Interview with Gena about legal stuff

Yes, you heard me – “legal stuff”. The legit term for all the legal crap that scares you and feels overwhelming and that you kind of just push to the back of your to-do list for the first 3 years of your business until in comes back to bit you in the ass (which it WILL).

Gena is launching an incredible legal course for entrepreneurs to help get your legal stuff in order so you can feel safe and confident knowing you are protected. And I can tell you from first hand experience that the cost of the course is nothing compared to hiring a lawyer to help you one-on-one, and it’s peanuts compared to having to the regret you will have and the money you will lose should shit ever hit the fan and you don’t have your “legal stuff” in place.



3 month business building checklist

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Gena was kind enough to hop on and answer some questions from the Uncaged Life crew last year, to help you get started with figuring out all the things you have no idea about like:

  • What you absolutely need to have in place when you’re first getting started (and what can wait)
  • The difference between a sole proprietor and LLC, and how to know which you should be
  • How does the “legal stuff” work if you live in one country and coach in another (ie. online clients)
  • What can I trademark and how do I do it? And what if someone is already using the name I want?
  • What do I do if someone copies my content?
  • What do I have to have in my client agreements to protect myself?
  • Do people need to check a box saying that they agree to my terms before they buy something?


And SO MUCH MORE. Watch the interview below, get some of the basic answers you need, and then get her personal help in putting together the legal stuff you need for YOUR specific business (because not all are created equal). You will save thousands of dollars by doing this right, right from the start.

With love and legal-ease (as Gena says!)

xo becca

PS. Notice our faces? This is how most people feel about the legal stuff in business, right?