What currency do you deal in?

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If you’re one of those people that uses money as an excuse as to why you don’t have what you want, listen up – I may be about to blow your mind.

Money is ONE form of currency, but it’s not the only one.











And that’s just to name a few of the top contenders.


The reality is that your core values are your primary forms of currency


Me? Freedom + Adventure rule my world. If I don’t have ’em in my life, I get seriously depressed. I often trade in my time, money, and resources just to get more freedom + adventure.

But not everyone works this way. Often, money gets seen as the only form of currency.

Check in with yourself here – Do you believe MONEY is the most important currency, and that the others are luxuries? Things you can focus on only once the money part is handled?

Do you use the excuse “I can’t afford it” over and over again, even when what you really want is more important to you than money?

That thinking is all wrong, and here’s why.


Using money as your main currency comes at a cost.


Yes, living is expensive. There’s rent, and food, and cars, and kids, and school, and courses, and all the little shit that you don’t think about that adds up, like memberships, and lightbulbs, and shampoo, and tampons.

But not living is equally as (/more?)  expensive.

What’s it costing you to NOT be living the life you want?

How’s your health? Your energy level? Your stress?

Do you have the relationships you crave? The fun you know you deserve? The time to do the things you really want to be doing?

I KNOW you have money issues – don’t we all? There’s so much fear wrapped up in our money stories, that I’m sure you could be here all day telling me all the reasons why money HAS to be your priority.

And I don’t buy it. 


When you let yourself be held back by money, you sacrifice getting all the other things you want in your life.


I actually believe that money CAN buy you happiness.


It can buy you that sweet pair of jeans that makes your ass look so good, your confidence skyrockets the second you squeeze your fine little booty into them.

It can buy you the vacation you’ve so desperately been needing, to clear your head after the man of your dreams crushed your heart into a million little pieces.

It can buy you the business training to make your dream of working from a campervan a reality, so you don’t spend another day crying because it all feels so hard.

It can buy you the yoga classes, the massage sessions, the reiki healing, and the coaching that will fuel you with energy, and give you much needed space and time to finally chill the fuck out and get your priorities in order.


So I ask you again – what is it costing you in your life to keep putting off your dreams?


Because I guarantee what it’s costing is way, way more important to you than the money.

And this much I know – the return on investment in choosing another form of currency to run your life will come back to you tenfold, in more ways than just cash.


What is it currently costing you to continue to use money as an excuse? Tell us in the comments!

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  1. LaShanta

    Choices – I feel that is what I equate to my well-being and wealth.

  2. I love this blog post! It is such a true and unique statement about the currency in our life and such a great way to frame this larger conversation. Money is not the only currency we have. I find health to be the currency that money can’t buy! Health is the foundational currency in our lives because without it enjoying the other currencies becomes much tougher. Love, love, love this message.

  3. Thanks Angela! Health is definitely a top “currency”… it’s a shame most people don’t see it as such! And money CAN buy health, so it’s all about making health a priority and knowing that the money spent is “worth it”

  4. Choices… it’s all about choices. And being conscious of what you are choosing.

  5. Trinirosy

    Many many thanks to you for articulating this so clearly and profoundly. without a doubt you have some much needed light on this food for thought.
    I actually had a somewhat related trail of thought recently specifically about women and what they really ‘purchase’ in exchange for the money they spend or give. A couple simple examples are when a women buys a designer bag or designer shoes, more often than not she’s exchanging cash for acceptance by her peers or by ‘everyone else’, or when a working mom buys her child an expensive gadget to add to the countless other expensive things her child already owns, she’s exchanging cash for love and forgiveness from her child to subside the guilt she feels for not more available for her child. I truly do believe that women unconsciously barter for what’s emotionally lacking in their lives with money.