Stop Messing Around And SPEND The Money

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It’s the holidays. Which means you’ve likely been spending more money than usual on gifts that people don’t really need. So a post about spending more money is probably the last thing you want to read right now.

But hear me out. This night just convince you to trade in all your prezzies for cash and buy yourself something that would actually make your life better ;)

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about spending money on my business (in particular, how much money I have spent so far, and what I plan to spend in 2013)

And I’m guessing it’s about time for you to spend some money on your business.

I know, I get it. You’re just getting started, and money is tight. You’ve got billz to pay, and you started this new business to make more money, not spend more.

So did I. So does everyone. But it shouldn’t stop you from investing in your biz.

I work with a lot of people who are hesitant to spend money on their businesses. They want the cheapest website possible. They don’t want to pay to learn to market themselves. They won’t hire out, and they won’t take the risk.

And I’m here to tell you straight up – spend the money.


Do what you need to do to get to where you want to be.


I’ve spent thousands of dollars (more on that in a sec) on different programs, designers, and coaches to help with my business, and I’m still willing to pay more. Because I’ve witnessed the results of investing.

Instead of being hesitant to show my website to people, I proudly pimp it out everywhere I go now, thanks so my flashy new design ($1200).

I’m a better coach because of the excellent training I did ($5000)

Instead of getting all my clients by asking friends if I can coach them, my clients come to me, thanks to several awesome marketing courses I’ve taken ($2300).

And ultimately, I have more confidence in my business because of hours of coaching to help work through crap ($1700)


I also make more money.


But it’s more than just about the money. It’s about operating your business as a professional. If you were the BEST at what you do, how would your website look? How would you market yourself? How would you conduct your transactions with clients? What kind of training would you make sure you have?

This is not to say that you can’t get started right now, without spending a dime. Start getting really good at what you do. Practice. Learn. Read. Grow.


But when it comes time to get serious about it, get serious about it.


No one can do it alone, and you’re no exception. It take an incredible amount of time, dedication, tenacity, and strength to keep going. Make it as easy as possible on yourself.

Hire a designer.

Hire a coach.

Take a marketing course.

Pay for the convenience of having people on your team.


I wrote last time about assumptions, and how (especially in the online world) we make all kinds them about how well people are doing in business, how much they make, what they must spend, how much work they must do, yadda yadda yadda.

I sometimes have friends who knew me before I started Uncaged that say to me “You’re so lucky! Look how well you’ve  done! I wish I could get there, but I’m struggling, it’s really hard….” But you know what? They’re not really serious about it. How can I tell? They’re not willing to invest.


 It ain’t luck, people. It’s hard work, the willingness to invest, and lots of risk that have gotten me to this point.


Now I feel strongly that I need to clarify a little bit here. Not being ready, not being serious – these aren’t bad things. It takes a while to get to the place where you’re confident in your business ideas; a place where you KNOW what it is you want to do, and you have some time actually DOING it under your belt. Investing before you’re fully ready to jump in is a serious waste of money, because there is no doubt that your business will change once you start actually doing it, and you want to be really sure before you start spending money all willy nilly.

I actually highly recommend that you don’t spend a cent til you’re clear on what, exactly your business IS, what your greater purpose or mission is, and have worked through a lot of the initial fears and doubts – because your biz success will hinge on you on doing the prep work – emotionally, physically, energetically.   If you’re in this boat, the just getting started boat, the ONLY thing I recommend you spend money on is working with a coach to figure out your shizzle.

So without further ado, here’s a comprehensive list of everything I’ve spent money on to help grow my business this year (in no particular order, and not including my coaching training, which I took over a year ago)


Uncaged Business Expenses

1. Headway WordPress Premium Theme  $70

2. Website hosting at Bluehost $75

3. Website Design $1200

4. Marie Forleo’s BSchool $2000

5. Clients + Cash marketing course $197

6. Products + Cash marketing course $97

7. Coaching $1700

8. Copywriting $1000

9. Advertising $70

10. Natalie Sisson’s Online business course $37

TOTAL = $6446

I’m sure there are other small expenses in there that I’ve forgotten about, but you get the jist – I’ve invested.

Why have I spent SO much money? Because I believe in what I do, I want to be the best at what I do, and I want to make money doing it. I’m still learning, and there will always be places to improve.

Could I have gotten to where I am without spending this money? Maybe. Eventually.

Did investing in my business speed up the process? Absolutely.


What did my money really buy me?

  • The convenience of not having to learn a skill that I have no interest in learning.
  • Support, accountability, motivation, and sometimes, asskicking
  • A network of awesome, likeminded people
  • Time. A whole hell of a lot of time.

Am I saying that you should get a second job, take out a business loan, or rob a bank to be able to grow your business? It all depends on you, and how much you want it.


What are you willing to do to create the job of your dreams?


Might be time to invest in yourself this Christmas  :)

xx becca


Where have you been hesitant to spend in your business? Tell in the comments below!



