The TWO Things You Need To Make Your Dreams Come True

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There are only TWO things you need to make your dreams come true.

Count ’em –



Are you doing them? Watch and find out!

(Also, I mention Nikki Jumper in this video. Check out her work here! She’s totally the greatest little thing ever.)


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  1. felsgotswag

    totally love that you made a vid about this, because I’ve been thinking the exact thing lately. and whenever I get that ‘ohhh, fuck’ feeling, I take a step back. Go for a walk. Call a friend. (The things I think I ‘shouldn’t’ be doing as I you know, manifest a new reality), and I’m just brought right back to my ‘why’ and my intentions, and I start feeling excited again–what it could be, the lives I can change, the adventure I can inspire. And plus, this is Plan A, baby. No alternatives. If it doesn’t work, it’s me strip pole dancing my way across the country and hanging on friends’ couches. 

    btw–I’m a new friend and love your site! Especially the colors. 

    hope that helps! :D xx Fel

  2. Tracy Mc

    Great video Becca.   I am taking the leap of faith to go forward with a belief that I can do it and I am taking action every day.  This is such a great reminder and inspiration to just keep going with faith that my intention to serve and help others will carry me.  I love the reminder too about letting go of how it will happen.  My new mantra is to let the universe surprise and delight me with the way things unfold.  Thanks!

  3. Tracy Mc Love that mantra. It often turns out better than you could have planned it!

  4. felsgotswag haha love it – when there is no backup plan, you find a way.

    I always think – people WAY dumber than me have made it work.. surely I can do it too! ;)

    Thanks for the kind words felsgotswag xo

  5. Kristian StephanMartin

    Shit yeah! Good vid Becca.

  6. DeborahHealeySawicki

    I am just keeping the faith one day at a time.  It seems like a hige scary mountain but I have to remeber one step at a time.  I have starteda  blog which is a good thing and signed up on twitter and Pintrest.  The biggest thing from moving my at home business to online has been being overwhelmed wiht technology and getting it all set up.