What The Fuck Should I Do With My Life. Part 2.

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Ahhh, the epic mystery that everyone wants to solve. Attempted to be answered in a few blog posts.

Last time we talked (or more like, I ranted), about how we can’t take “Do what you love” type of advice so literally. It’s more about creating a lifestyle for yourself that lets you have the time to do all the random things you love.


That doesn’t mean that your work has to be soul-sucking, life-draining menial bullshit. You CAN still do little bits and pieces of what you love, if you can figure out WHY you love them.

By figuring out what it is that you love about all the things you love, you can cut and paste your strengths and passions together into a nice little all-encompassing package (and if that package looks something like running your own business, click here for a free training that will help you figure out what business to start). And then you can giftwrap it with a neat little bow and send it to your boss, with a note attached that says “I quit”.


Figure out WHY you love what you love, and then use that to fuel your career path.


So you have a passion for LOLcats, yeah? If what you love is that they are hilarious, then you have a quirky sense of humor – so do work that lets you bring THAT to it.

If you love dancing, what is it about dancing? Maybe it’s that it gives you the freedom to move your body. So plan to do work that lets you move around (instead of be chained to a desk for 8 hours a day).

Perhaps you love nutrition and health. There’s a chance that what you really love about it is that eating is a way that gives people a choice about how they want to live, and that’s where your passions are – in empowering people to choose their lives.


What we’re going for here is a combination of Lifestyle (see Part 1), Strengths + Passions (continue reading), and ??? (Like I’m gonna give it all away in one fell swoop. Stay tuned next week for the last piece of the puzzle).


Strengths + Passions = the backbone of figuring out what the fuck to do with your life.


Ok, so I know I said what you love doesn’t matter in the way you think it does. But it DOES still matter.

A few questions to help you gain mo’ clarity about what you love. Because some people don’t even KNOW what they love. Isn’t that sad? No shame there – I was one of ’em. Get out your lil’ moleskin (you do have a lil’ journal to keep track of all your random moments of brilliance, don’t you?) and answer these questions NOW.


What are you dying to know about everyone you meet?

What’s one lesson you’ve already learned — through lived experience, research, travel, training, or some combination thereof — that would conceivably be worth $1,000 — in saved time, money, energy & misery — to somebody else?*

What’s your guilty pleasure? 

What do you love to do in your spare time that really makes you feel alive?

What would someone reasonably pay you $100/hour to do or talk about?

What comes easily to you?

What strengths are people often complimenting you on?


All done? High fives.

Now go through and pick apart WHY you like what you like. Go deep and break it down til you get to the core, the big W.huzzah.Y behind all of it.

That’s what you will help you figure out what the fuck to do with your life.

Whatever you do, from now on, make sure that it’s shit you actually get energy from. Life’s too short to have  the soul sucked out of you by something that you have the power to change, something like your job.

Til next time my little crusader. Muah.


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PS. If you KNOW you want to have your own business, but you aren’t sure WHAT business to start, I have a free training that will help you get clear on the perfect business that fits your passions, lifestyle, and strengths. Click here to get it!

*This brilliant question courtesy of Alex Franzen.




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  1. Ash

    Hahaha i literally typed this into google and ended up here. I like it. :P

  2. Rebecca

    Hahaha, well at least I know my SEO plugin is doing its job :) Nice to have you here!

  3. Pete

    This is an awesome blog becca, I did the same as ash – so tired of dull work!

  4. Rebecca

    Sweet! So no more dull work for you then? What’s next? :)

  5. Lio

    did the exact same thing everyone else did – awesome read :)

  6. Rebecca

    Haha awesome Lio! Im curious what you thought? What did you get out of reading this little series?

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  8. 115Stephanie

    Same here, and I don’t have a job yet, but this advice from life to work to just asking yourself where to start, thank you becca :)

  9. bheadred

    I, too, literally typed in “what the f should i do with my life.”  looking forward to seeing more, as I am mired in the quest to find a job I actually LOVE or at least LIKE for the next 25 years of my life… Thanks so much for this!!

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