One Simple Q to A To Know If You’re On The Right Track

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I hear it all the time.

“I dont know”.

“It’s not clear”.

“I’m confused”.

And I totally get it. The feeling of not knowing which choice is the “right” choice. Which path to follow. Which decision to make.


The worst part is not knowing. Being in limbo.


So we have all kinds of structures for trying it figure it out.

You ask our friends for advice (then don’t listen to them).

You write a pros and cons list (then totally disregard it).

You agonize over it for days, weeks… years? without being able to make a decision.

So here it is. The ONE question you need to ask yourself to decide if you are on the right track. AND (and this is key), how to answer this question so that you actually come to an answer.


The Question:

“What do I really want?”


Yes. I know you have already asked yourself this question. I know that this is the very question that you are so busy getting your panties in a knot about. And this is the ONLY question you need to ask yourself. You just have to know how to answer it.


The Answer:

Get into a quiet space. Make sure you are totally alone. Take some time to clear your head. Take a few deep breaths. And ask yourself the question.

“What do I really want?”

And then, without hesitation, blurt out your answer. Say the thing that you have been afraid to say. The thing that you haven’t (yet) admitted to anyone. Or even to yourself.

Say the thing that you really want, and put all the other excuses, worries, doubts, and fears out of the way, for just this moment. Let all the hows, the shoulds, and the confusion go, and trust yourself enough to know that you KNOW.


That’s it. Simple. Easy. Takes two seconds. Don’t need anyone else’s input.



Isn’t it ironic then that the easiest thing to do, is probably the hardest.


It’s so much easier to just have someone else tell you what to do.

It is infinitely harder to learn to trust your own gut instincts.

Learn to do this, and you will never be confused about your life again.


xx becca

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  1. Carlene

    Love this – so true. I did this just the other day without even realising what I was doing and it is so liberating. Thanks Becca!

  2. Carlene

    Oh, and what is it I want to do?
    Ride my bikes and inspire others with my writing and speaking.

  3. John

    Well I wanted a job that payed me a lot more but took one with a unknown curve ball. Found out today my new job is a “year round on the road full-time job”!! Pretty sure I won’t be doing it more than 1 or 2 years. Can’t see being on the road 49 out of 52 weeks of the year?!

  4. Rebecca

    Yeah you do!!

  5. Rebecca

    Whew – sounds exhausting John! We can’t always predict the outcome of our choices, but I do believe that if deny ourselves the opportunity to go after what we want, we lose out bigtime.

  6. goferjohn

    Thanks for this, Becca… it really is that simple. It’s like in the movie “The Notebook” when Noah says to Allie: “Would you stop thinking about what everyone wants? Stop thinking about what I want, what he wants, what your parents want. What do YOU want? What do you WANT?”
    Another challenge is that we humans, in all of our wisdom and logic, are always trying to look beyond the horizon when we are faced with a choice. Sales leadership consultant and author Lisa Earle McLeod reacently wrote in her blog, “Are You Trying to Make the Wrong Decision?” She talks about our attempts to make a decision before a decision needs to be made… an if/then paradigm. Let me know if you would like the full text of that article.

  7. Jamie01745788

    This didn’t really work for me. My mind went blank when I was supposed to ‘blurt out your answer’, any idea of how to get around this?

  8. Jamie01745788  Write. Write until you come up with an answer, Don’t think what what you’re writing, just let is flow.
    Another trick I use with my clients is asking them “What do you want someone to give you permission to do right now”? Usually we’re waiting for permission that what we really want is REALLY ok.
    Let me know how it goes!