Permission, Granted. (You Know You’ve Secretly Been Waiting For It).

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Permission.  You seem to be  waiting for it. Sure, you can give it to yourself, but sometimes that just doesn’t cut it. So, for what it’s worth, here it is, from one permission seeker to another.


You are hereby granted permission…

To put yourself out there, messiness included.

To flaunt who you are, without feeling like you’re gloating.

To love yourself.

And to forgive your mistakes.

To spend the money, whether you have it or not.

To quit. And to quit again, if you feel like it.

To be happy, despite all the unhappiness that surrounds you.

To travel, when you “should” be trying to save.

And to change your mind. No matter how deep you’re in it.


To love.

To leave.

To live.


To choose a life that’s right for you.

To be selfish.

To be bold.

To be irresponsible.

To be imperfect.


Permission to __________ (fill in the blanks)

Consider it granted.


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  1. Mike

    So true. Sometimes that’s all you need, a little permission. As someone who traditionally plays it safe (or used to?) I really feel like I can go for it if someone close to me says “yup, it’s okay!”. It’s nice to hear that whatever your dreams are, someone has said they’re legitimate and important because YOU thought of them – they’re yours! So I wouldn’t say it’s validation we sometimes seek, but hidden in that permission is a bit of a cheerleader. Thanks for a great post, Becca! and thanks for the permission to eat all of the chocolate cakes in the world. Just kidding.

  2. Denise

    I like the “to be selfish” part. No really. I think it’s important to take care of yourself/ your needs. I have a hard time with that, myself, and worry if I appear selfish. But, taking care of you puts you in the best position to take care of others, so it works :)

  3. Jamie

    Really liked this post. Not only for the brevity and how it fit so well with my gnat like attention span, but also the things that we need to remember to let go of when chances that are important and worth taking don’t go as we would have hoped.

    “And to change your mind. No matter how deep you’re in it.”

    To have that kind of grace, patience, and acceptance of yourself and your errors is the only way you can continue moving forward.

    Well done Rebecca!

  4. Rebecca

    Haha yeah right “just kidding”. We both know we owe about $1000 to I2P.

  5. Rebecca

    Self-care is like a secret weapon! Selfish is the new black.

  6. Rebecca

    Thanks Jamie. There is a certain grace to admitting when it’s time to bail in something, – doing it knowing that you gave it your all helps :)

    Thanks for the comment!

  7. Ainslie

    I need to remind myself of this one pretty much daily, so thanks.

    “And to change your mind. No matter how deep you’re in it.”

    Definitely my favourite, I’m still coming to terms with accepting my epic changeableness as a good quality!

  8. Rebecca

    Heh, yeah permission to change your mind is a HUGE value of people like you and me Ainslie. When you have a lot of different passions, it’s nice to know that it’s ok to experiment with pursuing them all without having it be a life sentence.

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  10. Amanda

    I literally just cried.

    Thank you.