Is Uncage Your Business Right For You?

Building your business doesn’t have to take forever and doesn’t have to be so harrrrrrd. But many of my clients have already taken SO many other courses and worked with coaches and they’re still getting nowhere. So they’re skeptical that yet another course is their answer. So I wanted to answer this and other common questions I get about Uncage Your Business here, in case you’re on the fence and want to better understand what UYB is and what it isn’t to make the right decision for YOU.


FAQS I get asked about Uncage Your Business:

I’ve already taken courses like B-School.  Will I still learn something new in Uncage Your Business?

YES. Times a thousand. The reason is that UYB focuses on entirely different content than B-School. B-School is an online marketing course. But online marketing is HELLA HARD if you aren’t clear on what your business is, what your message is, who your clients are, what you should be selling, and what makes your business YOURS and not anyone else’s. It’s very difficult to implement even the best marketing materials when you’re not solid and clear and confident in your business. That is what UYB will get you, and most grads of the program say that all the how-to marketing stuff that felt confusing before UYB is suddenly SO much easier, so they are seeing a return on investment for the first time from some of the other courses they have taken. That’s a pretty big win.

This is what one UYBer had to say about this: I bought B-School first and found Becca through B-School. I really really really wish I had found Becca first – B-School would have been way easier to implement once I was clear on what my business actually was! I am now going to do B-School all over again now that everything Becca helped me with is super clear and solid.”


How many hours a week should I expect to spend on UYB?

I asked this question to all previous UYBers and the range they gave was from 3-10 hours a week. It all depended on how much time they had to give and how much they wanted to hustle during the month. That being said, MANY of the have said that they continue to come back to the UYB materials way after the course is done, so it really is the gift that keeps on giving for your business.


I have a product based business – is this still for me?

Ok so UYB is mainly focused at service based businesses and some of the material won’t apply (creating packages and services for example). But messaging and getting focus and a month of hustle is still all applicable. If you wanna let me know more specifically what you need help with I can tell you whether UYB makes sense or not – email us at! I have had several product based businesses go though UYB and still rave about it, so it really depends on what you need help with, but I am very open about the fact that when it comes to marketing, niching, and packaging, my expertise is in the coaching/service-based business world!


Why do I need the group? Can’t we just do this one-on-one?

No. The group is a crucial part of this program. In fact, almost ALL the feedback I get when I chat with folks after they do UYB is that they WAY underestimated the value and power of the group. Past groups have formed lifelong masterminds, friendships, and business partnerships. These are your people. And while my coaching and expertise is top-notch, there is nothing like having a fan club supporting you and cheering you on as you Uncage your business. The other amazing part about the group is that you get to see that EVERYONE has the same fears, doubts, and worries. And everyone is DOING IT ANYWAY. The group is such a huge part of UYB (and in fact, of any business. No one can do this alone!). Plus, my one-on-one consulting rates start at $1800, and with UYB you get a whole month of me for much, much less.


I can’t be on any of the calls! Should I still sign up?

Absolutely. You have full access to all the content (which is $$$ value) and the group, and you will get all the call recordings.  You will be amazed at how much even just listening to other people get coached can help you in your own business, since many people are coming to the program with similar problems. I have had people tell me that even though they didn’t show up to a single call or use the FB group at all, this was still the best thing they have ever done for their business.


What if I don’t know what my business is going to be yet? Should I still sign up.

No, please don’t. Uncage Your Business requires that you have at least an idea of what your business is, and that you are ready to CHOOSE that business and get to work. We don’t work on helping you decide what business is right for you in the course. For example, if you are working full time and have been following Uncaged for a while and you know you want to have your own business but not sure if it should be doing marketing, or life coaching, or running an Etsy shop, or starting an organic farm – you will need to decide on that before you sign up.

Alternatively, let’s say you’re a life coach, and you have done life coach training, and even though you are super vague on your niche in coaching and you can’t really describe what you do, you still know you want to coach and are willing to take action even without full clarity – UYB will help  you. If you’re not sure, reach out to us at

What changes did you make to the course?
If you have been around the Uncaged group for a while, you may have seen me talking about the changes I made to UYB. These changes came about after 3+ years of running the program, and me continuously adding bonus material based on what I saw my clients were needing along the way. It eventually became messy, having so much extra content but not having it built into the core curriculum, so I decided to revamp the entire course and built it in right from the start. This means that the course has moved from have a strong coaching focus, to a strong content focus – which I am personally excited about for a few reasons. 1 – the content is designed to be extremely actionable and easy to follow, so you are actually doing the work in your business as the course goes along – not just gathering a bunch of nice ideas to use later, and 2 – I have found that the clients who don’t need as much hand holding and coaching, and who are ready for someone to just tell them what to do so they can DO it, are the ones who have had the most success. My expertise is in marketing and online business, and even though I am a trained life coach, I find that it’s not the best use of my talents. So I’ve decided to take a lot of the coaching out of the program and focus instead just on pure, actionable content and teaching – so that YOU can get even better results, faster.

I also paid close attention over the years and learned exactly what my clients wanted and needed after UYB was over – and I built it into the course as bonus materials.


If you have any other questions that haven’t been addressed here or on the sales page – EMAIL US!!!! We are nice and want to help you spend your money in the right place and promise not to BS you –

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Looking forward to helping you Uncage your business in April!


xo becca  

PS. If you are Canadian, email us. We have something for you.

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  1. Lynne on May 1, 2016 at 7:34 am

    A candid explanation/description of why UYB(Uncage Your Business) will be good for those interested to take the courses offered.