Figure It Out Fridays: How Do You Stay Motivated?

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‘Figure It Out Fridays’ is a new blog series happening every week where you submit questions about figuring out what the hell you should do with your life – and I give you brilliant, Uncaged answers.

Eeee! I haven’t written since last week’s FOF, for very good reason – I was busy all week ogling myself in the sweet pics miss Nikki Jumper took of me. She’s amazing, and I would highly recommend you hire her to do your next photoshoot. My business instantly feels so much more legit by having great shots of myself.


Ogle ogle ogle.


Here’s today’s FOF question:


“How do you keep from losing motivation in your coaching business?”


Simple answer is: I don’t.

Sometimes I do lose motivation. But it’s what I do in those times that really matters.

Heres the thing – it’s my business, and it should be fun for me.


If something isn’t feel fun or exciting, I know I’m not on track.


So when I start to dread certain things about my business, and I’d rather clean my entire house than work on _____, I know I’ve fucked up somewhere (because I really, really hate cleaning my house). So I simply take a step back and have a look at what’s really going on. WHY am I not excited about ____.

And then I change it. Just like that.


Because newsflash – it’s my business, and I can change anything at anytime. That’s the whole point.


So if you find yourself losing motivation for what you’re doing, you’re doing something wrong.

So how do you do it “right”? You make damn sure that you’re running your business YOUR way. You get to build your personality and your lifestyle and your quirks and your strengths and even your weaknesses INTO your business. It’s really the only way you’ll create something that you don’t lose motivation for.

And that’s how I keep from losing motivation in my coaching business.

If your business is starting to feel like a total drag, or you’ve taken all the biz building programs and it’s still not quite working, I can pretty much guarantee that it’s because you haven’t created a business that’s a perfect fit for you. You’re in luck – I work with people exactly where you are, whether you’re just getting started or have been in business for a while. I can help you create a business that’s totally fist-pump worthy. Promise.

P.S. All this advice also applies if you’re losing motivation in your life. Hint hint.

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  1. ikilledjoneses

    I was just talking today with a friend how getting my shots done for my soon-to-be-launched site totally gave me new jolt of momentum…so too funny you coupled these two topics into this post! Something I tend to do when I’m feeling like someone set a match to my brain, aka burnout, is I do big. I make a bold move, or do something the rational side of me [thankfully, it’s a pretty small side] if given too much time to think about, would bail on. Like droppin’ big dollars [most gangster you’ll ever get out of me ;)] on a photoshoot for my site that I, ah-hem, probably couldn’t really afford. But it struck me into MOTION, and reminds me why I love what I do mega much- and whatever was bugging me down, needs to eat it.