Why you might be wasting your time with blogging

I know – you were told you needed to blog. And if you want to build your business online and reach people from all over the world – blog you should! But, as with most things in online business, if you’re not doing it strategically, it could be a giant waste of your time. Which is no good, because one of the beauties of having a business is that you should have lots of free time to do fun things with – you don’t want to spend it blogging and not seeing any results.

What usually happens when you’re starting your business is you get super excited about ALL the things you want to share with your audience.  You write epic posts that go into superb detail about your topic and what you think your people need to know. Or you write personal stories about what’s going on in in your life and then try to tie them back into lessons for your audience. Or you stare a blank screen forever and just have no idea what to write, thus wasting time AND still not coming out with a blog post.

None of these are great options. Your blog has multiple purposes, one of which is NOT to write endlessly about the things you are interested in.


Your job on your blog is to write about what your audience is interested in, to help them with a problem they have, or to show them what solutions you can offer – in a effort to have them start to like you and trust you and want to buy from you.


All of your content should be strategically walking people towards a buying decision.

Sure, it’s great to entertain your readers as well — but if you’re running a business and want people to buy things from you, that will happen a whole lot quicker if you’re strategic with how you put content out into the world.


So how do you write content that will help people make buying decisions?

1) know who your clients are

2) know what they are struggling with

3) produce content that directly helps the solve those problems.

^ that’s how you sell to people.

It is for sure not rocket science, yet somehow we all seem to mess it up (myself included). I blame this on being to passionate about ALL THE THINGS about your topic that you want to write about everything and you lose sight of what will actually help your clients right here and now, and not having a clear understanding of what will get them to BUY from you.

Not only does this strategy help your clients better, but it helps you plan  your content so much more easily.

If you have a launch coming up or are releasing a new service or course, you can strategize all your content to be specifically about that topic, so you warm up your audience before you actually sell them anything. This is how all good launches are run, and without even a complicated launch plan you can still be priming your audience to buy from you.

All with just understanding how to blog and how to create the right content for your people, launches can feel easy, and business starts to be a whole lot more fun when you’re making money 🙂


3 month business building checklist

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If you’ve been blogging and not seeing any results, I’d strongly encourage you to come back to what your clients are struggling with and start writing content that is specifically answering the main questions they have.

You’ll notice more engagement from your readers, more emails saying “It’s like you were reading my mind!” and more clients coming in the door.

Blogging is great and helps you learn about your voice and get you used to putting it out into the world, but it’s when you start blogging with strategy that you start actually seeing the results of all your work sitting in front of your laptop!

I teach content strategy in Uncage Your Business – we put a hard focus on getting clear on who your clients are and what they need, and then learning how to create content and get it out there in front of the right people to get more clients in your virtual door (and more money in your real bank account!).

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I hate seeing clients waste time and energy on business-y things that don’t get them anywhere, so please please please remember the PURPOSE of your blogs when you’re writing!

xx becca

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