How to create packages that beg to be grabbed

Because we all know a good looking package when we see one – the kind that just begs you to take out your wallet and pay for it (omg that joke was TOO EASY).

You know the kind of package I’m referring to – you see it online, and you either think one of two things:

1. Hot damn I need this right now and so do 10 of my friends and here is my credit card give it to me now k thanks


2. Why didn’t I think of selling that!? Gah! My competition is so much more ahead of the game than me!


Because a nice, clear, well-groomed package isn’t just nice to look at online – it’s also what will pay your bills as a business owner, and fast.


Sometimes, size does matter

What typically happens to new business owners when trying to lay out their services is they come up with a whopping 3-6 month program (with a price tag to match) that tries to cover anything and everything they could ever possibly help someone with in their business.

And because that package is so big and so comprehensive (and thus often so vague) people don’t really understand exactly what it can do for them. So they don’t buy. And then you are left feeling like your business sucks and you suck and you should just quit now before anyone finds out that you actually tried to have a serious go at this whole business thing. (Don’t quit just yet!)

Creating smaller, more precise packages will help clients feel safe in buying (especially if they are new to you or if you don’t have a huge amount of social proof yet), and will help you bring in clients and income sooner.






But how do you squish everything you do into one short package? Answer: You don’t. Because that would be silly and wouldn’t feel good at all for you or your client. It’s like going to buy a new couch and the sales person trying to sell you on renovating your entire home. Hello, overwhelm. Hello, too much at once. Hello, no sale.

What works better is to create small, clear, results-based packages that solve ONE problem (or part of the problem) that your client is having. You need to be selling something that people actually want, solving a problem that they know they have (which is not the same as solving a problem that you know they have). Which brings us to…


Focusing on the problem

I always use the weight loss industry as an example. I work with a lot of health coaches who help people lose weight by adopting a clean diet. They often write things in their copy about how they will help people “feel like their most vibrant self, and finally help them feel confident in their own skin”.

All good. Except that their clients want to lose weight. Not feel vibrant. Or at the very least, feeling vibrant is a by-product of the true result they want, which is losing weight. Vibrancy without the weight loss is a deal breaker for them

Another example – business coaches whose clients want to grow their business and make more money. They might tell their clients that they will feel confident and help them develop a positive mindset. But what their clients really want is to finally figure out their niche and make money. Not help with their mindset. Again, the mindset work may be a nice by product, but the result of a working business is what they will actually fork over their credit card for.


Does your package level up

Quick – do this!

Have a look over your package (the main one that you are trying to market and sell right now) and ask yourself 1) what problem is this package is solving? 2) whether that is clear from reading your sales page, and 3) whether it’s too long (“too long” is relative, but anything longer than 8-10 weeks may be getting into dangerous territory of including too much and thus being too vague)

Then change what needs to be changed to make it a smaller, more results-based package that your clients will look at and say “sign me up!” and your competitors will look at and say “why didn’t I think of that??”

Happy packaging!

PS. If creating a strong package still sounds like an impossible hurdle to you, check out Uncage Your Business, where packages are one of the 4 foundations we focus on (along with with niching, messaging, and marketing)!


  1. John on September 12, 2016 at 10:15 am

    Can Packages be applied to video production services? or is it mainly for coaching and consultation style services?

  2. Rebecca Tracey on September 14, 2016 at 10:31 am

    Absolutely! It’s just the difference between bundling services together and charging an hourly rate.