Why most new businesses fail (especially online)

I’m sure we have all heard the stat that  ____ % of all new businesses fail.  What is the exact percentage? I’ve heard 8/10. I’ve heard 98%. I’ve heard everything. And I’ve seen it with my own eyes! I work with businesses who are right at the baby stage of just getting over the fear of actually putting themselves out there and trying to have a go at this thing. AndI see people get overwhelmed and scared and sad and then QUIT all the time.

And it makes me sad!

There are a lot of reasons that businesses don’t work out. Some of them we won’t get into here in too much detail (the person just hated their job but didn’t actually want to start a business; or that they have so much other stuff happening in their lives that it’s just not the right time to be starting).

But for the others, the ones who those circumstances don’t apply to, but the ones who still barely make it out of the gates – there is one major thing that I see happening to a lot of them.

And that is a lack of focus, too much overwhelm, and trying to do all the things and then deciding that business is just too hard and then quitting.

My clients come to me with this all the time, and I remember it myself from early days or biz. I think it happens more in the online world because the initial setup stage is easy. There is literally NO investment to get started. You can slap up a free website start taking some clients and see how it all goes. Unlike a brick and mortar shop where you have to actually PLAN and get money and it’s a huge undertaking, online business is easy.



3 month business building checklist

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So people jump in too fast, and then get overwhelmed, and then wanna back out.

If this sounds like you, know that there is hope! Some focus and taking a few steps back to get your shit in order is all you need to get past the training wheels stage and into being one of the 2% or 20% or whatever the stat is, that actually makes it somewhere.

Focus is all about understanding what your business purpose is, who your service is for, what you can actually help people with, and why people should care. Do not worry about anything else in your biz til you can do those things. And if you need a checklist to remind you of what you focus on and when, click here, I made one for you!

I care SO much about this time in your business because I have seen too many people give up on their dreams because they get frustrated with how much there is to do.

Step by step.

One thing at a time.

I know you’ve got this, just know that it will take time.

More time than you might want.

But you will get there if you take a deep breath, back it up a little, and start where you’re at.

I was there and now I’m here and looking at it from the other side, it feels so easy. So do-able.

Keep working on staying where you are, moment by moment, not jumping ahead too much, noticing when you get overwhelmed and what you need to do to get back to feeling in control. And then keep doing that.

Refuse to be one of the stats!

Refuse to give up on uncaging your life and your dreams. Welcome to the other side.

xx becca

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