I pee standing up. Yup.

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Yup – you read the headline correctly – I pee standing up. Sometimes. In certain circumstances. (And just to clarify, I am in fact a cis-gendered female)

See, last summer I was camping in Squamish, BC, and I saw this chick standing just to the side of the campsite, with her back to me. And I noticed a trickle of pee coming out in front of her!! But – she was standing. And she was a SHE (born with lady parts and all). How could this be!? I was convinced this girl must have a secret penis!

She waltzes back over to the picnic tables like it was no big thing, and my jaw is literally on the ground. I manage to pick it back up, avert my eyes, and pretend like I didn’t see anything. She obviously notices my discomfort and laughs, saying “Ohhhh – did you just see that? Check this out!” and proceeds to show me a little plastic scoopy thing. Some call it a Shenis. The official name is the P-Style.

This nifty little device allows the ladies to pee standing up, just like the big boys. You just hold it up to your hoo-hoo (is that an acceptable term to use in a blog post!?), angle it down, and let ‘er rip.

Of course, I had to have one. I followed this chick home where she had a few extra laying around (ew – I know what you’re thinking. They were clean and new – she’s a re-seller of the P-Style)

It has changed my life.

As a climber, I can now pee with my harness on. I can pee in the woods on the side of the trail. I can pee in the street (not that I’d ever do that). Hell, I can pee in a bottle in the van if it’s raining and I don’t want to go outside (I might actually do that).


I pee standing up, anywhere I bloody want. And it’s amazing.


Does is still feel like I am going to pee all inside my pants every time I use the damn thing? Yeppers.

Am I terrified that someone will see me from behind and make all kinds of assumptions about my secret girl-penis? You betcha.

Do I take these risks because the P-Style is just THAT important in my life? Oh hells yes.

How does this have anything to do with The Uncaged Life, you may be asking…?


Sometimes, you’ve gotta risk peeing your pants for ultimate freedom.


In order to make your life better, you’ve gotta do what needs to be done to experiment and think outside the box. Yeah, you may get a few dribbles on your leg at first, but in time your new lifestyle starts to feel more normal, more natural, and it’s almost as if you don’t know what you used to do without your new pee toy.

Go for it. The freedom is closer than you think.


xx becca

What ridiculous thing have you done for freedom? Share your story in the comments!

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  1. That’s awesome.

    I suppose as a dude I don’t fully appreciate that something so common as taking a leak would be such a different experience between genders – and how much, uh, “freer” of an experience we have.

    Except now we get to complain when y’all don’t put the seat down, too.

  2. Joel Blair

    Okay. But I draw the line at the pStyle branded water bottle.

  3. Ha, yeah I guess guys don’t know the anxiety we girls go through when you have to pee SO damn badly, but you have to hunt through the woods to find a decent spot to tear your pants all the way down and squat.

    Seriously, the P Style is the ULTIMATE in freedom :)

  4. Hahaha is that on the website? Speaking of branding… I should get me some Uncaged branded merch! Hmmm..

  5. Born27

    Uh oh! Are you sure she’s a SHE? How can she pee while standing up? Can’t believe this! Lol!

  6. :)

  7. Denise

    oommggg… that is.. the coolest thing everr!!! sorry, but yeah, I could totally see how useful that would be. It’s so weird squatting if you’re in a nature type setting.. whoever invented that is a genius.

  8. They ARE a genius! Squatting is generally pretty comfy for me, but in a harness, on busy trails when you have no idea if someone is gonna come wandering around a corner? Stressful! And we all know about stage fright…

  9. Leanne Chesser

    This post is so freakin’ good! I laughed the entire way through and I love the idea of a P Style. SOOO much more convenient! As far as risks I’m afraid to take? Holding a live event and speaking in front of the entire group. I have this fear even though I’m a teacher!

  10. hahahaha! That is genius :) I’m going to look up the P-Style.

  11. Brittni

    Laughing through the entire post. I really like your writing style. And this P-Style thing sounds…interesting. :)

  12. chris

    you asked for a risk, i give you a risk: i would like to buy a thong, but as a guy, i just don’t know

    plus, the pstyle solves a major problem for women

  13. Rebecca

    Chris – do it. Your panty lines will never stop you from wearing tight pants again.

  14. chris

    how do you and the other ladies on this site recommend going about this without looking like a doofus at Walmart/other stores

    my original thoughts were to have a girl buy them for me, but now im thinking about self checkout as another option

    and when it comes to buying panties, what do y’all recommend

  15. MelisoulaMills

    hahahahah bloody brilliant post! I’ve never heard the term Shenis but i LOVE it! hehhe. I call mine a sheewee (maybe it’s a Brit thing!)

  16. I been peein’ standin’ up since I was a wee tyke.  It never gets old, I gotta say.

  17. jamison

    OMG I need this just for peeing in public restrooms!!!

  18. Bette

    Thanks for writing such an eantrto-usde-syand article on this topic.