the thing you don't want to do

The thing you don’t want to do

I received this email from a client I worked with a while back:


I’m sitting here in my office writing a blog post about how to make your period less inconvenient (almost every woman that answered my market research survey mentioned inconvenience) and as I detailed the wonders of the Diva Cup I stopped and said out loud to myself “I love this, I fucking love this.” 

And I have you to thank! If it wasn’t for our session which helped me break through the hesitation I had to focus my practice on hormonal and menstrual health I wouldn’t be doing this right now. I’d probably be driving myself crazy as I wrote some stupid blog post on a topic I don’t really care about. If this isn’t the definition of uncaged, I don’t know what is! 

Have a fabulous weekend!

This spunky business owner came to me with some hesitations about putting herself in too narrow of a niche, because she didn’t want to give up the rest of what she liked doing. She was stuck in overwhelm because she didn’t know where to start with creating or writing content, and was instead spending hours tinkering with her website and bio instead of actually doing the work that would bring in clients.

Niche the Eff In

And this is just another reminder of how important it is to NICHE THE FUCK IN.

I know – you don’t want to do it.
I know – it feels scary and like you will be leaving out so many people.
I know – you’re worried you’ll go too narrow and you won’t have enough clients.

I’m pretty sure I’m not the first one to tell you that what will happen is the exact OPPOSITE of what you’re worried about.

Instead of being confused and overwhelmed with so many ideas, you’ll have killer focus and be able to create perfect content because you will know exactly who you’re talking to and about what.

Instead of having no clients, clients will come streaming in because they will finally understand what you do and people will be able to easily refer to you.

Instead of wasting hours tinkering with your website, you’ll be able to put that time into marketing that will actually help you get clients and make you money (hint: constantly tweaking front page of your site or re-writing your bio a thousand time are NOT client getting actions. #sorrynotsorry).

Give Yourself Permission

This client and I – we had a little chat and got real about her passions, her business, and what she wants to create. And within minutes it was SO clear what her true niche was. I gave her permission to go for it.

She gave herself permission to go for it; to speak to them in her own voice, HER way, not like all the other health coaches out there.





We took her from a health coach who wanted to “help women integrate modern wellness into their lives” to a health coach who works with women and their vaginas – everything from PCOS, infertility, bad periods, and natural birth control. You’ve got an issue with your vagina? She’s your woman!!

How much more clear is that!?

Now to just give her a fun job title like The Vagina Wrangler… KIDDING. Maybe.

She sent me the email above just a few weeks after getting completely clear:

Don’t Overcomplicate It

Your niche is what success is made of, folks. I’ve written about this before, so you might already know that when I say NICHE I don’t mean that one single client avatar that you want to work with. I don’t mean demographics, or even psychographics.

Niche, very simply, means what problem do you help people with? What would someone come to you for help with? Specifically.

If you’re scared to choose, I recommend you play with the idea of choosing just temporarily. Create some content and a program just for one part of your business, one problem, and see how it goes.

My guess is that months of turning in circles of confusion about what to create will give way to clarity and focus and more clients and more cash coming in.

Try it?

Let me know how it goes.

xo becca