The Key To Success (However You Choose To Define It)

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I’m always listening for what’s really being said when my clients speak. The words behind the words. The fears. The doubts. The true perspectives that my clients hold.

One of my amazing clients was talking last week talk about how she got a temporary job that would run her through to April – so that she’ll be ok to pay for coaching til then – but then after that she might have to stop because her job will stop.

Hold up a minute (I said).

You have FOUR months to work on generating income from your business, and you’re already deciding that in April you won’t have any income. Are you kidding me?

I tend to take these things seriously. When my clients say they want something I coach them as if their life depends on it (because it kind of does).

What this girl wasn’t seeing, was how she is setting herself up for failure. Having a defeatist attitude is one way to be sure to get what you want – if what you want to get is nothing.

I’m not harping on her here – she is strong, capable, smart, and I KNOW that she will achieve her big dream business.

But I don’t tolerate self-sabotage. I’m mean like that :)

And it’s not just her. I work with a lot of people who have big dreams, and who feel restless when they don’t feel like it’s working right out of the gates.

It’s striking to me how easily we discount the power of TIME.


We tend to underestimate how far we can get in a few months if we implement consistent action.


Imagine doing just ONE thing a day for 4 whole months. That’s like a to-do list of over 120 things! You couldn’t NOT get somewhere with that kind of dedication.

Now imagine doing 3 things a day.  That’s a 360 item to-do list! (Though it’s way, WAY more manageable if you break it down into 3 things a day. Please, dear god, do not go and write a 360 item to-do list and then come screaming at me that you feel overwhelmed! Go easy on yourself).

Imagine how much closer you could be to your dream with a whole YEAR of consistent action.

A lot. Like, a lot lot.

“Success” is not about how smart you are or how talented you are or how badly you want it. It doesn’t matter if you sit and pray for it everyday, or if you take all the courses in the world, or if you research and plan and dream for a lifetime.

All that matters is that you implement. Take action.


And then CONTINUE.


This is the only way. Because when you stop, your dream stops.

xx becca


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  1. Love this. I know that I definitely tend to do this. I get overwhelmed and try to do too much at once as well. Doing tiny actions each day can add up to a ton of action even in a month. Recently, I’ve been setting one main task and two smaller tasks to do per day and I’m getting a lot more done than I would normally.