Why Your Business Is Like A Banana

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Screen shot 2013-02-15 at 8.24.14 AM

Why is your business like a banana? What do you think this even means?? Post your best interpretation here. Then, write your own blog post about it (post a link on your social pages), or just post on social media (FB or twitter) – and be sure to use the hashtag #UncageYourBanana wherever you post so I can track it.

I’ll be choosing the best/most creative interpretation and the winner get a super secret and FUN surprise in the mail. It will have NOTHING to do with business (but may involve bananas). Have fun :) Entries must be in by Monday June 23rd at midnight EST.

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  1. KimberleeWarnes

    My business is like a banana because it is power-packed with goodness.  Inspired by Nature, my gorgeous fitness rituals are convenient and will give you an instant, sustained boost of energy.  Fun fact: Bananas contain the natural mood enhancer tryptophan, which works to calm the nervous system and help ease depression. Time to get your get your curvy banana smile on.

  2. KimberleeWarnes Nice one Kimberlee!!

  3. lamonstre

    My business is like a banana because my products designed with simplicity :) And are made of nothing but the best stuff!

    Katie. X

  4. Fun challenge, Rebecca! It took me three graphics to illustrate why my biz is like a banana. Check it out: http://thequittingchronicles.com/business-like-banana/