why choosing a niche is so hard

Why choosing a niche is so hard (and how to make it easier)

If you’re following any business coaches online, I’m sure you’ve heard all kinds of different advice about niching.

  • You DO need a niche.
  • You DON’T need a niche.
  • Pick a demographic.
  • Do an ideal client avatar.
  • Work with everyone and let your niche find you.

Plus so many other different tips and techniques for how to actually define your niche.

All of these can kinda work.

I’m willing to bet even if you’ve tried one or all of these, it probably still feels hard. Because you have a big heart and big skills and you don’t want to exclude anyone from the help you have to offer. While at the same time you know you need to get more specific, but just randomly choosing something feels so artificial and inauthentic.

Yet, you still know you need to get more clear. BUT HOWWW??

I want to help make it SUPER simple for you. Because one of my superpowers in business is making it feel easy and do-able (my Uncage Your Business clients literally tell me this all the time).

My take on niche is simple: Forget avatars. Forget ideal client. Forget age ranges and demographics. Focus on PROBLEMS.

To me, your niche is the PROBLEM you solve.

I love this approach because it lets you work with all kinds of different people, but still with a clear focus. Lots of different people of different ages and from different places and of different lifestyles can have the same kinds of problems – and you can help ALL of them.

Phew. A sigh of relief right?

Now, of course, you might not WANT to help all of them. This is where getting clearer on your ideal client can be helpful. But you don’t NEED to do that, at least not right away. Trust me on this! (Another sigh of relief, right?)

Let’s say the problem you solve is helping people figure out their passion in life. You will find that SOOOOO many people need this:

  • College kids who are just graduating
  • Moms going back to work
  • Retired folks who are done with work and now want to focus on doing what they love
  • Corporate folks looking for a career change

You could technically help all of these people and still have VERY clear marketing, because you’d be focusing on the core problems that come up when someone is trying to find their passion. Or, maybe you’re SUPER interested in helping one of these groups, and you can niche in even more and get super clear on the WHO.

Either one of these works and is clear enough to get started with as your niche!

I say “get started with” because your niche is for sure going to change as you grow in your biz, but starting with a CLEAR problem is always. always. always. going to propel you forward faster!




When you focus on the problem that you help people with you start to understand where to find your clients, you make it easy to get referrals, and you can work to create great packages and programs just for them. All without ever doing a client avatar exercise.


It can be that simple if you let it. Give yourself permission to drop the obsession with niching and start focusing on problems, and see what changes.

xx becca