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  1. Jen

    I LOVE this post! I couldn’t agree more. You have to take your dream seriously in order to manifest it. And that means taking action by getting support. I love how you openly shared the exact of money you’ve spent on your business. It’s inspiring and gives others permission to invest in themselves and their big dreams. Thank you :)

  2. You go girl!! Anything fabulous and amazing is never created quickly or cheaply and the fact that you have invested in yourself and your business really shows. Pro-fessh
    as Marie Forleo says :)

  3. Btw, you asked how we have spent money on businesses… my best investment this year other than B-School was Erika Lyremark’s Daily Whip (marketing) and Hustle (sales) programs. The best part is that you are in a small class (approx 30 or so) women who are super dedicated to their businesses too. Not ‘wanna be’s’ but ‘gonna be’s’ as Erika says. Truly priceless to be part of that community.

  4. Natalie

    This is a great post. I’ve definitely in the past subscribed to the philosophy of spending AS LITTLE AS POSSIBLE for my business. I looked at all the people whose little coaching or teaching businesses seemed to organically grow by word-of-mouth, with them seemingly doing nothing but show up to teach, and felt like mine should be like that. After all, I wanted to put all of my energy (or most of it) into my acting.

    Then a funny thing happened this year, I started investing in my business more. I started getting clear about my purpose and stopped looking a my business as being outside of myself and separate from my career as an actor. Living my purpose and my why in every aspect of my life made every aspect better.

    My biggest business investments this year were in B-School, attending the Inner IDEA conference in Palm Springs, CA, and in the Manifestation Masters course. And wouldn’t you know, every single one of them has helped me build a business which is far greater aligned with my purpose, but has lent clarity to my acting career too!

  5. Thanks for writing this post. I COULD NOT AGRE MORE! There seems to be a large group of new business owners who want to wake up in the morning with a thriving business (one month after opening and a $100 investment later). Sorry, ain’t gonna happen!

    This last year was entirely devoted to me getting clear and slowly building the foundation to my business so that in 2013 I can start cashing in on many of the expensive business investments I made in 2013. Does this mean I’m not investing anymore? Nope, I will continue to invest so that my business can continue to grow.

  6. Claire

    Agree, absolutely. I have spent money on websites, copywriters, marketeers, books, professional training courses ie reflexology, massage, coaching. All that does not come cheap. However there comes a point when you kinda need to start earning money before spending anymore on courses..I’d love to do more and more courses..My accountant however would not. It’s a choice between running with what I have already learnt and making a go of it OR spending cash I don’t have in the hope that this courses going to be the one that changes everything. It’s a choice and a risk.

  7. Rebecca

    Thanks Jen! I am never hesitant in sharing the money side of my business. Sure, I’m just one example, of many, but it always helps to know that other people have been through it too. We all have to make decisions that are right for our biz, and in the end only we really know what those are.

  8. Rebecca

    Aw, thanks! I think it ALWAYS shows when you invest, which pushes you to the professional level almost instantly. WOO for being professionals!

  9. Rebecca

    Cool Natalie – love it! I think it’s common to see business and life as separate entities. But they are so interconnected when you work for yourself, that you almost have to see investment in your business as an investment in your life – because it IS. When we view them as one and the same, every dollar we spend is going towards making our lives better.

  10. Rebecca

    Amen Anna! It’s funny, because there is a part of me that HUGELY advocates that you don’t need a lot of money to start a business…. All you have to do it START, and in most cases, (at least with service providers) that can be done for free. As you learn and grow, and have a better idea whether your biz is right for you or not, you can make decision about starting to spend. But you can’t really complain about it not working until you’ve out in the time and love (emotional, and yes, financial). xo

  11. Rebecca

    Yep, totally Claire. You can spend all the money in the world, but if you’re not taking ACTIOn, it’s all for waste. Take the time to implement what you learn before you move onto the next investment.

    It’s also helpful to have a look at what’s working and what’s not working for you, and ask yourself if you already know what you need to know to make it better. Sometimes, it might be obvious. Other times, it means investing in a straight up biz strategist to help you out. We can’t do it all on our own, and working with someone who can see the whole picture and can pinpoint what you’re doing well and what could be improved will pay for itself in the end!

  12. Claire

    Thanks Becca. Yes totally. Getting clear before moving forward is where I’m at, at the moment. Also, you know, learning to have more patience with myself to grow, change direction and focus along the way


  13. Karen Yankovich

    Just what I needed to be reminded about today. It’s so hard to know WHERE to spend the money and in what order, but I know that I can’t get hung up on that and do what I feel is right. THANK YOU for the reminder!

  14. Rebecca

    Karen, you raise a great point – WHERE to put your hardearned cashola.

    My strategy is to take a look at what’s working, what’s not, what I LOVE doing, and what I HATE doing.

    If my website isn’t up to snuff, but I LOVE working on it, then I’d decide to do that myself. If my marketing sucks, and I just can’t seem to wrap my head around how to make it all work, then I hire someone to help.

    Priorities + personal interests = where the money should go!