Am I the only one who has no idea what I am doing?

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Am I the only one who has no idea what the fuck I am doing??

^ I bet you’ve asked yourself that at least once in the past month. Ok, maybe the past day.

One minute you feel crystal clear about what direction you’re headed, and the next you have NO clue what you’re doing with your business. It’s an emotional roller coaster that has one too many loops and is making you nauseous. But everyone else seems to be having so much fun! So you start to question whether you are even normal.

You are.

Let me tell you this – NO ONE knows what the fuck they are doing. Not the seasoned coach who touts that she’s making 6 figures a day, and not the overly optimistic newbie who posts inspirational quotes on her Instagram feed and shares how amazing it is working for herself. And not anyone in between.

Sure – there are coaches and strategists and consultants and experts that probably know more than you do about how to do certain things so that you see certain results (marketing, or Facebook ads, or copywriting). There are people who have been in your industry for years who may have a slightly better idea than you on how to do certain things so that you sell more things.

But there is NO ONE who has it all figured out.


Business is complex. We’re not just talking about or marketing, or copywriting, or creating, or selling, or social-media-ing. There are SO many intricacies and nuances that make up the whole of your business.


Your business is more than just one moving part. It’s a complex system of decision-making, in which each decision impacts the next. And they don’t always have to do with strategy. There is SO much more to know how the fuck to do:

There’s marketing, branding, and strategy. There is customer service, and refund policies, and contracts. There’s bookeeping, and taxes, and expenses. And there’s lifestyle decisions, decisions about the fuzzy line between work and home, and seemingly impossible decisions about how to do it all at once while making both yourself and everyone else happy.

And because of that, there is no one expert who can tell you exactly “how to do business”.

Here at Uncaged, a few situations have arisen this year that I had no idea how to deal with (thank GOD for my business friends and colleagues who let me rant to them all the time over Voxer when shit aries that I have no idea how to handle).

Things like:

What to do when a client wants a refund for something that is non-refundable (womp womp).

How to handle a client who stopped her payment plan and refuses to pay, despite what her contract says, and I need to send her account to collections but feel a bit like a douche doing it (but I do it anyway).

What direction I should go regarding some big choices in the programs I offer and my overall business model (things that would majorly change everything about how I work,  how much money I make, how my time is structured etc – scary, big stuff!).

How should I explain to someone that they aren’t a great fit to work together simply because of my personal preference (ie. I don’t like their niche, their personality isn’t a fit, and the vibe just wasn’t there), even though they technically meet all the requirements on the sales page?


And for my (successful, business-be-rockin’ colleagues) – they face the same damn issues!! We talk about them ALL the time in several mastermind groups I’m a part of.

My program isn’t selling and I’ve done everything right – what could be happening?

My client is expecting too much and I’m having trouble defining to her what that even means – how do I say it to her without hurting her feelings?

My VA is sucking serious ass, but we have a contract and I can’t get rid of her – what do I do?


There is the big stuff, and the small stuff. The major business decisions, and the small, day-to-day challenges we face. And there is no right answer to any of it.


We are all just making this shit up as we go.


Which is good news, and bad news. It’s good because there are no rules – no boss is hovering over your shoulder, making sure you are following SOPs. No one is going to fire you if you make a less-than-stellar choice in how you handle something (like telling that naysayer on your Facebook page that they can suck a dick). But at the same time – no one is telling you what to do. It’s up to you to ultimately make every single decision in your business – and that can be extremely overwhelming.

Whether you’re just starting out or you’re an old pro, it’s always hard. The decisions never go away. Questions and uncertainty about the things that feel hard when you are just starting out, like your niche, and your message (is it right? does it even make sense?) morph into what I like to call “successful business problems” (how do I fire this client? I have too many clients and need to let something go – but what? Is it ok to totally change directions even though I have built a thriving audience?)

If you screw up, or make a bad decision that’s on you. If someone else doesn’t like your decision, that’s on you. And worse – if YOU don’t like your decision, that’s on you.


But one thing is for sure – you DO need to be making decisions. Everyday. Forever in your business.


The businesses that actually make it somewhere are the ones who are able to make decisions quickly, whether they make the right ones or not. The “best” decision is the one you make.

You know how they say “the best exercise is the one you will actually do?” It’s like that.

Because what most new business owners do is waffle (and not the yummy, delicious kind of waffle). They hum and haw and think it over and turn every small decision the MOST important decision of their life. And they do this to the extent that it absolutely paralyzes them – sometimes to the point of actually quitting before they even start. Other times, they waste weeks or months doing nothing while they weigh the options of whether their homepage button should be yellow or red? And whether they should call themselves a Life Coach, or a Happiness Cultivator, or something else? And you know what their competition is going while they are wasting SO much time on these decisions? They are getting ahead. Getting clients. Making money.

If I know one thing for sure, it’s that decision making is at the crux of every business’s success or failure. And you have all the power in the world to choose whether to be a decision-maker or a waffle-iron. Even if you feel like you have no idea what you’re doing. Even if you go back and forth between rocking it and terrified. Even if you’re certain that you are the only one who could possibly be this screwed  up on the inside when it comes to all the feelings about business. None of that takes away the power you have to take the next step. And the next. And to keep taking tiny steps, tiny decisions, that will ultimately get you to wherever you want to go.

This works even (and especially) if you have no idea what that end point even is.

Here’s to making more decisions in 2016,

xx becca

PS. I have just a few spots open for consulting + strategy sessions before March 2016. There is room for 2  Foundations Sessions and 2 Meet Marketing Sessions on the calendar. Hop on in if you want to start 2016 with a serious dose of decision making, action, and forward momentum based in sound strategy (not just nice ideas that are floating around in your head). 


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  1. Susi

    Urgh this is so timely. I have total decision fatigue, and not knowing where to go next has me just staring at a computer screen like “ummm…”. 2016: 24/7 decision making.

  2. Rebecca Tracey

    yes yes yes!! Any big decisions you are trying to make TODAY that you want to commit to right now?

  3. I agree that this is timely. I feel like I have no fucking idea and am waiving on all things niche, opt in , services and even what problems I solve. Also, feeling trapped by life outside of my business which is not helping me decide anything.

  4. You’re the 4th coach to tell me MAKE DECISIONS AND MAKE THEM FAST! GREAT ADVICE BECCA! I plan on becoming a decision making ninja in 2016!

  5. nadine herring

    Can I just tell you how much I love you for making this post?! I am SO tired of hearing people, in particular coaches, say they know EXACTLY what to do to get you where you want to be and then give you advice that goes against the very essence of your business! Then they have the nerve to bully you into taking that advice and make you feel like a fool if you don’t; it makes me so mad and frustrated…

    I’ve seen this happen to people that I know and it hurts me to see them relying on these so-called “experts” thinking they have the magic solution to making their business thrive. It’s like you said, there are people who know how to do certain things better than others to help your business grow, but in the end it is ALL UP TO YOU. That is both powerful and terrifying at the same damn time, but ultimately you are the one responsible for your success, in life and in business.

    I really respect and appreciate that you tell it is like it is Rebecca, straight no chaser, and that is why I love reading your blog. Here’s to a decisive, successful 2016 for all of us :)

  6. carla

    I literally had the thought this morning ” I have no idea what I’m doing” and I’ve been self-employed for yearsssss. It doesn’t go away…definitely always making it up as I go along and being willing to make decisions as quickly as possible.

    Thanks Becca!
    Carla xo