – will it sustain your energy? Is there a market for it? Etc. If you have been waffling for ages, it’s unlikely to help you choose.

Part of the reason I am offering free Message Sessions when you sign up is so that I can help you get clear before you jump in. Many of my clients have a billion ideas that are all kind of related, and we tame them all down into what makes the most sense for THEM (and sometimes that means combining ideas, sometimes it means cutting one out). If you have a few ideas, we could certainly dive into that in our session to make sure you know exactly what you’re building before you start.

She certainly won’t continue to run this program forever. So, if the next round is going to be the last round, would you say it’s still worth the 2k, considering how long it can take to implement everything? 

Yes. The content will stay around forever and you get lifetime access, so even if the course stops running the material will still be available to you. That’s not an official statement, but I’d assume that she’d at least give you lots of warning and time to download everything before she shut ‘er down for good.

Would you have paid more than 2k for the program, considering that she’s constantly upgrading it and adding some new stuff in there?  

This is a really hard question to answer, so I’m going to give a really vague response – It’s all personal.

I once paid over $14k for a leadership program that I dropped out of, $6k for a degree I don’t use, and $5k for another program, that I never pursued. I don’t regret any of them.

If you are going to sign up, be really clear on why you are doing it, and then commit to making it worth it. Only you get to decide your experience.

When I did B-School, I already knew a LOT of the material. That didn’t mean I was implementing it, so I decided to use it as a structure to re-commit to taking action and to implement some of the things I knew I should be doing, but wasn’t. I also decided to drive value from the community instead, and that alone make it worth my moula’

You get to decide what you get out of it.

If you decide you want to do B-School AND you want to work together to make sure you’re crystal-effin’-clear before you start through a FREE Message Session with me, USE THIS LINK TO BUY.

By using that exact link, it will make sure that your purchase gets linked to my account, so that I can offer you your free session. If you click any other link, you won’t be tracked correctly and may not be eligible for the bonus. If you decide not to buy right away, just be sure to bookmark this page and come back to it when you’re ready. Once you buy, just send me your confirmation email and we will get you scheduled in for your Message Session!

You can read more about my bonus here.

xo becca

What other questions do you have about B-School? Post them in the comments below!



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  1. TeriSmart

    Hi Rebecca, I just want to add one little thing: I started BSchool knowing I wanted a business but had no idea what. I was confident in knowing that the “start the right business” guide would help me, which it did a little but I also put my trust in the 30 day money back guarantee. Ultimately though, had I wanted to get my money back I wouldn’t have been able to because in order to use that guarantee you have to do all the homework… Not having my business idea yet, there’s no way I could have done the homework. I am really happy with bschool and even though I didn’t have my idea in the beginning I am glad to have lifetime access to it! For me the struggle was a set back but now I have the course at my fingertips no matter where I am at in my business. I do wish I’d known someone that could have helped me become clear on my ideas before starting.

  2. Great post Becca thanks. I’m away for half of the course travelling. Do you think that’s going to lessen the value I get out of it? Is it like your amazing ‘uncage your biz’ where there is huge momentum over the duration of the course. I want to learn all the B-School things but also need to travel in Nepal during April! Thanks for any extra words of wisdom xx

  3. Hey Melissa!

    I don’t know a SINGLE person who did B-School during the allotted 8 week time frame. It simply takes longer than that to implement. The only reason to do it live would e to access the free calls. But there are thousands of people trying to get on those calls, so even then there is no guarantee if you will get to ask a question.

    So my answer is that nope – it doesn’t matter if you won’t be there live. You have access to the material forever, so you can (and should) work at your own pace.